Friday, May 6, 2016

A Washington Mystery

     . . . In both the best and worst first day at work ever, docent Claire Wilding meets the man of her dreams, but her carefully rehearsed guided tour of the George Washington National Masonic Memorial collapses when she discovers a body and is drawn into a dark world of black ops and Italian renegade masons, of secret cabals and hidden treasure.
     . . . Also cloaked in mystery is handsome Gideon Bliss, a George Washington expert who haunts the Memorial, his manner evasive. What is his secret? Claire fears she'll fall in love with him only to learn he's a thief or even a murderer.
Juggling two eccentric mothers, an inquisitive sister, and an increasingly smitten detective, Claire must find answers to a complex web of intrigue, including who to trust and who to love.

In the words of the author: Most of The Mason's Mark is set at the George Washington National Masonic Memorial. The fourth floor contains a museum dedicated to George Washington. Washington served as the Charter (first) Master of the Alexandria lodge, and many of his letters and memorabilia are housed here, including the Washington family Bible. Since our heroine and hero meet in the museum, it follows that the Mason's Mark would involve long lost papers, distant family scandals, and academic intrigue concerning our first President. Delicious mystery and even more delicious romance ensue.
     Claire Wilding is a newly minted docent for the George Washington National Masonic Memorial and a recent widow. On her first day she meets the handsome, if mysterious Gideon Bliss, newly minted U. S. Senator. They do not hit it off.

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  1. As my father was a Mason (Virginia), I would certainly find your story intriguing from a personal stand-point. Looking forward to a great read!

  2. thank you Susan--I visited the Memorial with my son & would highly recommend a visit. Freemasonry is a fascinating subject!

  3. Thanks to the wild women for having me today! M. S.

  4. Congrats on your release. I wish you many sales!