Monday, February 29, 2016

Ending the Tour on the Highest of Notes

This is it: the official end of our Candy Hearts Tour which we conclude on the very highest of notes. We know you'll enjoy it.

     Josie and Carson Sandberg are on the cusp of being empty-nesters. With a cross-country move and Carson's busy work schedule, there hasn't been much time to connect. When gifted with a romantic getaway and challenge that says "Surprise Me," the two embark on a trip that reveals secret desires and more. But sometimes a fantasy is better left undiscovered.

Wild Women Authors winds up the Candy Hearts blog tour with a bang. Literally. Anita Kidesu, creator of Surprise Me is visiting this week, along with Josie Sandberg, the female protagonist of this most excellent story. First up is Josie.
Where are you from? I was raised in Wisconsin, but my husband, twin sons, and I moved to San Antonio.
Tell us a bit about Surprise Me. My story is a little bit different than others as I'm already married. My husband and I have been married for twenty years, but since our move to Texas, we've grown apart. My mother-in-law gave us each a candy heart that said, "Surprise Me" on it. She and her husband took our sons for a few days, telling Carson and I to surprise each other. Little did we know what surprises we'd learn about ourselves and each other.
What did you think the first time you saw Eric? He smelled good and I loved his dimples.
What was your second thought? He was a lot like my husband.
Did you feel it was love at first sight? No. More like lust.
What do you like most about Eric? He was kind, and interesting.
How would you describe him? Hot, sexy.
How would he describe you? I hope he'd describe me as a sexy almost forty-year old.
What made you choose writing for a career? It wasn't my chosen career. I'm actually a teacher, but when we moved to Texas I couldn't find a job, plus I wanted to be there for my sons' last year of high school. I love reading romances. One day a story idea popped into my head, and I thought I'd try (secretly I might add) my hand at writing one.
What is your biggest fear? Something happening to my husband and my sons
How do you relax? Walk on the beach.
Who is your favorite fictional character and why? That is a tough one. I think I'd have to say any woman who is strong and stands up for herself.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? Surprise my husband.
Given the way Surprise Me plays out, that's a terrific answer. Thanks, Josie. 
Now, it's Anita's turn. What movies or books have had an impact on your career as a writer and why? I love Kathleen Woodiwiss, and LaVeryl Spencer. They are my go to books.
What event in your private life were you able to bring to this story and how do you feel it impacted the novel? I have a friend who was going through empty-nest syndrome with her husband. Many of the things that happen in the book, happened to her and her husband when they tried to re-connect as a couple. She gave me permission to use them in my story.
Tell us a bit about your publisher: how did you hear about them and what influenced your decision to submit to them? The Wild Rose Press is my publisher. I was at a writer's conference and got up the courage to pitch my book "South Seas Seduction." I was thrilled when they asked for the first three chapters and then the full. I think it was more of them finding me, than me finding them. I also knew a few authors who publish with them and had nothing but good things to say.
What project[s] are you working on now? I am working on a sequel to Surprise Me. While working on the Surprise Me, I knew Josie, Carson, and Eric's story wasn't over, so I wrote (it's with my editor now) a sequel. I'm not writing their sons' story.
What's up next for you? I'm hoping to get contracts for the sequels. I even have an idea for a fourth book.
This has been great, meeting the woman who kept us rolling in the aisles. Literally.
Thanks, Anita. Kat and I hope you'll come back when the sequels are ready.
Veronica Lynch

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  1. I love that your friend actually experienced some of this craziness! LOL! Loved this story and can't wait to read more of your works.

  2. Sounds like another cute book. Great interview!
    Good luck and God's blessings

  3. Enjoyed the interview. I love that Surprise Me is a different kind of romance. I also love The Wild Rose Press and I'm so glad they found you! ;)

  4. Very interesting that part of the story is based on a similar life experience of a married couple. Best wishes with this story and the sequels!

  5. Wow! I'm definitely intrigued! You gave enough information to make me curious, but not enough to satisfy my curiosity, darn nabbit! Good job!

  6. Wow! I'm definitely intrigued! You gave enough information to make me curious, but not enough to satisfy my curiosity, darn nabbit! Good job!

  7. Interesting interviews! Best wishes.

  8. Ahhhh--the empty nest can hatch some strange chickies, eh? This sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck!