Monday, October 7, 2013

Get a Jump on Holiday Romance

We don't know about you but we're a sucker for a story that features a woman in a precarious situation with small kids to protect, a hunky hero who rescues her [or perhaps they rescue each other]. Throw in the holidays and We Are There.
Today Wild Women Authors are pleased to welcome Barbara Edwards, creator of Journey of the Magi, a holiday romance from The Wild Rose Press. Best yet, this darling story is free on kindle from October 8th through the 12th!!!
Welcome, Barbara. Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? New England and as a snow bird live half the year in Florida. I love to travel so the life-style suits me.
What is Journey of the Magi about? Noel Martin is a widow, with two small children who desperately wants to give them a safe home. She promises they will reach Connecticut for the holidays but no money, a broken down car and meeting the man of her dreams threatens her plans.
What did Noel think the first time she saw the hero? Dan looked like a self-sufficient male with a strong work-ethic. He’s not handsome, but he is attractive.
And her second thought? He looked lonely or maybe just alone. Dan spends all of his time at his cafe, trying to make it a success. He doesn’t have time for love.
Did she think it was love at first sight? Oh yes. The spark was there from the first moment for both of them. And neither would admit they wanted the change.
What do you like most about Noel? She is a good, caring mother, determined to take her children back to the place she remembers as being a happy home for a lonely child.
How would you describe her? She has an elfin air, almost dainty, despite an inner strength.
What made you choose public administration as a profession? I was a bleeding heart liberal in my younger days. I wanted to save the world and didn’t understand I needed to save myself first; Then my family, then the neighborhood.
What is your biggest fear? I worry about my children. When I see terrible things on the television I have nightmares it will happen close to home
How do you relax? My husband would say I never relax, but I do. I totally enjoy being near moving water. I think because I’m a Pisces it feeds my soul and my muse and helps me to center myself.
Who is your favorite fictional character and why? Scarlett O’Hara has been my favorite since I read Gone with the Wind when I was twelve. I admired her determination to succeed in overcoming every day’s obstacles and wanted to be that strong.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? Decide if you are a writer or an author. To a writer it’s a hobby, to an author it’s a career.
What movies or books have had an impact on your writing? The TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer enchanted me. I watched the characters develop and the plot split and twist until it clutched my guts.
Barbara brought along an excerpt from Journey of the Magi:
Is that job still open?”
I need a waitress.” His rich voice woke tingles of awareness that she’d forgotten, or maybe never knew.
Is that a yes or a no?” she asked impatiently. These unfamiliar feelings were scary and unwelcome. She was too tired to be diplomatic and this job was too important.
What are you going to do with them?” He jutted his chin toward her children.
I, I d-d-don’t know,” Noel stammered before she slumped onto the nearest stool. Leaning forward onto her elbows, she looked at her clasped hands. “I didn’t plan that far.”
Noel watched his long, strong fingers dexterously polish another glass. His wide palms held the heavy restaurant-ware like fine china. He had nice hands, a gentle touch. Instinct murmured he’d be as careful with a woman.
I guess I should move on. I…”
Could keep the kids next to the kitchen, there’s a place there. Then if they needed you, you’d be right close.” His deep voice was like an angel’s song.

Tell us a bit about your publisher. The Wild Rose Press is a great publisher. They are expanding into women’s fiction and have a branch for erotic fiction.
What influenced your decision to submit to them. I was looking for a publisher for my paranormal romance after contracting with a publisher that immediately went under. I wanted someone professional and in business long enough to have a good reputation with their authors.
Tell us a bit about the submission process. Its easy to submit. The website has the details. All queries go through Rhonda Penders who sends them to the appropriate editor.
How long did it take from query to release? It takes about a year to go through the editorial process.
To learn more about Barbara Edwards and the stories she creates go to:

To purchase Journey of the Magi, go to
Free on Kindle October 8th to 12th.


  1. Enjoyed these new details about you, Barbara! Through other author groups, I've seen several appearances by you lately. Your book sounds like an isppirational gem! :-)

  2. Lovely interview Barbara - Journey of the Magi sounds just my sort of book! Good luck with it.

    1. Thanks Kathryn. Please take a free copy tomorrow and enjoy it.

  3. Thanks for the nice comment, Kate. I hope you take the chance to download a free copy tomorrow.

  4. I'd like to thank all the Wild Women for hosting me today. Its a lovely blog.