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Meet Lisa Scott and Belle Books

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Wild Women Authors is pleased to welcome Lisa Scott who brings Kate Riley, from No Foolin’, a November 2012 release from Belle Books publishing.
Where are you from, Kate? Willowdale, North Carolina. A small town in the western part of the state.
What is No Foolin’ about? I’m a small town girl who poses as a movie star’s girlfriend to hide the real reason he’s in town. (He was desperate and so was I—I need cash to save my late Mama’s house from the tax man. But tricking the press we’re in love is one thing. Convincing each other we’re not gets harder each day. This job is much more than I bargained for.
What did you think the first time you saw Teague Reynolds? Hot damn, what’s a guy like you doing in a place like this? And why didn’t I slap on some mascara this morning?
And your second thought? That cocky, hot guys can’t be trusted.
Did you think it was love at first sight? I’d call it lust at first sight, but I wasn’t going to fall for a guy like him again. He’s the triple hot fudge sundae of men—irresistible, bad for a girl’s heart, and gone before you know it.
What do you like most about Teague? Despite his reputation—the press has dubbed him T-Rex for the way he stomps all over hearts—Teague is actually vulnerable, sweet, and kind. And damn, can that man kiss.
How would you describe him? Gorgeous, cocky, but also caring, and tender. And did I mention hot?
How would Teague describe you? Oh, he’d probably say I’m feisty, and occasionally a pain in the ass, which I can’t deny. But he also knows I’m strong and confident. Just maybe not when it comes to matters of the heart.
What made you choose nursing as a profession? I get things done. I take care of people, things, and problems. Seemed like a natural fit. Plus summers off as a school nurse is nice.
What is your biggest fear? That my mama was right. Some people are meant for love.
How do you relax? Hanging with my girlfriends at the Jelly Jar diner, dancing on Saturday nights at The Hideaway.
Who is your favorite fictional character and why? Oh, I’ve got a few favorites, but I’ve always admired Princess Leia’s spunk. She’s brave and feisty and distrusts men as much as I do. And I also have experience wearing a smokin’ gold bikini. You’ll have to read the book to find out.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? Mama always told me when life knocks you down, you get back up again and carry on.
It's Lisa's turn: What movies or books have had an impact on your writing? I love Jenny Crusie and Jill Mansell’s romances. The movie Overboard, with Goldie Hawn, is a perfect blend of humor and romance. I want to make people laugh and sigh.
Tell us a bit about your publisher. How did you hear about them? What influenced your decision to submit to them? My story was not typical at all. I wrote this book with Harlequin in mind, and sent in a query. When I didn’t hear back for months, I figured they weren’t interested. I had the book loaded on Amazon to self publish, when Harlequin asked to read the full. So I took it down. Ultimately, they passed. So, I loaded it back onto Amazon. Then a writer friend asked why not consider sending it to Belle Bridge? (I’d been doing some audiobook work for them.) Stupidly, I didn’t realize other publishers besides Harlequin took category length books. So, after a head slap, I sent it to the editor I’d been working with on the audiobooks. She made an offer half an hour later. That was a thrill.
What about the submission process to Belle Books; how long did it take from query to release? From query to release? About 14 months. I’m so excited this is the home I’ve found for my book. They’re a fabulous publisher and a great fit for me. For those who don’t know, Bell Bridge Books is a publishing company created by several romance writer friends, including Deb Dixon and Deb Smith. They feature books located in the southern United States.
We did a little research and learned: No Foolin' is the first in Lisa's Willowdale Romance series. Belle Books will release her second novel in this fun series early in 2013. Much luck, Lisa!
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  4. Thanks guys! Kate is spunky and funny and a lot of fun to write.

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