Monday, October 5, 2015

Witches, Necromancers and Zombies. Who Could Ask For More?

This week Wild Women Authors is pleased to welcome back author Debra Doggett as she announces her latest release out of the Wild Rose Press, Bone of My Bones. She's brought a practicing witch with her, Rose DeSalvo. Welcome, Rose and Debra.
First up is Rose. Tell us a bit about Bone of My Bones. It is the story of one of the worst nights of my life, the night I found a surprise buried under my rose bushes: my ex-husband. Since I was pretty sure the local police would look at me first, thanks to some less than kind comments I made about Eddie after the divorce, I took the advice of a friend and sought the help of a necromancer to raise Eddie and find out what happened to him. It turns out to be a very long night as Matthias, the necromancer and the hottest guy I've ever met, and Eddie, my zombie ex-husband who's as much of a pain dead as he was alive, ride along with me as I find out there are a whole lot of things about myself I don't know.
Whoa. What a way to start the day. But . . . what made you choose witchcraft for a career? My grandmother taught me the Craft and after her death, practicing it brought her close to me again.
Works for us—keeping a loved one close, we mean. Knowing what you know now, if you had it to do over again, would you stick with being a witch or do something different? I think I would pick being a librarian. Life would be a lot calmer.
Hah! What is your biggest fear? Before this I would have said snakes. Now snakes don't look half as scary as they did compared to some of the things that are coming out of the woodwork to beat up on me.
Ain't that the truth. Who is your favorite fictional character and why? It's hard to choose just one, but I'd pick Harry Dresden. He's the kind of anti-hero I can understand, even more so now as my own level of craziness rises.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? If you wanted to help people, you should have gone to nursing school.
Hah! Anytime somebody says they'd like to become a nurse, our immediate response is an offer to lop off their hands. But, we digress. Rose, thanks for stopping by and telling us about this entertaining story.
It's Debra's turn: which writer or character[s], from either books or movies have had a major impact on your writing? I have been reading Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series for years and I love the way Anita has grown and evolved over that time. That's helped me see how to allow my characters to change and develop.
With regard to research, where did you start for this novel? Did that lead you down different paths, thereby changing the original concept? The research was not as deep as for other novels I've written, largely due to the fact that I am a practicing Wiccan. So Rose's spiritual background was easier. I tweaked some things for the sake of upping her magick, of course, as I did with the concept of zombies. Reading about necromancers was probably the most fun, that, and watching humorous zombie movies such as Warm Bodies and Shaun of the Dead.
Tell us a bit about your publisher. How did you hear about them; what influenced you to submit to them; how is the submission process; what is the turn-around time from date of query to date of release? I first heard about The Wild Rose Press from a lady who was in a writing group I was in. She was an editor for them. At the time they had only been around for a couple of years. She loved working for them and encouraged me to submit. I'm really glad I did because they are probably the most author-friendly publisher around. And they really have their act together. They work hard to remain profitable in the industry and to be a stable company. As they've grown, their turn-around time has gotten a bit longer thanks to the number of manuscripts they now have in edits. But it's probably around six months.
What are you reading right now? Dead Ice by Laurell K. Hamilton
What's next for you? My current project is a new field for me. I've written a historical romance set in Renaissance Italy titled Training Tessa.
Thanks so much for visiting with us this week, Debra. Much luck with this fun story and those to come.
Kat and Veronica
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  3. Yowie! And I thought ghosts and spirits were scary (I write Gothics). I also love TWRP--excellent folks to work with. Bone of my Bones sounds creepy--a GOOD thing for Halloween. Best wishes.

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  5. Fun interview. Bone of my Bones sounds like a great Halloween read.

  6. So sorry, everyone, for being AWOL all day. It was a bit crazy at work and I never got away. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. I hope you read and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

  7. Wonderful interview, ladies! I love the Anita Blake series, too! I remember in the beginning how Anita hated the monsters she stalked. Yet, she evolved into her own type of "creature." Already have your book, Debra. All the best! :)

  8. Debra, Thanks for the entertaining post. Bone of My Bones sounds like a great read.

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