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Get your fix of sci-fi adventure with a romance tossed in . . .

Switched Resolution . . .
Actions have consequences as Space Fleet Captain Marcus Viator and NASA reject Scott Cherella discover when they switch places. Switched Resolution, which wraps up the Switched series, takes the reader from Earth—where Marcus adjusts to a pregnant Jessie—to the starship Freedom commandeered by rebels, to the chase ship with Scott and Veronese aboard.

Today Wild Women Authors is pleased to welcome author Diane Burton who brings Scott Cherella from Switched Resolution, a May release.
Where are you from, Scott? Originally? Ann Arbor, Michigan, currently I’m on a starship racing across the galaxy.
Tell us a bit about Switched Resolution. My twin brother and I switched places in the middle book (Switched, Too) of the Switched series. See, he wanted to stay on Earth with his love who’s pregnant with his child and I’ve wanted to go into space since I was six. I screwed up a few times as captain of the starship, but then I got the hang of it. After all, I was in the astronaut candidacy program. After sabotage and betrayals, I thought everything was going well—until someone in my crew released the incarcerated rebels and stole my ship. With the help of my love, Veronese, and a couple of friends, we have to save my crew and retrieve my ship.
What did you think the first time you saw Veronese? I thought she had a stick up her butt and she was absolutely convinced I would screw up. She only helped me because she promised my twin. I gave her a bad time about her rules and regulations until I realized how she put her own career on the line for me.
And your second thought? That she was cute when she got mad—and boy, oh, boy did she get mad at me. Not that Serenians allowed themselves to get mad. But then she’s Terran, like me, only she was raised on Serenia which is in the Andromeda Galaxy.
Did you think it was love at first sight? I had this preconceived idea of her, thanks to her brother who sang her praises for five months before I met her—especially, how courageous she had been coming to Earth to find her family. So I was almost in love with her before I met her.
What do you like most about Veronese, or Neese as you call her? That she returns my love. Of course, I wasn’t exactly happy with the fact that she beat me to the punch by asking me to marry her. Geez, there are some things a guy needs to do himself. I love her loyalty to my twin and the starship crew. I love how she is throwing off the rigidity with which she was raised and now is being herself.
How would you describe her? Intelligent (she loves me, right?) and a risk taker. She’s a great starship engineer and— Oh, you wanted a physical description? Now that she’s not afraid to admit she’s Terran, she’s removed the silver disks and revealed her Lake Michigan blue eyes. Pretty soon her short black hair (another camouflage so she could pass as Serenian) will grow out and her hair will be a wavy auburn, like her twin’s. She’s tall and slender and perfect for me.
How would she describe you? A smart ass. I have a small problem—okay, she would say it’s a big one—of shooting off my mouth. That’s what got me kicked out of NASA. They said it was downsizing because of budget cutbacks, but I finally admitted to myself that I can be my own worst enemy. I’m six-one, one-eighty, dark brown, almost black, hair (thanks to my dad’s Italian ancestors) and green eyes (thanks to my momma). I love a good challenge, which is why I became a test pilot and entered the space program.
What made you choose flying as a profession? When I was six, my best friend’s mother took us to see Star Wars. And I knew that’s where I wanted to be—in space, flying starships.
What is your biggest fear? First, that Neese will change her mind about loving me; running a close second is that Space Fleet Command will discover I’m an imposter and send me back to Earth.
How do you relax? How can a guy relax with sabotage going on? If they ever do something to the enviro . . . I don’t even want to think about that. And now with the rebels stealing my ship, all I can think is why they’re headed to Earth. What if the rebels capture my twin? What if they . . . No. We’ll get there in time. We have to.
Who is your favorite fictional character and why? I can’t name one. Han Solo and Captain Kirk. They are starship captains. Why else?
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? Momma told me to follow my heart. And I have.
It's Diane's turn on the hotseat. What movies or books have had an impact on your writing? Star Wars, Star Trek, and Firefly. Gee, does that sound like Scott? LOL I love action adventure stories—all the better if they take place in space. Recently, I discovered Linnea Sinclair’s sci-fi romance books. (I know, I’m late to the party.) I love her kick-ass heroines.
Tell us a bit about your publisher. I’m the publisher. Switched (the first book in the series, which didn’t start out to be a series, by the way) was published in 2001 by ImaJinn Books. It went out of print and I got the rights back. The book sat dormant until 2011 when a writer friend encouraged me to self-publish it as an ebook. After much trepidation, I did. I followed that up with publishing the sequel (Switched, Too) as an ebook in June 2012 and then in print. I just released Switched Resolution as an ebook. It, too, will be in print shortly.
The process is as long as I want or need it to take. Since Switched had been edited, it only needed some tweaks. What took longer was learning how to format and prepare a book per the requirements of Smashwords and Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. Switched, Too, though already written, needed editing by a professional. Switched Resolution took the longest because it had to be written, critiqued, edited, and revised. The whole process took almost a year. Of course, all three books needed covers.
I’m very fortunate that the freelance editor and cover artist have worked with me through the whole series. I like the control I have over the entire process and, of course, the royalties are better than I went through a publisher. The downside is the DIY factor and the expense of hiring a professional editor and cover artist.
I’m not a rabid indie author. I’m willing to try whatever it takes to get my books to readers. For my science fiction romances, I’m happy to be the publisher. On the other hand, I recently sold a romantic suspense to The Wild Rose Press.

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Let's read an excerpt from Switched Resolution
If Scott thought being on a starship was a thrill, it couldn't compare to actually walking in space. Holy shit.
"Are you all right?" Neese's voice came through his headset.
"Better than all right." He gave the joystick on the jetpack control a little nudge. A small propulsion sent him shooting away from the ship. "This is so cool, Neese."
He heard a tsk then silence. Nudging the joystick, he turned around to see her moving toward the rear of the ship. He'd bet she shot him a few laser beams from her eyes first.
"Watch this," he called and did a complete somersault. "This is better than a ride in the Vomit Comet."
"The what?"
"A Zero G aircraft." He somersaulted again. "Training for weightlessness. Named for how it makes people feel."
"That is distasteful." She tsked again.
"Captain, playtime can wait," Glaxpher scolded him through the headset. "Qilana could use your help."
"Sorry, Neese." He returned to the ship. "This is just so damn cool."
"Your enthusiasm outweighs your common sense."
"Hey, give a guy a break, will ya? It's not every day I get a chance to float in space." He zoomed to her side. "Just tell me what to do, darlin'. I'm at your service."
"Your Texas accent is showing again. Now here's what I need you to do . . ." She proceeded to show him how to remove space junk from around the port thruster control.
After what seemed like hours, they finally cleared the debris.
"We can go inside now," Neese announced. "Mr. Glaxpher will want to try the control."
"Give me a couple of minutes. This is so freaking cool."
"If you say 'this is so cool' again, I will . . ." She sputtered. "I don't know what I will do. But I guarantee you won't like it."
"Aw, lighten up, Neese. Watch this." With his feet, he pushed off from the ship, did a couple of loops then just looked around. It was one thing to see space from inside a ship—something he never thought he'd ever do. But to be outside, actually in space . . . There was nothing like—
"Come. We need to return to the ship. No more fooling around."
"One more minute." Geez, he sounded like a kid. Hell, he felt like a kid, all giddy and thrilled beyond belief.
As he turned around, he saw her jetpack had snagged on a loose flap. "Neese, wait."
When she turned, the flap sprung, flinging her on top of the ship. She hit hard above the viewscreen then cried out.
Using the joystick to steer, he shot forward. During those long—agonizingly long—seconds, she lay limp, arms flung out. A sacrifice.

