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Featuring: Toni V. Sweeney and The Arcanian Chronicles

THE ARCANIAN CHRONICLES (a futuristic family saga in two parts) by Toni V. Sweeney

Welcome to the kan Ingan Archives, the history of the Clan kan Ingan. Under one name or another, they have ruled the planet Arcanis and the Emeraunt Galaxy for three thousand years.

In these documents will be found the official historical version of those reigns. Herein are also their personal stories, told in their own words, recording joys, sorrows, betrayals, and griefs. These archives are part of the Arcanian public record, available to native-born and alien alike, so browse freely.

Encounter our sovereigns’ stories, and enjoy…

PART 1: The Narrative of Riven the Heretic
Book 1: The Man from Cymene

Trygare kan Ingan was a boy of sixteen, when the Drune priest told his parents the gods decreed he would be the father of kings. Within a day, he’s sent into the world on a short-legged hill pony, his father’s sword by his side…to seek his destiny and fulfill it.

Nothing goes as Trygare expects, however…the woman he wants doesn’t want him, the man destined to be his best friend laughs at him, everyone ridicules his youth. Slaying a dragon, feeling the Bloodsong coursing through his veins, and nearly getting killed in a war changes their minds, however…

After that, everything goes well, but then…

As if their plans for the young Cymenean aren’t enough, the gods interfere in his life. Tragedy happens, scandal and death, and Trygare’s forced to leave Cymene for a foreign land where his true fate lies…

…where he’ll become the ancestor of the dynasty foretold to rule his planet for three thousand years…

The Man from Cymene was voted one of the Top 8 novels of Sci-Fi/Fantasy of 2014 by Paranormal Romance Guild’s Reviewers Choice for that year.

About our guest author:

Toni V. Sweeney has lived 30 years in the South, a score in the Middle West, and a decade on the Pacific Coast and now she’s trying for her second 30 on the Great Plains.

Since the publication of her first novel in 1989, Toni divides her time between writing SF/Fantasy under her own name and romances under her pseudonym Icy Snow Blackstone. In March, 2013, she became publicity manager for Class Act Books (US). In 2016, she was voted one of the Top 10 authors of that year by the Predators & Editors Readers Poll. That same year, she was named a Professional Reader by netgalley.com. She is also on the review staff of the New York Journal of Books and the paranormal Romance Guild.

To find more about Toni, go to:

Amazon Author’s Page: https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B002BLQBB8
Twitter: @ToniVSweeney

To purchase The Man from Cymene, go to:

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Dangerous Currents by Kathryn Knight

Today Wild Women is pleased to focus on:
Dangerous Currents, a contemporary romance with suspense elements.

     When a costly mistake ends Malorie Montgomery’s career, she returns to Cape Cod in search of a fresh start. But her plans for a new—and quiet—life are quickly derailed when she makes a grisly discovery in the woods, and her screams bring the one person from her past she’d hoped to avoid. Dean Slater, the ex-boyfriend who broke her heart in high school, now lives in the beachfront community that was supposed to be her haven…and he’s just as hot as he was six years ago.
     With his rough background, Dean always knew he wasn’t good enough for the kind, intelligent beauty who claimed his heart, but somehow he’d believed their love was strong enough to survive anything—until the tragic night she turned her back on him when he needed her trust the most. Despite their painful history, Dean can’t resist the instinct to protect her, especially when it becomes apparent there’s a killer in their town.
     Their former chemistry soon reignites, but Malorie has long accepted that her dark family secret has destined her to a life alone. And when she uncovers evidence that makes her the killer’s target, a deadly confrontation threatens to destroy any possibility of a second chance.

An excerpt:
He took a step closer, eliminating the small distance between them. “I wasn’t about to let him hurt you.” He paused, his strained expression revealing an internal struggle. Clenching his jaw, he closed his eyes for a moment. When he opened them, their green depths flashed with something like defiance, and he cursed under his breath. “The thing is,” he finally continued, his tone rough with barely harnessed emotion, “I still feel…protective of you. I want to keep you safe.”
Her lungs stopped working. Alarm bells jangled in a distant part of her mind as he leaned over her. This was dangerous. She was dangerous. Swallowing past the knot in her throat, she forced the words out. “You don’t need to feel that way.”
His hands gripped her shoulders, setting her skin on fire. He lowered his head, bringing his lips inches from hers. “I don’t think I can control it.”
She couldn’t move. She simply didn’t have the willpower—or the desire—to stop this from happening. Every cell in her body was clamoring with need for him; it was a force of its own. All coherent thought fled as the moment stretched out in an agonizing slide toward the inevitable.

To purchase Dangerous Currents, go to:

A bit about our focus author:
     Kathryn Knight spends a great deal of time in her fictional world, where mundane chores don’t exist and daily life involves steamy romance, dangerous secrets, and spooky suspense. Her novels are award-winning #1 Amazon and Barnes & Noble Bestsellers and RomCon Reader-Rated picks. When she’s not reading or writing, Kathryn spends her time catching up on those mundane chores, driving kids around, and teaching fitness classes. She lives on beautiful Cape Cod with her husband, their two sons, and a number of rescued pets. 
 Please visit her at www.kathrynknightbooks.blogspot.com.

To learn more about Kathryn Knight, go to:
Newsletter sign-up: http://eepurl.com/dmzSs1

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Meet Rip Calhoun and The Ranger's Vow

We are pleased to welcome back Kara O'Neal, a frequent and loyal guest to Wild Women Authors, to help celebrate the latest in her Pike's Run series, “The Ranger's Vow”. First up is Kara's favorite character Luke “Rip” Calhoun.
Where are you from? El Paso, Texas
Tell us a bit about The Ranger’s Vow. I’m a Texas Ranger. I started when I was fifteen. Rangers don’t get married, which was fine with me. A long time ago, I promised myself I wouldn’t fall in love. I had no use for the emotion, especially since it was what had killed my father. But then I met Sherry. And she changed everything.
What did you think the first time you saw Sherry Forrester? She's gonna kill me for answering this question, but I’m no coward. The first time I met her, I couldn’t see her at all. But I knew she wasn’t wearin’ a stitch. I came upon her while she skinny dipped in the creek. I made sure I didn’t peek, the water hid most of everything anyway. But I have to tell you, it was the best moment of my sorry life. We traded a few teasing insults, and despite the fact that I had no idea what she looked like, she’d hooked me like no other woman ever had.
Interesting concept for a Ranger, debating a skinny-dipping woman. What was your second thought? That she’d given me the finest welcome to Pike’s Run a man could ask for.
Was it love at first sight? No. It was attraction at first meeting.
What do you like most about her? She is true to herself, to what she wants, and she makes no apologies for that. She’s smart and caring. And a risk-taker.
How would you describe her? Tough. Brave. Feisty. She’s nailed me to the wall more times than I like to admit to.
Nailing a Ranger to a wall. Another interesting picture you're painting, Rip. How would she describe you? Playful, mischievous. Honest. And I hope she’d say I take good care of her. I don’t ever want her to doubt my commitment to her.
What made you choose being a Ranger as a career? The job promised travel and the ability to keep people safe.
Great answer. What is your biggest fear? Losing the people I love.
How do you relax? I spend time with my wife and our children. They remind me every day of what’s most important.
Who is your favorite fictional character? I don’t read. However, I hope I’m as good a man as my captain is.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? When it was said to me, I didn’t understand the truth of it until after I met Sherry. My dying father told me that love was all that mattered in this world. In my ignorance, I disagreed. And spent years as only a shell of a man. Now that I have Sherry and our children, I understand how right my father was.
This has been great, Rip. We wish you luck and happiness in your life. Now it's time to chat with Kara.
What movies or books have had an impact on your career as a writer? Well, there are too many books to list them all here, but I must mention Nancy Drew, Little House, Little Women, and Anne of Green Gables. I adored stories about girls who took control of their lives, but still loved and allowed themselves to be loved in return. As an adult, Jane Austen is a new love. I’ll never match her ability, but she is inspiring.
What event in your private life were you able to bring to this story and how do you feel it impacted the novel? Nothing from my private life helped shape this story. However, I have a loving family, and I draw on our interactions to create all my characters.
Tell us a bit about your publisher: how did you hear about them and what influenced your decision to submit to them? Resplendence Publishing was accepting manuscripts other than Regency, and I jumped at the chance. I have enjoyed working with them and for them and feel they have made me a better writer.
What book[s] currently rest on your TBR pile? Oh, gosh! Here we go: The Alienist, Katherine, Jane Austen’s First Love, A Good American, The White Princess, The Book Thief, and An Irish County Courtship. I can’t stop myself from buying books. It’s just too hard not to!
Lastly, what's up next and when can we expect to see it on the shelves? Next is The Cowboy’s Embrace. It should be ready for purchase in the summer. After that is Destiny’s Secrets and then Mr. Pierce’s Hero. These should be ready for fall.
To learn more about Kara O'Neal and the stories she creates, go to:
Website: www.karaoneal.com.

