Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Day Eight Focus on: Celeste Hall & Elana Brooks

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Celeste Hall told us about how she chose her setting for Just Trust Me:
One of my favorite vacations, was a boat trip down the Amazon river, to a beautiful eco-friendly resort tucked inside the Peruvian jungle. It was truly amazing. Most of the crazy adventures my heroine endures, are based on my real life experiences.

Here’s a blurb for Just Trust Me:
When her best friend since childhood invites Jenn to spend time in a beautiful Amazon resort, free of charge, Jenn leaps at the opportunity. Maybe she can finally escape the terror stalking her in New York City.
Almost the moment she steps off the plane, Jenn is blindsided by the appearance of Remi's surly older brother. An ex-marine, now chief of resort security, Jackson is looking sexier than ever, but just as unapproachable. 

Jackson has wanted Jenn in his bed for as long as he can remember, but sleeping with your little sister's best friend felt like a huge violation of unspoken sibling law.
When Jenn's terrible secret follows her to the jungle and threatens to take her from him forever, Jackson vows to keep her safe, but to do so, he'll need to gain back the trust he destroyed long ago. 

And Elana Brooks talks about how she chose the setting for her story, Homecoming:
My husband and I took a cruise last January to celebrate our 25th anniversary.  It was lovely to take a week out of our busy lives to spend all day, every day together relaxing and having fun.  A lot of the places and incidents in my story are based directly on things we did and saw. Although with a lot of emotional drama added, of course!

Here’s a blurb for Homecoming:
Ryan Hertz never dreamed he would smuggle someone into the United States. But when his coworker asks him for help, he can't refuse. She wants him to accompany her on an all-expenses paid Caribbean cruise. There's only one catch—at their first port, she plans to switch places with her sister, and she needs Ryan to make their deception work.

Juanita Gomez was born in Mexico, but her parents brought her to the United States as a baby. When a wave of deportations catches her in its net, she's dumped in a country where she doesn't speak the language or know a soul. Desperate to get home to her dying mother's bedside, she agrees to her sister's crazy scheme. But she never expected that the friend her sister recruited to help them would be so likable—or so attractive.

Ryan and Juanita have to convince everyone they're a couple for the remaining five days of the cruise. Then they'll return to port, make it through customs, and go their separate ways. At first it seems like a long time to pretend. But as they make a show of enjoying the ship's luxuries together, they start to realize it might not be long enough. Can a lie built on water, wind, and sunshine grow into a truth strong enough to endure once they reach dry land?

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  1. It's neat that both stories today are based on real-life experiences - with a whole lot of imagination thrown in!

  2. An interesting premise for each story!