Sunday, February 7, 2016

Which Wish Will She Make?

  Presenting . . . Peggy Jaeger's 3 Wishes. . . 

    This one is impossible to put down. Chock full of uber romantic candy genius Chloe SanValentino versus Dr. Dreamy, ER physician Matt D'Amore. With a supporting cast of of Italian mothers and sisters, 3 Wishes is a keeper.
     Mega-talented Peggy Jaeger uses her enormous gift for inventing snappy dialogue, laugh-out-loud scenes and instant sexual attraction between two deserving characters like the champ she is.
Do not miss 3 Wishes. You'll fall in love as I did.


  1. I could live off that review for a year!!! thanks sosososos much. I'm so glad you liked CHloe and matt, because I do too!

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