To purchase The Ranger's Vow, go to:

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Focus on: Arresting Mason

Arresting Mason
Series: Arresting Onyx (book 1)
By Amber Daulton
Enter for a chance to win this Topaz Gemstone Necklace, Beaded Earrings, and some swag. One winner will be randomly selected. Please use the RaffleCopter below to enter.

About Arresting Mason:
Their chance encounter resulted in a steamy affair, but will his former gang and a parole officer tear them apart?

Once you’re in a prison gang, you’re in it for life. That’s what Mason Harding thought until the boss accepted his resignation. After the State releases him on parole, a sexy divorcée behind the wheel of a car almost ends his life quicker than a shank. His chance encounter with Mia Eddison results in a night of passion, but her brother—his parole officer—catches them together and doesn’t approve.

Mia falls hard for the cocky ex-con, but not because of his chiseled body. She vows to break through his walls and discover his secrets, but never expects those secrets to threaten her life. When members of an organized crime ring kidnap Mia to force Mason’s return to the gang, he goes up against an old friend to save the woman he loves. Will his sacrifice be enough or will everything fall apart in a blaze of gunfire?

Book Links:

Release Date: April 30th, 2018
Print ISBN: 978-1-5092-2007-6
Digital ISBN: 978-1-5092-2008-3
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 80k
Heat Rating: 5 Flames


Which one is your car?” She glanced around the crowded parking lot. A few streetlights pushed back the darkness and shadows. The restaurant served customers until midnight on the weekends, but no one loitered in the lot, at least from what Mia could see.

Don’t have one at the moment.” Mason hooked his thumbs in the belt loops of his jeans. “I took the bus. It stopped a few blocks from here.”

Would you like a ride?” She pulled the car keys from her purse. “I feel a little ridiculous we met here tonight. I just wasn’t sure if you were some kind of freak.”

His eyebrow lifted, and he closed the distance between them as a tiger would zero in on its mate. A sexy, masculine smile curled his lips. “Have you made up your mind yet?”

I’ll let you know in the morning.” Desire trickled down her spine. Mia nodded toward the passenger side of the car for him to hop in.

He confiscated her keys instead to unlock and open the driver’s side door for her like a gentleman. Then he leaned closer and nuzzled her temple with his nose.

Not sure if he planned to seduce her in the parking lot or if he merely wanted to tease her, Mia pressed her hand to his chest and tried to think straight. “You’re the first guy I’ve gone on a date with since my divorce. I haven’t slept with anyone since Evan.”

He tunneled his fingers through her wavy, chestnut-brown hair. “I haven’t dated anyone in a long time either. We’ll take it slow or fast, whatever you want, but I promise you one thing. After I’m done with you, you won’t even remember that bastard’s name.”

Oh, God. She almost melted right then and there. “Fast. I want you, Mason.”

Take me to your place and you can have me.”

