And The Winner Is . . .

And The Winner Is . . .
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Monday, October 16, 2017

Meet the Latest in Demon Killers

     Gin Crawford has enough problems dealing with her empath abilities. Finding out she's the world's newest demon-slayer is the last thing she needs. Unfortunately, when she slips on a mysterious bracelet she is given no other choice. On the plus side, her new gig comes with Tall, Dark and Handsome, a mage who may or may not have her best interests at heart.
     Thrust into a power-play between good and evil, Gin must choose a side before she becomes the next victim in the ongoing battle.
Wild Women Authors is pleased to welcome back an old friend, author Karilyn Bentley and Gin Crawford from Karilyn's latest release from her Demon Huntress series, Demon Lore. As usual, Gin will come up first.
Where are you from? A suburb of Dallas, TX
Tell us a bit about Demon Lore. This is my story of when I discovered I was a Justitian, a woman with demon killing abilities. I learned this about myself when I found a bracelet in my scrub pocket and put it on. Turns out the bracelet was a justitia and has the ability to morph into a sword. Pretty helpful when faced with a demon or minion. Needless to say, I wasn't too excited to learn of my new abilities. I thought being an empath was bad enough. Shows you what I know.
What did you think the first time you saw Aidan Smythe? I thought he was a big, scary cop. Come to find out he was a scary mage and my new boss. We didn't get along at first.
Love the name, BTW. What was your second thought? He was hot. As in do-me-now hot. 
What do you like most about Smythe? It took me awhile to learn this, but he's loyal and honest to a fault.
How would you describe him? Focused on his job. Serious, but at the same time there's a thread of humor running through him. You just have to dig to find it.
How would Aidan describe you? A pain in his butt. He actually believes I don't think before I hop into things. And he's unsure if I can be trusted.
What made you choose nursing for a career? I'm an empath, which means I can touch people and see their emotions or sometimes read their thoughts. I like nursing because I can use my abilities to help others.
What is your biggest fear? Men who act mad.
How do you relax? With a beer and a good book or TV show.
Who is your favorite fictional character? That's a hard one! I love Star Wars and like all of the characters in those movies.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? Only you have the power to make things happen.
Gin brought an excerpt along for our interest:

     The evil man-thing stands on my porch, his lips turning in a menacing smile of death. I don’t need to touch him to know he wants me dead. Muscles freeze, trapping my breath in my lungs. Like a rabbit in view of a wolf, I’m immobilized, waiting for death’s blow. Time slows, his gaze locks on mine, trapping me in place.
     Move, move, move! My mind screams as the man’s fingers twitch.
     But the spike of adrenaline explodes into my limbs too late to stop the backhand blow slamming across my jaw.
     I superman it halfway across the living room. Land on the hardwood floor in a thud of pain-ridden limbs. My jaw morphs into a screaming ball of nerves. My head no sooner hits the floor than I hear the bracelet scream, a high-pitched wail quivering through my skin like vibrations from a tuning fork. The bracelet tightens around my wrist, cutting off the circulation, and then it loosens with a pop at the same time I hear the door click closed.
     Ohgodohgodohgod, I’m going to die. I don’t want to die. No, no, no, no, no. Pain and terror hold me crumpled on the floor as my mind crawls backward in time.
     But I’m no longer a child, fearful of fists and words, cowering on the ground.
     I’m a fighter.
     My head spins, but I refuse to lie on the floor waiting to be killed, so I attempt to stand. Evil Guy laughs as I ass-plant it. Laughs as a moan escapes my lips. He takes a step toward me, right arm drawn back for a hit. His fist hurls toward my face, but I manage to block it with my left arm. My right arm, the one with the bracelet, shoves forward, slamming into his chest.
     His black eyes widen, mouth open in surprise, his hands fluttering to his chest before dropping. I stare at my hand, stare hard, for I’m as surprised as Evil Guy. The bracelet had become a sword, a long, thin spike of metal extending from the silver links, straight into Evil Guy’s heart.
     A sword?
     Definitely a sword. The flat of the blade rests against the back of my hand, cool metal heating from the warmth of my skin. Small silver links circle around my palm, lending stability to the two-foot long sword.
     I’m not sure which scares me more, Evil Guy paying me a visit or the fact the bracelet performed a morphing trick.

What movies or books have had an impact on your career as a writer? I love paranormal and fantasy books. I never read romance until about 15 years ago when I picked up a book by Sherrilyn Kenyon and loved it. So I started reading a wide variety of romance, then I thought I should write it. And the rest is history.
What event in your private life were you able to bring to this story and how do you feel it impacted the novel? I wouldn't call this an event in my private life, but I do like stories where the character overcomes odds to learn something different about themselves and to grow from that experience.
Tell us a bit about your publisher: how did you hear about them and what influenced your decision to submit to them? My publisher is The Wild Rose Press. I first heard about them about ten years ago when they had a contest and I placed in it. My first short story was published in an anthology and I've been with them ever since.
What book[s] currently rest on your TBR pile? Wow, a BUNCH. Like six pages of books on my Kindle! And I have a pile of books too. I have some by JR Ward, CN Crawford, and a variety of WRP authors.
Lastly, what's up next and when can we expect to see it on the shelves? The fourth book in the Demon Huntress urban fantasy series, Devil Take Me, will be out probably the beginning of next year. I don't have a release date yet.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

On The Surface

To serve and protect was never more personal.

Wild Women Authors is thrilled to welcome back one of our favorite people, as well as a terrific author, Margo Hoornstra who presents Book 1 in her Brothers In Blue series, On The Surface.

On The Surface is Book 1 in the Brothers In Blue series. Four recruits meet at the police academy and become lifelong friends. The drop out, the straight arrow, the movie star and the maverick, all share a passion to serve and protect, each in his own unique way.

Brad Collins is the dropout who left his job with a busy department to become a bounty hunter.

       Wrongly convicted ex-con and recent parolee Jenny Reynolds wants to forget her tarnished past and focus on a brighter future. One that begins with a return to the small tourist town where she grew up. The restoration of her family’s once proud Rest Easy Bed and Breakfast is the only thing on her mind. Fleeing an ex who refuses to let her go, what she doesn’t need to complicate her already problematic life is another man.

       Enter handsome handyman Brad, a man who seems to care as much about restoring the B and B as she does. A man who soon becomes ready, willing and able to steal her heart. A man, as it turns out, with more than a few secrets of his own. A dropout from law enforcement, the real Brad Collins will use anyone and anything to fulfill a personal vendetta.

       When two pasts collide and danger threatens, their budding love for each other may be the first casualty.

We’ll begin with Brad Collins. Where are you from? Let’s just say I grew up in the State of Michigan Child Welfare System and leave it at that.

Okay. Tell us a bit about On The Surface. Mostly it’s about my journey out of being a single minded asshole seeking only vengeance in life.

What did you think the first time you saw Jenny Reynolds? Literally? “Well (expletive deleted) this sure isn’t going to work out the way I planned.”

Even better. What was your second thought? The truth? Regret. Plain and simple regret. When she looked up at me, raw fear lurked in those big beautiful green eyes of hers. I’d witnessed that kind of deep panic before. Regret stabbed my gut knowing I was the cause of it.

Did you feel it was love at first sight? Now that I think about it, for me, absolutely! Although Jenny’s answer would probably be an emphatic NO!

What do you like most about her? Where do I begin? Her strength in the face of adversity. Which sometimes gets in the way of my need to take care of her. She’s pretty independent. Though neither one of us knew it at the time, from day one, she took care of me. She helped me truly understand how important truth is to people…and to me.

How would you describe Jenny? How much time do we have? It might sound like a cliché, but the best way I know to answer your question is she’s simply beautiful from the inside out.

How would she describe you? Strong, capable, loving. And a sucker for her grandmother Etta’s smile.

What made you choose bounty hunting for a career? The career chose me.

What is your biggest fear? That when the time comes, I won’t know how to be a good father.

That is so sweet. Tell us how you relax? That question should be how do you NOT relax? These days are pretty mellow for me here in Cascade Lake where I now live. After searching my entire life, I’m finally in the place where I belong.

Even better. Who is your favorite fictional character? A great, great officer of the law, Inspector Harold Francis Callahan of the San Francisco PD. More often known as Dirty Harry.

Hah! What is the best piece of advice you ever received? That’s easy. Wise words spoken to me by a wonderful woman named Emily, who took me in for a while, before… Anyway, and I quote, Don’t be too quick to criticize people, Bradley. You never know what trials life may have dealt them.

This has been terrific, Brad. Thanks for talking to us. Now it’s time to chat with Margo. 
What movies or books have had an impact on your career as a writer? Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss is the book I read that finally inspired me to write, well, try to write, one of my own. My favorite movie is a little known The Other Sister. It’s a beautiful showcase of human similarities and differences and family love.

Aw, Shanna. It was probably the first historical romance we ever read! What event in your private life were you able to bring to this story and how do you feel it impacted the novel? Accuracy. Though I’ve never been a car thief, the villain in On The Surface is. The ideas for, and implementation of this character and his actions came from my husband who happens to know a lot about car thefts and such. I should say, his career, not him personally. He served on the good side of the law, my villain did not.

Tell us a bit about your publisher: how did you hear about them and what influenced your decision to submit to them? In late 2007, I learned about this brand-new publisher, The Wild Rose Press from someone I met through a local writers group. They were looking for romance of any length, I was told. Armed with a stash of short stories, I sent a would you be interested query to one of their amazing editors, Kathy Cottrell of the Last Rose of Summer line. She responded with a hugely encouraging absolutely! A number of short stories and six novels later, I was definitely hooked. The philosophy of The Wild Rose Press is to be a kinder, gentler publisher and, as far as I’m concerned, they full fill their mission each and every day. Although, I will say, tough love is certainly a factor in the publishing process. Which isn’t a bad thing. On The Surface is my first book for TWRP Crimson line. Different editor, same supportive and encouraging mentality.

What book[s] currently rest on your TBR pile? Unfortunately, too many to count.

Lastly, what's up next and when can we expect to see it on the shelves? Book 2 of Brothers in Blue, On The Force. Can you stand another blurb?

       Top notch CFO Sydney Raines is devastated when her position at a high-profile conglomerate is yanked out from under her. Determined to restore a mangled reputation, she finds her second chance when the owner of an upscale art gallery hires her as his personal assistant.

       Straight arrow cop Vince Miller is sent undercover, assigned to crack a national art theft ring. When potential witness Sydney Raines is as much as dropped in his lap, he can’t help but simply take advantage. He never figured he’d fall in love with her. Then an unexpected twist in the case reveals the identity of a serial killer. Along with the shattering realization Sydney just might be the psycho’s next victim.

To purchase On The Surface, go to:

Amazon Author Page:

Here’s a bit more about our guest author:
Like many who create stories, I figured someday to write a book. But only when the time was right, which meant after I earned a formal education, launched and sustained a successful and rewarding career, married, then raised a family and became financially independent. To paraphrase the song lyric, life happened while I was busy making other plans. Proof of the education is in a frame on the wall, the career came and went, the husband is still with me, but the children are grown, and the vast accumulation of wealth never materialized. So, I went ahead and started writing books. A big city girl turned country woman, I enjoy hiking and walking around the wide-open spaces near my home, especially in the fall, hate to cook and love to read.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Meet Annunciata Doyle of Caper Magic

       This month Kat and I brought Caper Magic out of mothballs to celebrate October and, of course, Halloween, There is no better way to do it than introduce our readers to Annunciata "Nunie" Doyle and Nick Forrester, two sworn enemies who are thrown together to save Caper Madness a month long celebration of all that is Halloween.
      To make things even more special I've spent the day [Friday the 6th of October] introducing a dear friend to Cape Vincent, the historic tourist town on the Saint Lawrence River in Northern New York State which is the setting for Cape Brendan and Caper Madness.
       Rather than have me explain things, let Nunie Doyle do it . . .

Where are you from? I was born and raised in Belfast in the north of Ireland.
Did you have a happy childhood? I suppose it was as happy as most Catholic girls in that day and age raised in the North, midst poverty and religious bigotry, with no future except to marry an unemployed drunkard and push out ten to twelve babes by the time they're forty. When I was seven, my parents were murdered by a faction of the Ulster Volunteer Force who bombed a local pub because they served Catholics. Thereafter I was sent to live with my grandparents in Tuam, a cathedral city in the western part of the Irish Republic, near Ashford Castle and the village of Cong where parts of The Quiet Man were filmed. As I was a handful in those days, the grandparents sent me to one of the Magdelene Laundries, in hopes the nuns would teach me a skill. The Tuam facility was recently in the news after the remains of many young women and infants, were discovered. 

Where do you live now? I've been in Cape Brendan, a small tourist town on the eastern most edge of Lake Ontario where it bleeds into the Saint Lawrence River for the past several years. We are known for two things: ship building and Caper Madness, a month long celebration of all things Halloween.

What do you do for a living? I am a retired social worker. At the height of my career I was Director of Crime Victim Services in Syracuse New York.

Is there something you'd rather be doing? To supplement my rather meager retirement checks, I model for an agency, La Vrai Beaute, which is known for its older and large size models. Come winter, when the Cape is often as cold as Mother Superior's heart, I don't mind spending a few
weeks in places where it rarely falls below 80 degrees, showing off fabulous clothes by talented designers.

What's going on in your life right now? I am harboring a woman and her children while they wait on a judge to decide which parent will be awarded permanent custody of these delightful kids. The husband and father . . . is less than upstanding shall I say. His attorney, a posturing, skeeving git if there ever was one, is arse deep in illegal machinations, making sure his client wins his children back. If the judge is having a bad hair day or is pre-menstrual and rules against the mother, it will be my job to immediately get her to a safe place. If this man, the husband I
mean, is granted custody, he will kill her and the children. Or worse.

Is there someone special in your life right now? Nicholas Forrester came to Cape Brendan to assist Henri Pierpont, his elderly uncle, in the coordination of Caper Madness. After Hank's
health takes a swan dive, he asked me to assist Nick with managing the events. Nick is having a significant amount of difficulty adjusting to me as well as the quirks and foibles of the Capers as
the locals call themselves.

How did you two meet? We were in the Emergency Room, waiting for word on Henri's condition. Nick knows me, though we never met, with relation to an unfortunate event from our pasts. Back then, I felt I was doing my job as the head of a victim advocacy agency, but Nick blames me for his best friend losing his position on the police force and eventual suicide. Things were rather tense in the ER, especially after Henri asked me to assist Nick on Caper Madness and make him proud”. I couldn't say no but Nick made my life miserable until we resolved our differences.

What's his family like? His uncle, the coordinator of Caper Madness, is Nick's only living relative. Henri and his deceased wife Genny cared for Nick and his sister after their parents took off for better pickings. This was many years ago; Nick adores his uncle and feels guilty for not spending quality time with them while his aunt was still alive. Neither of Nick or his sister, or I, for that matter, had it easy growing up.

What's keeping you two apart? He is a retired police officer who now works as chief investigator for the skeeving git attorney I mentioned earlier. While Nick is here in Cape Brendan, assisting with Caper Madness, he is also keeping close watch out for the client's wife and their kids who, unbeknownst to him, are hiding in my house. Nick's boss is convinced they will attempt to flee to Canada via the Cape Brendan ferry which traverses the River several times a day. My mission, should it come to that, is to get the woman and her children to safety no matter the cost.

What one thing could you do that would make you feel like the relationship will work out? I suppose I could turn them over to the skeeving git and therefore the sexual predator husband. But that will never happen. Also, I'm not certain I want another relationship. Around here I'm known as the Black Mamba, because of the four husbands and fiances I've buried either shortly before or right after the weddings. I'm not what they'd call a safe bet. Plus, I can't imagine any man in his right mind who would want me after learning my background. 

Any last comments? Caper Madness is the first in a series of stories set in Cape Brendan. Characters from previous novels written by Veronica or her alter ego, Kat Henry Doran, will surface and create new lives for themselves on The River.