Friday, January 25, 2013

Today's Headlines

There are days when I simply should not open a newspaper or turn on the computer to learn about what's going on outside my own private haven of Western New York on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Lance Armstrong. People who believed and trusted this bullying sociopath for low these many years now stand back and ask why? BECAUSE HE COULD, PEOPLE.

I will not comment on this child-man Manti Te'o. If I was his mother, I'd wear a bag over my head--that would be after I kicked this kid's butt from here to Honolulu.


The NBA Hornets changes its name to the Pelicans. Have you seen the logo? ALL THAT WATTLE HANGING TO MID CHEST IS SO ATTRACTIVE.

Paula Deen, her husband and sons have lost a totel of 170 pounds. 'Everything in moderation" she says. NOW IF SHE ONLY LEARN TO MODERATE THAT EXAGGERATED TWANG SHE ASSUMES FOR HER SHOWS.

But the absolute ult is this FEMALE New Mexico legislator, Cathryn Brown, R-Carlsbad, who recently introduced a bill which would make obtaining an abortion after rape or incest a felony, punishable by several years in jail because [GET THIS CAUSE IT'S A PIP] the procedure would destroy evidence of the crime.
     As if a rape or incest victim isn't already serving time in his or her mind, isn't already destroyed.
    As if law enforcement and forensic experts need help collecting evidence LONG BEFORE a pregnancy could be diagnosed.
I WONDER WHO REP BROWN, IN HER INFINITE WISDOM, IS LISTENING TO that she would compose legislation which is so misogynistic and abusive. Clearly she did not speak to local victim advocates. Perhaps victim serving agencies are banned in that part of the States? After all, we don't want to give victims of violence a voice to help them regain control of their lives.

As I said, I need to stop reading the headlines and turning on ESPN.


  1. Hm, I feel like vomiting all over Ms. Brown's ignorant face! Eeeekkkk. Anyway, enjoyed your post. As far as Manti Te'o...I'm really confused by this entire story, ha! I only first seen something mentioned on TV last night and scratched my head, and turned the channel before the news segment was over. I would rather watch Moonshiners and scratch my head over that disaster in hopes it's all actually staged than believe something like Manti Te'o's fake girlfriend story is, well, real.

  2. Ok, I'll be the brave first commenter (no prizes necessary :-P) and touch on one or two of these topics, Kat.

    Not Lance. Not Angelina. Not Paula.

    Yes, I will venture into the sports arena. The Pelicans... I laughed when I heard this yesterday but the reason behind the name choice is not a bad one (certainly not as bad as the name). The new owner wants to reclaim the original name dumped years ago in favor of the Hornets. See? Not a bad reason to change it. That is the state bird I believe they said. Uh--ok... Now the SC (I think) team who originally had the Hornets moniker is trying to take that one back too.

    I will also comment on the last headline. People like Brown obviously never been traumatized by anyone. As for who she's listening to? I'd guess it's the former MO governor. You know- the one who said he wanted to make all abortion illegal, even after rape, because "If a woman gets raped her body will protect her from pregnancy. That's how a woman's body is designed." Oh, right. I forgot. My body knows the difference between consensual sex and rape and, therefore, won't get pregnant if it's NOT consensual. That's why a friend of mine has a daughter today. Her body forgot to take note of the act as rape...

    I knew there's a reason I don't read newspapers.

  3. And that is the exact reason I don't like watching the little local paper has enough drama and at least it makes sense.

    Scary sometimes who is in charge. Definately makes you go hmmmmmmm

  4. Go, Kat! Sometimes ranting is cathartic. Makes us able to grit our teeth and bear some of the crap we hear on the news the rest of the time.

  5. A sorry state when the victims, and often law enforcement, have less rights than the criminals AND the politicos who think they have all the answers in the first place. Love your talent for tellin' it like it is.

  6. Many thanks to all who responded. I clicked the "publish" button and suffered instantaneous panic for fear some do-gooder would say the blog is not an appropriate venue for political opinions.
    thank you all for validating my outrage.