NetGalley Opportunity:
Available for Review
Limited Time Only (promotion runs from May 1-15)
Find Arresting Mason on my publisher’s landing page - https://www.netgalley.com/catalog/publisher/82136

Writing is the fruit of happiness.
Amber Daulton lives her life by that one belief even though she normally isn’t so Zen.
As a fan of contemporary, paranormal, and historical romance novels alike, she can’t get enough of feisty heroines and alpha heroes. Her mind is a wonderland of adventure, laughter, and awesome ways of kicking a guy when he’s down. She probably wouldn’t be too sane without her computer and notebooks. After all, what’s a girl to do when people are jabbering away in her head and it’s hard to shut them up? Write! Nothing else works.

Social Media Links:

The Wild Rose Press store http://bit.ly/2FSVvBa

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WWA Focus On: Diana Rubino

By Diana Rubino

A true rags-to-riches story: how “Bouncin’ Bet Bowen” George Washington’s daughter, became Eliza Jumel Burr, wife of Vice President Aaron Burr
and New York City’s wealthiest woman

About our focus author: 
       My passion for history and travel has taken me to every locale of my books and short stories, set in Medieval and Renaissance England, Paris, Egypt, the Mediterranean, colonial Virginia, New England, Washington D.C. and New York. My urban fantasy romance, FAKIN’ IT, won a Top Pick award from Romantic Times. 
       I’m a member of Romance Writers of America, the Richard III Society and the Aaron Burr Association. My husband Chris and I own CostPro, an engineering firm based in Boston. In my spare time, I bicycle, golf, play my piano, devour books of any genre, and spend as much time as possible living the dream on my beloved Cape Cod.

Contact me at:


 How this book came about: 
       While researching Hamilton, I became fascinated with his political nemesis Aaron Burr, which led to Aaron's last wife Eliza Bowen Jumel. Only a handful of biographies of her exist, so I learned as much as possible about her from these books and other sources I found.
       She came from the filthy streets of Providence and wound up owning to the grandest mansion in New York City, which has been Washington’s headquarters during the Revolutionary War and is open to the public. The urchin Betsy Bowen used her street smarts and business acumen to become Madame Eliza Jumel Burr, Vice Queen of America. Her legacy lives on—in the Morris Jumel Mansion of Washington Heights, where her spirit still lingers, 147 years later.
       During her ninety-one years, she begged on the streets, sold her body, married a rich man, married a former Vice President, and as New York City’s grand dame, traveled Manhattan in the coach Napoleon Bonaparte gave her.
       Throughout her adventurous and unconventional life, Eliza’s one regret was that she could not publicly announce that George Washington was her father. When Eliza was ten years old, her mother told her of Washington’s visit to Providence. They spent one night together at the home of Freelove Ballou, an aunt who later adopted Eliza. She was born nine months later. Her many attempts to reach her father gained her an invitation to Mount Vernon weeks before his death.
       Eliza’s love of make-believe brought her to Manhattan’s John Street Theatre, where she played many leading roles. When the theatre was bought by a speculator and torn down, she “made a living how I could” – at the brothel of Manhattan madam Sally Marshall, whose ladies entertained senators and other prominent figures.
       Eliza met the charismatic Aaron Burr when he became New York’s Attorney General. While standing outside Federal Hall after President Washington’s inauguration with her best friend Susannah Shippen, she caught a flash of dark eyes that sparkled and caught the sunlight like jewels. Susannah innocently introduced them, unaware of their instant attraction.
       Deeply in love, Eliza wrote: “Colonel Aaron Burr appeared to me the perfection of manhood personified. Wherever he went he was petted and caressed by our sex. And yet, he never took advantage of his position.”
       Eliza named her only son George Washington Bowen, believing Aaron was the father.
       While Aaron climbed the political ladder on his way to the Vice Presidency, Eliza met wealthy wine merchant Stephen Jumel, a native Frenchman. Knowing Eliza’s heart belonged only to Aaron, he wooed her and trusted her to invest his capital in Manhattan real estate. With her shrewd negotiating skills and street smarts, they amassed an empire.
       On Eliza and Stephen’s first trip to France together, the fallen and beaten Napoleon Bonaparte boarded Stephen’s brig the Eliza, seeking an American vessel to ensure his escape from the British. Stephen, in all seriousness, offered the Emperor a wine barrel to stow away in. The Emperor, haughtily put out when he realized Stephen wasn’t joking, accepted Eliza’s invitation to hide in their New York home, but never made it to the new world. However, he did give Eliza his yellow coach and other costly gifts, now on display in the Jumel Mansion. Stephen’s business connections afforded him and Eliza introduction to the upper echelons of Paris society. She met King Louis XVIII, but he shunned her begging to let Stephen join court circles.
       Back home, she resumed her love affair with Aaron, whose wife Theodosia had died of cancer. He was now Vice President, having lost the presidency to Thomas Jefferson. Eliza asked him to marry her, but he turned down her proposal. He just wasn’t ready for remarriage.

       After the most famous duel in American history, Aaron fled New York City while Alexander Hamilton lay dying. When Hamilton died the next day, Aaron was indicted for murder. After four frantic months, Eliza finally received a letter from him, under an assumed name, R. King.

       Financed by his son-in-law Joseph, he’d bought the rights to a half million acres in the South. He planned to make it into a new state, settle it with adventurous pioneer men, attract a slew of colonists and settlers, and make himself Governor.

       His next hurried missive told her that he’d abandoned the entire plan. Why? He didn’t say. But President Jefferson had filed a formal charge of treason against Aaron. He was brought to Richmond, Virginia for trial.

       He’d gathered so much support and adoration from Richmond, he was wined, dined and acquitted, with his daughter at his side. He finally returned to Eliza after finishing out his term as Vice President, but soon sailed for England. Believing her life with him was over, she dragged herself back to Stephen and proposed marriage to him—only to be turned down once again. Determined to become Mrs. Jumel, she faked her impending death with the help of a loyal servant, a bottle of hot water to raise her temperature, and white powder to mimic deathly pallor. She called her doctor and had a stable hand inform Stephen that she was dying. When he rushed to her bedside, she begged him, “Before I leave this world, it would mean so much to me if I could leave as Mrs. Jumel.” He summoned a priest and they were wed even before she received last rites. But of course she made a miraculous ‘recovery’ and once again, returned to her wheeling and dealing.

       While tending to his farmlands, Stephen fell from a cart and died in Eliza’s arms two days later. She was brought up on murder charges which were dropped. A despondent Eliza once again turned to her true love, Aaron, back in New York at his law practice. One evening, Aaron showed up at her doorstep with a minister in tow, the same Reverend Bogart who’d married him to his first wife Theodosia fifty years before. He proposed to Eliza on bended knee: “I give you my hand, Madame; my heart has long been yours.”
She finally became Mrs. Burr at age 56. Aaron was a robust and youthful 78.
       He began to spend Eliza’s money recklessly, plowing through $13,000 within a few months. The bickering became grounds for divorce when a maid caught him in a compromising position with another woman. Brokenhearted, Eliza hired a lawyer Who handled family matters—including divorces. Who was this lawyer? Alexander Hamilton Jr. Aaron received the final papers on September 14, 1836, and died later that day.
       Eliza returned home to her family and lived another 29 years as Mrs. Burr, the name she’d always longed for.
The Morris-Jumel Mansion still stands in Harlem, New York City and is open to the public.
Visit the Morris-Jumel Mansion
Purchase Eliza Jumel Burr, Vice Queen of the United States

An excerpt from Eliza Jumel Burr, Vice Queen of the United States:

July 11, 1804, a day I’ll never forget, a Wednesday, I rose early from fitful sleep. Two of my servants huddled in the kitchen, murmuring instead of cooking. They held the newspaper wide open.
When I walked in, they froze as if turned to stone, and held the paper out to me.
What is it?” Without fresh coffee I was half-awake. But seeing the paper, I trembled. My mouth dried up. “Oh, no …” I hid my eyes with my hands, I couldn’t bear to look.
M-Miss Eliza …” Mary stammered. “Vice President Burr shot General Hamilton in a duel.”
Too weak to stand, I grabbed a chair and sank into it. “He … shot Hamilton?” My head spun, dizzy with relief. But I still didn’t know about Aaron. “Is he all right? The vice president?”
We don’t know, ma’am. It just says General Hamilton was mortally wounded.”
Without another word, I ran down the hall, threw open the front door, not closing it behind me, and raced to Gold Street in the gathering morning heat. Humidity soaked my clothes. I mopped sweat from my face.
I banged on his door. No answer. “Aaron, open the door, it’s me, please, we need to talk!” I banged again. Echoes answered me. I stepped back and squinted into the sunlight, shading my eyes to see the upper windows. Nothing stirred. The house was shut tight. He’d fled. But where? When would I see my beloved again?
Hamilton died the next day, and the city fell to its knees in mourning. It was even more pronounced than when Papa passed – because Hamilton was one of New York’s own.
Public grief over Hamilton paled beside the anger at Aaron. As I approached Trinity Church for the funeral, Gertrude’s father Gouverneur Morris greeted me. “I’m to deliver the eulogy. But indignation mounts to a frenzy already,” he cautioned me, eyeing the mob.
The tolling church bells and muffled drumbeats echoed through the sweltering city air. I thought of every place Aaron could be. I knew he hadn’t meant for this to happen. It was a tragic twist of fate. I also knew Aaron’s political career was over. He’d never be president.
Oh, Aaron,” I wailed, “Where are you, my love?”
I heard nothing from him as each empty day slipped away. Desperate, I wrote to his daughter Theodosia but received no reply. I contacted his friends, but no one knew his whereabouts.
I saw Mrs Hamilton on Broad Way, head to toe in widow’s weeds. I wanted to approach her and offer my condolences, but she knew I was intimate with the vice president, so I kept my distance. Their country home, The Grange, was not far from the Morris mansion I planned to buy. We’d be neighbors someday.

Read about my ‘ghostly’ visit to the Morris-Jumel Mansion on my blog

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Focus: Fatal Flight, Bk 1, Sisters in Peril series

Wild Women Authors is pleased to Focus on:

Fatal Flight

Sisters in Peril Series Book 1

By Madelon Smid

Madelon will be giving away 1 ebook copy of Fatal Flight and 2 ebooks of the winners' choice from her backlist. Please use the Rafflecopter below to enter. Remember you may increase your chances of winning by visiting the other tour stops. You may find those locations here.

About Fatal Flight:

When he finds Sky Stravinski, Adam Hamilton becomes enmeshed in a world of danger. Did he bring it with him, earning an enemy as chief engineer and test pilot, or find it along with her? Fulfilling his commitment means persuading Sky to meet the grandmother she never knew she had. Recovering from an airplane crash, torn between opposing forces, and caught up in the attacks on Sky, Adam fights for the fascinating pilot, determined to keep her safe, and win her love.

Everything Sky owns comes under attack, from her airplanes to her airfield and her life. Combatting a hidden enemy and Adam Hamilton’s intrusion, Sky feels trapped by circumstances outside her control. As her sponsor, he earns her trust. But Adam wants things Sky won’t give. Meeting her grandmother and developing a relationship with Adam will pull her back into their world of wealth and entitlement. Sky won’t become a rich man’s plaything again. Will the threats that bring them together convince Sky Adam deserves a place in her life?

Buy Links:
You consider going to Max behind my back being upfront?”

Max came to me. I was interested and after crunching the numbers, researching your top notch standing on the circuit and talking with my father, thought this was a great PR opportunity for our corporation. I didn’t know you were against the idea. My experience is that as soon as someone knows what I’m worth, they want something from me.”

And you assumed I was sticking my hand in the pot.” She stopped at the entrance to the big tent, where oceans of food were served all day. “Okay, I see where you were coming from. Pax.” She offered her hand.

She took quiet satisfaction in the fact he looked like she’d turned him on his head. Good, keep him off balance, and he couldn’t do the same to her. He took her hand, his long fingers warm and dry, just the lightest of squeezes. He’d never used his size and strength to intimidate, she realized. 

He was a true alpha male, for only the strongest, fastest and smartest protected the vulnerable. A weaker male, took advantage of them.

About Madelon Smid:

Madelon Smid has the pioneer spirit of a true prairie woman. She seeks inspiration from the rolling hills and river coulees that surround her home; creating characters as intriguing and beautiful as the ever changing skies.

As a successful non-fiction writer, she co-authored a best seller, Smart Women, published Chronic Challenge: Living Well with Chronic Disease, and many articles in national and regional magazines.

She taught writing classes for adults at her local college, ran a successful online writing course, and edited five anthologies for the Prairie Quills Writers’ Group, before returning to her true love – fiction. The six romantic suspense stories in her Daring Heights series have received glowing reviews.

While she continues searching out the best in nature, exploring new stretches of water in her kayak, and seeking new mountains to ski, she sees every adventure as fresh material for the next story she will create in her home by the river.

Madelon's Social Media Links:

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One of These Nights . . .

Wild Women Authors is pleased to welcome long time friend and writer pal, dating back to our NJRW and Liberty States days, Roni Denholtz who celebrates the release TODAY!!! of One Of These Nights, a historical novel out of Wild Rose Press. Welcome, Roni. First up is Drew Covington.
Where are you from? Twin Bridges, NJ (but my parents came from England)
Tell us a bit about One of These Nights. My brother was murdered. I’ve been conducting séances so that I can speak to him and learn the identity of the killer—and see that justice is done.
What did you think the first time you saw Violet Moore. I thought she was beautiful, and younger than I expected.
What was your second thought? She seemed intelligent and well-read.
Did you feel it was love at first sight? Not at first, but I was attracted to her and liked her immediately. Love grew quickly, although I didn’t recognize it at first.
What do you like most about her? Violet is smart, sweet, and very caring.
How would you describe Violet? She is a pretty young woman who is smart, a great research assistant, and cares for others and is kind.
How would she describe you? She probably would say I’m smart but a little scattered.
What made you choose running the family business for a career? I run the family business, but I’m more interested in the inventing aspects of the shoe and boot business than in the sales and business side of Covington Shoes and Boots.
What is your biggest fear? That I won’t be able to contact my brother, Charles, and bring his killer to justice.
How do you relax? I enjoy reading and going for walks. I like doing research.
Who is your favorite fictional character? Well, I correspond sometimes with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle so I like Sherlock Holmes.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? Keep careful notes so you can repeat successes and avoid things that don’t work.
Thanks for taking time away from your research to talk with us, Drew. We'd now like to talk to Roni. What movies or books have had an impact on your career as a writer? I loved reading the early “gothic” romantic suspense novels by Mary Stewart, Victoria Holt, Phyllis A. Whitney and Barbara Michaels. But what really hooked me on reading and inspired me to write were the Nancy Drew book and other girls’ series!
What event in your private life were you able to bring to this story and how do you feel it impacted the novel? I have been to a couple of séances—one which seemed real, one which didn’t. But I think what impacted me more, was that I saw a ghost--my husband’s distant cousin on the night he passed—before we knew he had passed.
Tell us a bit about your publisher: how did you hear about them and what influenced your decision to submit to them? The Wild Rose Press. I have one book with them already, and I have read a number of their books and enjoyed them. I also learned they were doing a series of books with ghosts.
What book[s] currently rest on your TBR pile? A couple of Heather Graham’s Krewe of Hunters romantic suspense novels (these include ghosts); a few regency romances by Kelly Bowen and Sally MacKenzie; and a few Wild Rose Press books by different authors such as Jennifer Wilck and Maria Alexander. And a few cowboy romances by Delores Fossen and Carolyn Brown.
Lastly, what's up next and when can we expect to see it on the shelves? I have two novellas coming out this fall, one in Carolyn Brown’s Blame it on Texas Kindle World; and one in Roxanne St. Claire’s Barefoot Bay Kindle World.

To learn more about our guest author, go to: