Monday, May 9, 2016

Whoopsie. . . forgot the blurb

Looks like we need a bit more coffee in the AM before we try to post anything in complete detail. Here's the blurb for Nancy's wonderful story . . .

     When reporter Kate Brogan, and her ex-husband vice cop, Matthew Kelley, both end up investigating local psychic Olga Limas, Kate realizes the fluff piece of journalism she'd anticipated might just turn into something more. Out to debunk the woman's claim of being able to guide seance participants into the future, both hers and Matt's skepticism is put to the test when they find themselves transported to 2065. 
     Certain the only one they can truly trust is each other, they form an alliance that quickly stirs more intimate and loving memories. Just as they are about to be shown the way home, a presidential assassination puts their lives, and their chances for a “happily ever after”, in jeopardy.

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  1. Wonderful blog, interesting excerpts and blurb. Loved the interviews. Thanks. Have a fun Subday.