Thursday, August 10, 2017

Farewell to Tropical Tryst

For our last focus with the marvelous Tropical Tryst authors, 

Carma Haley Shoemaker talks about how she chose the setting for Sunset Seduction. Choosing Saint Lucia took a bit of time. My location needed to be romantic, as well as serene. My character needed a place to find herself again, but the location also needed to offer a tropical setting that would sweep her off her feet, and lower her defenses, allowing the romance to find her.

Blurb for Sunset Seduction:
Haunted by the image of her husband and his mistress, Julia Turner had decided men weren't worth her effort anymore. Julia's friends talk her into a girls' vacation to Saint Lucia. Hoping the tropical sun will burn away the bitterness and depression, Julia embarks on a journey to find her own happiness.

Perpetual groomsman, Seth Chambers isn't so sure true love can happen. At least not for him. His long-time friend's beach wedding may end up being just what he needs to heat up some romance in his life. When Seth meets Julia (Don't call me Jules!) at the airport, neither of them is prepared for the tide of passion to come. Julia may have found just what she needed to drown the memories of her ex-husband and buoy her self-esteem. As lustful desires Julia didn't realize existed come to the surface, she wonders if Seth will bring her back to life.

And Alexis Alvarez, of Hotter in Hawaii, talks about whom she’d like to be stranded with: If I had to be stranded with a celebrity, I’d pick one of those guys who deliberately get dropped off in the Alaskan wilderness with one sock and a toothpick, and end up building an airplane and communications tower out of ivy and dust while killing mooses with their bare hands to survive. Or maybe Chris Rock. He’s freaking hilarious.  He could make us laugh while we ate coconuts and waited for a cruise ship full of bloated fat sneaker-wearing American tourists to come and save us.

Also, could the “island” be “Greece?”  I’ve always wanted to see Greece.  If the answer is yes, then forget Chris Rock [sorry, CR, it’s been real], and instead I’ll take Betty White (I read that she’s ¼ Greek) and also David Sedaris, who is one of the funniest writers alive, and is also half-Greek.

Blurb for Hotter in Hawaii
Harper Bradley is thrilled to land the job of a lifetime, photographing a brand new Hawaiian resort for the web’s largest travel agency. She’s not so excited to be teamed up with Zach Taylor, the company’s owner.

Sure, he’s sexy, with ripped abs and kissable lips, but his picture should be listed next to “manwhore” in the dictionary, based on his level of extracurricular enjoyment. Besides, ever since that embarrassing night she’d rather forget, their relationship has been awkward at best.

When things start to go awry, beginning with an emergency landing in Phoenix, Arizona, Harper discovers there’s more to Zach than quips and innuendos. He’s surprisingly kind, funny, and smart -- and way more insightful than she thought. She swore she’d never get involved with him again, but he can be so persuasive when he whispers dirty promises into her ear!  Before long, they’re saving the project and turning the arid desert into their very own passionate paradise. 

Zach may be sexy as hell, but he’s still the same guy who’s allergic to commitment. Harper knows she’ll have to let him go when their time together is over, even if it breaks her heart all over again.

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting us for the last 10 days! We're a big group and appreciate the chance to shine in the spotlight :D

    1. You are most welcome, Linda
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  2. Both sound like great reads. Thanks for hosting Kat so we could get to know these authors and their tropical tryst stories.

    1. It's been a great run for us, Charlotte. Thanks for stopping by1