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Welcome a US Navy SEAL and . . . his weapon of choice

After reading this story you may never view popsicles in the same way. . .
Dagger's Edge . . .
Though well hidden, deep scars from Dean "Dagger" Gregory's troubled past have influenced each important decision he's ever made, including joining the military and keeping his distance from his best friend's sister, Mia Benson, the only woman he's ever loved. But after Dagger's friend strong-arms him into checking on the feisty redhead during his leave in Key West, he finds himself under sexual attack and with no desire—or willpower—to retreat.

Hot on the heels of a well deserved 5 star review, Wild Women Authors is delighted to welcome talented author Brenna Zinn and Mia Benson from the SEALs on Fire series out of the Wild Rose Press.
Mia, what is Dagger’s Edge about? A Navy SEAL, on leave in Key West, Florida with some guys from his platoon, Dagger (aka Dean Gregory) is asked by his best friend, actor Brice Benson, to check on me (Brice’s sister) while Dagger is in town. Dagger and I have a history together and it’s not the greatest. He seems to think I have a sassy mouth. I think he’s got the intelligence of a squirrel, at least that’s what I tell him. Deep down, I’ve always been in love with him since he saved my brother from an ass kicking when we were all kids.
What did you think the first time you saw Dagger? I met Dagger when he broke up a fight that some tough boys from school started with my brother. From that moment, he’s been the knight in shining armor. Unfortunately, he didn’t give me the time of day. Not even after going to high school together or spending our summers in Key West.
What was your second thought? That he is a complete jerk for totally ignoring me all these years. But I’m all grown up now and I refuse to be ignored any longer.
Did you think it was love at first sight? It definitely was for me. I had visions of a huge love affair. You know, the kind where eventually he tells me he loves me, asks for my hand and we live happily ever after. He just never seemed to have the same feelings about me.
What do you like most about Dagger? Where to start? I mean, besides being built like a Mac truck on steroids and a face to rival Brad Pitt, he’s always been a decent guy. You know the type. He fights for what he thinks is right and sticks up for the little guy. Plus he took incredible care of his mother, even after he joined the Navy and became a SEAL.
How would you describe him? Dagger is 29 years old. Now has black shaggy hair. He’s six feet two inches of pure muscle and testosterone. But what I love most are his eyes. They’re amazing. They are blue with gold trim eyes. When he looks at you, you feel like he’s looking into your soul. God, he’s intense but so damned handsome. He also has a tattoo of a dagger, like the one his father (former Army man) gave him, on his right arm.
How would Dagger describe you? Most likely a royal pain in the ass. I can’t help myself. If he ignores me, I have to get his attention somehow. My mouth seems to pop off before my brain engages. But I do think he likes my long, copper hair and the fact I’m petite.
What made you choose working at Butch’s Marina for a career? I wouldn’t call working at Butch’s a real career. I am a CPA, but I want to help the old guy out. He’s like family to me.
What is your biggest fear? That this last ditch effort to finally get Dagger to notice me won’t work. If it doesn’t, then I give up. Though my heart will always be his, I have to move on. I can’t continue to wait for him to love me back.
How do you relax? Great question! I live in my parent’s vacation house on Key West. It was built waaaay back in the day by one of my great-great grandparents. I love lounging in the backyard pool to soak up the sun, have a cocktail, and listen to music.
Who is your favorite fictional character and why? Gianna Romero from Private Showing. She’s a woman after my own heart. She’s independent, strong willed, and doesn’t need a man to make her life complete. I like to think I’m like that, though I’ve always wanted Dagger in my life. Actually, my life feels very incomplete without him.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? Use sunscreen.

Thanks, Mia. Now let's look at the excerpt Brenna brought for us:

“Oh, I get it. So you’re afraid of my brother.” The prod was so easy to think of. Surely Dean wouldn’t be able to resist this carrot.
To her delight, his hand still holding hers tightened. Deep furrows dug into the skin between his brows. “I’ve never been afraid of another man in my life.” True to form, his voice dripped with indignation.
“Then kiss me.”
The challenge tumbled from her mouth as any glib remark might—little emotion, all quick banter. Her expectation for his accepting the goad was low. He wasn’t exactly known for doing just anything when provoked, especially when the poke came from her.
In the milliseconds while she waited for his response through word or action, the world seemed to stop spinning. Her heart suddenly lodged in her throat. Her pulse raced in her veins as though she’d taken some kind of drug spiked with adrenaline. The dare and his reply took on a meaning she’d never intended. But there it was. More than ever before, she wanted his kiss. She needed his kiss. Hadn’t she loved him long enough to finally deserve to have her lips touch his?
“Please, Dean,” Mia whispered earnestly. She stared at him, hoping he’d read the desperate pleading she tried to convey through her eyes. “Just one kiss.”

After that small part of this fun and fabulous story it's hard to argue a 5 star review which came out this week. Dagger's Edge, which we read in one sitting the other night, is fast, fun and snappy. The only criticism we have is this: it ended waaayyyy too soon.
To Brenna, we ask: what movies or books have had an impact on your writing? All of them. My writing is so incredibly varied, as is my taste in books and movies. I like humor, romance, paranormal, action/adventure – you name it. Each book I’ve read or movie I’ve seen has molded me into the writer I am today. With that in mind, I will admit that I’m a HUGE Game of Thrones fan, I watched every Hercules (with Kevin Sorbo) and Zena Warrior Princess television show, and I’m a total Downton Abbey and Big Bang Theory junky.
Yes – I know they’re all television shows, but they are stories come to life, just like a movie. My favorite movie of all time is The Quiet Man with John Wayne. I typically don’t like westerns, but this one is not a western. It’s set in Ireland. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. I own the DVD now and watch it every March. My nod to St. Patrick’s day.
Tell us a bit about your publisher. How did you hear about them? What influenced your decision to submit to them. Tell us a bit about the submission process. How long did it take from query to release?
The Wild Rose Press published Dagger’s Edge. I’ve been with them since they opened their doors years ago. Since then they’ve really grown to the big time and I’m so glad to have been around for the ride to see their incredible success.
Because I’ve published several stories with them, both as Brenna Zinn and Bev Oz, my process is fairly straight forward. I submit my synopsis and story to my editor. If she likes it, she contracts it. I’ve been extremely fortunate. She’s contracted everything I’ve ever submitted.

Thank you so very much for visiting us today, Brenna. After reading Dagger's Edge, we know you are headed for great success.
Kat and Veronica

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  2. Loved it all, ladies. Another TBR for me.

    1. Margo,
      Please let me know what you think when you've read it. Always enjoy feedback from readers.

      Thanks - Brenna

  3. Margo and NJ--thanks so much for stopping by!
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  4. Great interview Mia and Brenna! Lots of good stuff to ooh and aah over. I think this might be a good book to add to the ever-growing tbr pile. :)