Thanks for stopping by, Diane and Scott. We love your humor, Scott—and your courage, Diane. We wish you luck with sales and hope you'll come back to visit us again.
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the perfect conflict

Good morning and happy twenty-four hours post Mother's Day. We had a peaceful day, filled with love and honor and hope you all did as well. We're going to begin today's visit with an excerpt from our guest author and Twice the Trouble:
Alex’s footsteps sounded on the wooden planks, but she didn’t turn around. She was too embarrassed. He sat on the corner of the dock with his back against the rail post, facing her right side.
“If you’re thinking of jumping in the lake to end it all, let me know in advance.” He stretched out his legs and crossed his ankles. “These shoes set me back a couple hundred bucks. I’d want a chance to take them off before I dive in after you. There’s also my wallet and cell phone to consider.”
Alex always could make her smile.
“I’ve never heard Superman complain about having his cape dry-cleaned,” she replied. “I’ve never seen Batman ask for time to remove his utility belt. The Incredible Hulk never asks for a safety pin. If you’re going to be a hero, you’ve got to be tough.”
Alex’s eyes widened. “So that’s who you’ve been dating since I’ve been gone.”

With that delightful excerpt, Wild Women Authors is pleased to welcome author Sandra Dailey and heroine Lacey Carlyle from Twice the Trouble a new release from the Wild Rose Press.
Where are you from, Lacey? I was born, raised and currently live in Indian Lakes, Florida.
Tell us a bit about Twice the Trouble. The story actually started thirteen years ago. My boyfriend, Alex and I had fallen in love. Against my objections, he joined the Navy to start a future for us. Now, the years have passed without a word from him. I’ve struggled to build a small farm and home for myself and my two children. When the land I’ve leased is sold to a developer, I find out it now belongs to Alex. I’m desperate to hold on to it.
What did you think the first time you saw Alex? In that first minute, I nearly fainted in the middle of his office floor. He’d changed so much. The carefree country boy I remembered had turned into a cynical, calculating, business man.
What was your second thought? After looking a little closer, I realized that he hadn’t changed that much at all, but he’d suffered and struggled as much as I had during our separation.
Did you think it was love at first sight? For me, I’m sure it was. It started when we were children and never faded.
What do you like most about him? Alex believes in me. He supports my dreams and goals. He helps push me ahead instead of holding me back.
How would you describe him? Dark, brooding, serious, hard working, fun, exciting, sexy.
How would he describe you? Determined and hard-headed. Secretive too, I guess.
What made you choose farming as a profession? I was taught to love the land as a child. When the kids came along, I had to make a living in a way that would allow me to keep them close by. They work as hard at it as I do now.
What is your biggest fear? Losing all I’ve worked for: the land, my farm, and the lifestyle my kids know and love.
How do you relax? There’s not much time for that on a farm, but occasionally I get to soak in a warm bubble bath with a good book.
Who is your favorite fictional character and why? That’s easy, Hester Prynne from ‘The Scarlet Letter’. She was held in ridicule by her community, but she worked had to make a happy home for her child. I can relate to her quite well.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? My father told me, many times, “Take care of the earth and it will take care of you”. That’s how my family has survived.
It's Sandy's turn in the hot seat. What movies or books have had an impact on your writing? I’m very eclectic with both books and movies, but when I need an escape, I look for humor and happy endings. That’s what I try to give my readers. In movies I like romantic comedy: “The Wedding Date” and “An American President” are among my favorites. My favorite Author is Lori Foster. She has the best heroes.
Tell us a bit about your publisher. How did you hear about them? What influenced your decision to submit to them? So far, I’ve published two books with The Wild Rose Press. I read a book they’d published that was much like the type I like to write.
Tell us a bit about the submission process. How long did it take from query to release? I submitted a query, never thinking I’d hear from them. To my utter amazement, my editor replied within a month. That’s when the real work began; rewrites, edits, galleys, a contract, the cover art. The process took about ten months from beginning to end.

Veronica and I are so pleased to meet an exciting new author and this book in particular. Sandy's story is the textbook picture of a struggling author and how she found her niche: she researched publishers who produced what she liked to read and went for it. She clearly studied her craft and developed the conflict we can all understand: the heroine, all alone, struggling to keep the farm [literally]. The “bad guy” steps in, trying to take the farm from her and her kids. Perfect. Simple. Realistic.
Buy it!!

To learn more about Sandra Dailey and the stories she creates go to:
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