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3 Men. 1 Woman. Deserted Island. Wowee Kazowee

Sheltered all her life as the daughter of an ambassador, Emma LaBonte boards a small plane on a trip from Australia. One hijacking and a plane crash later, she finds herself on a deserted island and stranded with three different yet equally sexy men. With no hope for rescue, the four begin to carve a semblance of a life in their tropical setting. Closeness breeds curiosity and naive Emma begins to wonder what it would be like to be loved by these three men. The adventurer Jack, Toby the intelligent doctor, and shy English professor Steve—each carve a special place in her heart. When her three men launch seduction in the South Seas, how can she resist?

This week, Wild Women Authors is pleased to welcome debut author Anita Kidesu, creator of South Seas Seduction, an erotic offering out of the Scarlet Rose line for the Wild Rose Press, due for release on Friday March 13th. With Anita is protagonist Emma LaBonte who is up first. Welcome, Emma.
Tell us a bit about South Seas Seduction: I was on a small plane with several other passengers, flying from Australia, when the plane was taken over by hijackers. During a storm, the plane crashed on a deserted island. The hijackers were killed. Those of us who were buckled in our seats survived - myself; Jack Delaney, the pilot; Steve Farr, a college professor; and Tony Mason, a doctor still in residency. I'd led a very sheltered life, and here I was, stranded with three hunky men. Sigh.
What did you think the first time you saw Jack Delaney? I was petrified. I'd passed out during the crash. When I came to, he cutting away my restraints, and I thought Jack was one of the hijackers. I'd been tied up in my seat by one of the hijackers who was going to rape me. My second thought was he was a crude, rude, swearing, boorish man.
Do you feel it was love at first sight? Oh, my goodness, no. I was afraid of men. Since he was so, out there, he scared me - even when he was trying to help me.
What do you like most about him? After I got to know him, I realized he was a caring, smart, gentle man, Even though he continued to cuss a blue streak.
How would you describe him? Physically - he's 6'2, lots of muscles from unloading cargo from his plane. Longish brown hair. Nice, dark hair on his chest, legs and arms. Super sexy. It didn't take me long to become attracted to him - and the other two men.
How would he describe you? When he first met me, I know he thought I was a prude - which I was. As time went on, he and the other men brought out my shyness and helped me realize I was the sexy, strong, woman they kept saying I was.
How did you choose your career? Unfortunately, I don't really have a career. As my father was an ambassador, we traveled a lot. I was sheltered and expected to do the things rich, socialites do. My mother came from old money - lots and lots of money. When I returned from the island, I broke the rules set forth by my mother. Although I still attended high society functions to raise money, I also volunteer in a woman's shelter, a food pantry, and tutor children.
What is your biggest fear? Failure. As a daughter of an Ambassador, I was raised to uphold the family name, never do anything wrong, be perfect at all times. My parents don't know that the time I spent on the island was with three hot, sexy men - and they never will. It's a secret I harbor in my heart.
How do you relax? Read. Dream about my annual, weekly visits to the island with my men.
Who is your favorite fictional character and why? Wow, that's a tough one. There are so many. I love strong, feisty women, who take charge of their lives. I figure that's probably because I'm not that way, although I'm improving.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? This is from Jack - "Don't worry what others think of you. Follow your own path."
Thanks, Emma. You have lived our dream, though perhaps we'd love to be stranded with the likes of Jesse Stone, Harry Bosch and Walt Longmire! Heh heh. Now it's time to talk a bit with Anita.
What movies or books have had an impact on your career as a writer and why? I don't watch a lot of movies, but read a lot. The first romance I read was "The Flame and the Flower," by Kathleen Woodiweiss. I also love LaVeryle Spencer because her heroines are strong. I love the way her writing is so smooth. I can get lost in her books and re-read them. She's on my keep shelf, and I won't loan them to anyone. She is the one I think of when I write.
Good choices! KW was the first romance we ever read also! How odd. So. . .
What event in your private life were you able to bring to this story and how do you feel it impacted the novel? I think it would be my being shy and quiet - and afraid of men. Growing up, I didn't have very good experiences with the male species. Over the years, I learned to stand up for myself. I think I was able to bring these out in Emma.
Tell us a bit about your publisher: how did you hear about them and what influenced your decision to submit to them? The Wild Rose Press is my publisher. I belong to RWA and our state group Wisconsin Romance Writers of America. I was at our state conference two years ago and decided it was time to pitch my story. I pitched to Diana Carlile. She liked the idea and asked for the first three chapters. I was so excited. When I got the email for the full manuscript, I was beyond excited.
What project are you working on now? I submitted a manuscript to The Wild Rose Press, titled "The Ranch," which is another erotica. I received my major edits, and that is what I'm doing now. When those are done, I hope to receive a contract for the book. I was told I needed to find another title, so right now, I have no idea what the final product will be called.
What's up next for you? Promoting South Seas Seduction, working on "The Ranch," and the sequels I hope to write, and write a short story for The Wild Rose Press' Valentine's Anthology for next year.
Thanks so much, Anita. We wish you much luck with your first release and with promotions.
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