Saturday, August 5, 2017

Focus: Day 5 Tropical Tryst

Roxy Sinclaire & Zara Zenia, author of His Diamond In The Rough

What inspired you to choose your setting? Pirates of the Caribbean--my favorite movie franchise!!

     Samantha was on the verge of being kicked out of her apartment near her college not having enough for rent. But she just won a prize that she can’t sell—a non-transferable vacation to the exclusive resort of Diamond Cove in one of the Caribbean islands. 
     She decides to go but she can’t relax during the first few days since she’s constantly worrying about her life. But then she finds a platinum and diamond studded money club filled with more cash than she’s ever seen in her life. 
     Lord Eric Godfrey, a British billionaire, playboy, and of royalty, came to unwind after a brutal breakup with his fiancĂ©. He decides to forget about women and just relax, only to find his money clip go missing. He is intrigued by the woman who turns it in, Samantha, but he wonders how she got it. Or why she didn’t turn it in right away. 
     Both are attracted to each other but suspicious as well. Eric doesn’t trust the poor, especially if he thinks someone is a gold digger. Samantha doesn’t trust the rich and powerful. But will they be able to put that all behind them and accept one another? Or will more accusations and hate come out of it?

Karen M. Bryson, author of Brooklyn Winters

What inspired you to choose your setting? Growing up, my family took yearly vacations to Sanibel Island, and it's always held a place in my heart. It's one of my favorite places in the world.

     Brooklyn Winters just received the offer of a lifetime. If she accompanies her roommate, Addie, on a Spring Break trip to a tropical island paradise, all her expenses will be paid for by her roommate’s parents.
     There’s only one problem: Brooklyn promised her dad she would spend Spring Break working with him at the Seven Brothers Security Services office. That’s what she has done for every vacation for as long as she can remember.
     When her overprotective father reluctantly agrees to the island getaway, Brooklyn assures him that she and Addie will be perfectly safe and that he has nothing to worry about.
     If only she was right.
     On their first day on the island, Addie goes missing. The last thing Brooklyn wants to do is admit to her father that she was wrong, and ask for his help. So, she searches for Addie on her own.
     As Brooklyn follows the leads to find Addie, she realizes she is being trailed by the nerdy tourist staying in the room next door. Is he just trying to score a date with Brooklyn, or are his intentions much more sinister?

BROOKLYN WINTERS is a SEVEN BROTHERS SECURITY TEAM ROMANTIC CRIME NOVELLA. It can be read as a stand-alone story or as part of the spicy series.
Holly Cortelyou, author of Two Reckless Hearts (A Barrett Ridge Novella)

What inspired you to choose your setting? I’ve always daydreamed of the Caribbean’s silky, warm waters and the magical steel drums dancing in the balmy night air. So it was fun to whip up a make-believe tropical island off the coast of St. Lucia for the luxurious resort in Two Reckless Hearts.

     One beach resort. Two ambitious rivals. Will steamy island nights tempt enemies to become lovers? Escape into the Barrett Ridge romances and lose yourself in heart-melting happy-ever-afters!
     Weddings mess up everything. 
     Jami Barrett is fed up. First, she’s jilted by her fiancĂ©, then she must endure her sister’s crazy Caribbean wedding. Now, her arch rival has crashed the party! But Beck Kavanagh isn’t only the black-hearted foe ruining the family’s business and her chance to win her father’s trust, he’s the groom’s brother. To make matters worse, she can’t help daydreaming of Beck’s laughing gray eyes and soft heart. With the make-or-break deal and her loyalty in the balance, Jami’s feeling the pressure…and the heat of her hidden desire.
     Beck Kavanagh has no time for sarcastic, competitive women, especially one who’s his real estate adversary and newest in-law. Although Jami’s out for his blood, her sharp wit and delicious curves have him yearning for a midnight, tropical tryst. When a wacky treasure hunt goes haywire and Jami tumbles into his arms, Beck knows he’s met his match and found his one true love.
     Five sultry nights. Two reckless hearts. One family wedding. What could go wrong? 

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  1. It's neat to discover from where y'all drew the inspiration for your settings. I bet it helps make a connection with the place. All the books sound great!

    1. Kara -- My whole little island of Santa Tarita was a riff on a Sandals Resort that I visited for my 10th anniversary with my husband. While I was writing, I stopped a bunch of times, closed my eyes, and reveled in the memories of warm winds, silky waters and fragrant flowers. It was divine!

  2. Sounds like fun and I will be able to armchair travel to even more exotic destinations. Thanks for sharing!

    1. ELF -- Just the name of the set, Tropical Tryst, sweeps you away into a dreamy adventure, doesn't it? *sighs*

  3. I think it's cool how we all wanted our stories to be set in tropical places and every author chose something different! And the inspiration wasn't always a memory from a trip.