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Wild Women Focus on Nell Castle's Turning the Tides

Wild Women Authors focus is on: Turning the Tides, a contemporary romance by Nell Castle, released by the Wild Rose Press

The black sheep of her adoptive family, Lee Cooper has finally buckled down to a responsible job as a social worker in Southwest Florida. Defending her client against charges of child abuse awakens buried memories of her own abandonment in a Korean orphanage. Can she remain objective for the sake of a child?
Bricker Kilbourn, the court-appointed guardian, doubts Lee’s judgments--and his opinion might determine the little boy’s fate. He’s got his own family issues and haunting secrets to keep. Falling for a woman is not part of his plan.
He’s running from his past. She’s searching for answers. Will their resolution to protect a child bind them together or wrench them apart?

Lee dreaded the prospect of testifying on Amber’s behalf. “She used to put Kaleb in the corner every time he wet himself,” she admitted. “But she’s stopped punishing him for accidents. We’ve talked about appropriate expectations.”
So what are the new charges?” Janna’s mouth, set in a grim line, brightened into a welcome as the bartender approached with their drinks.
One sweet tea, and one cranberry juice.” He slid a glass in front of Janna and placed the other at the side of Lee’s tablet.
Condemning him with a shake of her head, she thrust away the glass from her device.
Sorry.” But he seemed amused, folding his arms and sitting on the table behind him. “Don’t you ladies get a break from work to eat?”
This is a working lunch.” His patronizing use of the word “ladies” irritated Lee. Who did he think he was, interrupting their lunch to flirt? God’s gift to women, no doubt.
So you can write it off on your taxes, am I right?”
The dimple in his chin twinkled right along with his blue eyes. To think she’d found this guy attractive. She glared at his cocky smile. God, he was nothing more than a walking stereotype.
He backed across the floor into the kitchen, holding up his hands with his palms out.
Lee!” Janna giggled as she took a sip of her iced tea. “Give the poor guy a break! He’s just being nice!”
Come on, did you see his name tag? ‘Bricker?’ He should go back to starring in adult films.” Now she was just being malicious. Lee blew out a breath, forcing herself to refocus on her client’s problems. “Amber’s been charged with something else. The ER nurses found welts over Kaleb’s diaper area.” She winced. “Like he’d been whipped.”
Before Janna could respond, the kitchen doors flung outward and the bartender reappeared, holding a tray over his head with one hand. “Ladies, I’m approaching,” he called from eight tables away. “Warning, please secure your electronic devices. The establishment will not be held responsible for damages to personal belongings as I unload this tray.”
Lee swept the tablet back into her bag and rested it against the leg of her chair. As she raised her head, her attention was drawn to an exposed strip of skin above his waistband. Racing upward like a lit fuse, her gaze found the bulge of his bicep as it balanced the tray. She lowered her eyelids, taking a deep breath. Her brain knew this guy was bad news, but her body was operating on a different vibe. She’d be damned if she let it show, though.
Janna giggled as he glided to their table with exaggerated care and placed each plate with a flourish.
May I refill your drinks, ladies? Sweet tea for you.” He flashed Janna a brilliant smile before turning to Lee. “Nothing sweet for you. You’re more…sour.” He snapped his fingers. “Cranberry juice, wasn’t it? Could I get you some more?”
His face was a mask of politeness. Lee lifted her chin, feeling her face flush. “Just bring the check.” Here she was, figuring out how to help a mother accused of child abuse. But this guy kept thrusting himself into the spotlight. Now he was angry she’d put him in his place?

Author Bio: Nell Castle pursued her love of stories with an English literature degree from Temple University. A certified instructor for children with dyslexia, she is currently pursuing a graduate degree as an intervention specialist. Happily married and a mother of three, she’s lived in Philadelphia, Key West, Anchorage, Sarasota, Virginia Beach, and currently resides in Ohio. Turning the Tides is her second release with The Wild Rose Press.

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  1. Sounds like a great book! Good luck with it.

  2. I loved your first release and bought a copy of this one. Will post a review for you@

    1. You're the best, Colleen! That's high praise coming from such a talented writer. Thanks!!

  3. Looks like a great read. Good luck with your release.

  4. I have been following this release however I have been sadly slow in getting to read it. Yet every time I read an excerpt I wish I was lounging in a hammock with a gentle breeze and my copy of this book. I love how the author captures the heart of professions which are often disregarded in society as sexy or exciting yet they are so vital. It make me, the reader, feel as though romance and excitement really aren't just for fiction. A great romance is good for the soul.

  5. I hope you find that hammock this weekend, Trish! I always appreciate your kindness and support. Hope you'll enjoy the book when your busy life slows down a bit!

  6. Ooh. Just what I am looking to add to my beach bag: a juicy, but intelligent, summer romance. I fell in love with Nell's characters from "A Leap of Faith," so I am really looking forward to getting to know Lee and Bricker, too. I have a hunch they will capture my heart as well. I just ordered my paperback copy from Amazon using the link above-can't wait til it arrives on my doorstep Monday!

  7. Great idea for a book on a subject hard to tackle. Good job and best wishes.

  8. Interesting Excerpt. I enjoyed the blurb. Good luck with Turning theTides!

  9. Just finished reading Turning the Tides. I couldn't put the book down! I really felt the emotions driving the characters Lee and Bricker to the paths they have taken, misunderstood by many. The magnetism pulling them together, yet sometimes repelling them apart keeps you turning page after page hoping that the happiness deserved will be theirs in the end. Thanks Nell, for a great story!