Sunday, February 21, 2016

Shift Happens

Murder, mystery and mayhem…they say everything happens in threes

     Badass Shifter Andy McNeilly is running on empty. The death of a prominent supernatural being has her reeling. The invention of a new street drug has the police knocking on her door for assistance. And a friend needs her unique skills to help investigate a messy murder.
     In the interest of paying the bills, paying it forward, and keeping the Supernatural Regulatory Division off her back, Andy once again slips through the dark streets of Vancouver’s seedy underworld. In the process, she uncovers secrets that threaten to derail her love life and her investigation. Can Andy capture a murderer, solve a mystery, and forgive her lover’s past? Or will the grime of the criminal world swallow her whole?

Beginning tomorrow, Andy McNeilly will be spending time with Wild Women Authors. Stay tuned.

1 comment:

  1. JC, interesting interview with Andy. The blurb was enlightening sounds like a book I'd enjoy reading. Putting it on my to be read list as I type. Good Luck!