Saturday, August 18, 2012

We are in August's Writers Tricks of the Trade

We are so pleased to announce our article "Creating an Unforgettable Setting" is featured in this month's Writers Tricks of the Trade eZine. It just came out today and we are thrilled.
I met editor Morgan St. James last month at the Public Safety Writers conference in Las Vegas; she issued an open invitation to all conference goers to submit articles to the eZine--and we took her up on the offer.
A super example of writers helping other writers.
And so it goes.
Oh . . . here's the link:

Kat and Veronica

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  1. Your link doesn't work girls. Maybe try http:// instead of www and leave off the second .com in the link. I don't know. But I'm interested in reading the article so I hope you get it fixed. :)

    Like the site, though. Maybe tweak the gray tones to blue or lavender or something a bit more lively, yet still subtle, maybe a tint of goldenrod to highlight it? I don't know what you can do with it, if anything. If not, or either way, feel free to ignore me. :lol: