Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Day 7 Focus on Tropical Tryst

On Day 7 of Focus on Tropical Tryst, Wild Women welcomes Whitley Cox and Jan O’Hara. Ladies . . . do your thing:

Whitley Cox, author of Lust Abroad, would like to be stranded on an island with Sir Patrick Stewart, because, “I have a mad crush on the guy.”

Here’s a blurb for Lust Abroad
Piper Valentine knows all too well that life is short. Off to Peru to heal after a grievous loss, she finds more than solace in the hot, charismatic travel journalist sitting across from her on the airplane. Derrick King’s had a brush with death, too, but he has no idea that he’ll face it again — and again — after giving in to his instant attraction to Piper. Their journey to the top of the world, filled with parties, humor and fun, is turned topsy-turvy as they’re pursued by mysterious gunmen.

Determined to reach Machu Picchu and fulfill her promise to her dead husband, Piper finds that having Derrick along makes her feel safer, even as his lust for her endangers her heart. She’s never found another man so sensual, and with danger on their trail, they keep ending up in each other’s arms. Derrick’s a man with needs — and secrets. Will Piper find strength in surrender? And can Derrick find a way to believe in a future — for both of them? 

And Jan O’Hara, of Cold and Hottie, was inspired to choose her setting by: Nostalgia and one component of the writer's arsenal. By pure chance, when the opportunity came along to write this novella, I had just returned from a Jamaican getaway with my husband and two adult children. I was conscious of time slipping away, and that we four may never again be together in such a spectacular location. Using Jamaica for my setting is one way of hanging onto those feelings of connection and trust. While we were there, the resort handled several business events, and my writerly brain responded by noting specific details and beginning to ask "what if" questions. For me, these early moments of a story's birth are magical, and vastly superior to most travel souvenirs. (Especially those of the parasitic variety.)  
Blurb for Cold and Hottie
A decade ago, in a messy breakup with the only man she has ever loved, Olivia Prosser behaved badly. She has lived with the consequences since in a decent-if-uninspired life.
Then bad news comes in rapid succession. The company she works for has been purchased; her ex, Finn Wakefield, is her new boss; and she must attend a retreat in Jamaica, supervised by Finn and a half-crazy psychologist. One week filled with forced intimacy and corporate-speak, not to mention memories resurrected from the past.
Liv doesn't know if Finn remembers her or if he even knows she's his employee. But her best chance of keeping her job is to become uninteresting and unseen―the Jamaican equivalent of beige wallpaper.
For years, Finn Wakefield has put the blame for his breakup with Liv squarely on her shoulders. Then new information comes to light, casting doubt on his version of events. Not only might Liv be innocent, the party who framed her might be continuing their sabotage from within Wakefield's newest acquisition.
But Liv is uncharacteristically subdued and shows no interest in righting the wrongs of the past. Is that because she's over Finn? Or because she has reason to protect the saboteur? Either way, for the sake of his company and his heart, Finn can't let it go. Via unusual means and in the guise of team solidarity, he will push for the truth.
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