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Breaking In Bella, first in the Cloudcroft Ranch Series

Wild Women Authors welcomes a new star on the erotic romance skyline: Isabella Laase. Her first novel, Breaking In Bella for Stormy Nights Publications is the first in the Cloudcroft Ranch series. As the week goes on we hope to show follow up novels with one on the horizon. For all those who like BDSM, this looks like a winner!

First, a teaser:
     After Bella Mikelson wrecks her car while driving drunk, the spoiled twenty-two-year-old faces a difficult choice. If she wants to stay out of jail and keep her trust fund, she must accept a plea bargain which will require her to spend a year working on a Wyoming ranch under the strict supervision of Jackson Sullivan and his brother Lincoln, two tough, handsome cowboys who will not hesitate to provide the stern discipline she has been missing.
     Seeing no other way out of her predicament, Bella agrees to the terms, but it is only a matter of moments before her defiant attitude earns her a painful, humiliating spanking that leaves her cheeks blushing and her bare bottom burning.
     As she grows accustomed to life on the ranch, however, Jackson's firm-handed dominance sets her once-hidden passion on fire, and soon she is yearning for him to claim her properly. But is she just a project for him, or is he ready to be the master she has desperately needed for so long?

Meet Bella Mikelson:
Where are you from? I am a twenty three year old female. I grew up in a suburb of Dallas, Texas
Tell us a bit about Breaking In Bella. I was actually a real brat when I was younger. I had a lot of money in a trust fund after my dad’s death when I was thirteen, and I was pretty awful to my mom and anybody else who came near me. When I was just out of college, I got into a drunk driving accident and my mom forced me to go to Cloudcroft Ranch and get a job at an adults only Let’s just say I learned a lot!
What did you think the first time you saw Jack Sullivan? He was incredibly hot…and obviously very powerful, but I was so angry with my mother for forcing me to go work for his ranch, that I just wanted to hit him. 
Certainly understandable. What was your second thought? I actually got mad and frustrated enough to bite him so my second thought was what a bad idea that was. I learned how incredibly big the palm of his hand can be.
Was it was love at first sight? Nope. He was an authority figure, and I didn’t want any discipline in my life.
What do you like most about Jack? He is powerful, but also very caring. He loves BDSM, and I really wanted to develop the trust necessary to play with him.
How would you describe him? Jack is the younger of two sons. He loves his ranch and his family. The two boys were raised with Marcus Greene. Their close relationship affected all of our futures. When Linc and Marcus both found their own subs, our world changed again in two different Cloudcroft Ranch stories.
How would Jack describe you? I…I think he would have described me as a brat when he first met me.
What career have you chosen? I didn’t need a career when I had a big trust fund, and I didn’t think I was prepared to do anything after college.
What is your biggest fear? I think my biggest fear was that I would trust somebody and have them betray me…so it was easier to just be angry.
How do you relax? This is a hard one to answer. I don’t think I really relaxed until I went through some tremendous changes in my first year at Cloudcroft.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? You’re only given one chance on this earth…so make it count.

Thanks, Bella. It's been great to meet and talk with you. We'd like to chat with Isabella for a moment.
What movies or books have had an impact on your career as a writer? I love any kind of romance novel or book that involves a strong male and a smart female, but I find a touch of story in every show I watch.
What event in your private life were you able to bring to this story and how do you feel it impacted the novel? I think that there is a little bit of who I am and who I wish I was in all three of the Cloudcroft female leads. Sassy Bella who gives into her anger. Gentle Sophia who is living on the outside of real world instead of taking chances with relationships and Independent Lilly who learns to give up power to her partner in exchange for a deeper relationship.
Tell us a bit about your publisher: how did you hear about them and what influenced your decision to submit to them? I did a lot of research choosing books with a similar genre and reaching out to their publishers. I love the folks at Stormy Night Publications. They are an established publisher in spanking and BDSM stories, and I was grateful when they published my first novel, Tamed by the Virginian in August 2016. My publisher, my editor, and my cover artist are committed to helping me put the best book forward while keeping me open to growth as a writer.
What book[s] currently rest on your TBR pile? I’ve got several Stormy Night and Blushing Books novels on my reading list. I love seeing what my friends are producing.
Lastly, what's up next and when can we expect to see it on the shelves? The third of the Cloudcroft series involving stern Linc and the very independent Lilly should be out in the fall of 2017. I just started outlining a fourth Cloudcroft book for Doctor Dan Garcia which should come out in the first few months of 2018.

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Farewell to Tropical Tryst

For our last focus with the marvelous Tropical Tryst authors, 

Carma Haley Shoemaker talks about how she chose the setting for Sunset Seduction. Choosing Saint Lucia took a bit of time. My location needed to be romantic, as well as serene. My character needed a place to find herself again, but the location also needed to offer a tropical setting that would sweep her off her feet, and lower her defenses, allowing the romance to find her.

Blurb for Sunset Seduction:
Haunted by the image of her husband and his mistress, Julia Turner had decided men weren't worth her effort anymore. Julia's friends talk her into a girls' vacation to Saint Lucia. Hoping the tropical sun will burn away the bitterness and depression, Julia embarks on a journey to find her own happiness.

Perpetual groomsman, Seth Chambers isn't so sure true love can happen. At least not for him. His long-time friend's beach wedding may end up being just what he needs to heat up some romance in his life. When Seth meets Julia (Don't call me Jules!) at the airport, neither of them is prepared for the tide of passion to come. Julia may have found just what she needed to drown the memories of her ex-husband and buoy her self-esteem. As lustful desires Julia didn't realize existed come to the surface, she wonders if Seth will bring her back to life.

And Alexis Alvarez, of Hotter in Hawaii, talks about whom she’d like to be stranded with: If I had to be stranded with a celebrity, I’d pick one of those guys who deliberately get dropped off in the Alaskan wilderness with one sock and a toothpick, and end up building an airplane and communications tower out of ivy and dust while killing mooses with their bare hands to survive. Or maybe Chris Rock. He’s freaking hilarious.  He could make us laugh while we ate coconuts and waited for a cruise ship full of bloated fat sneaker-wearing American tourists to come and save us.

Also, could the “island” be “Greece?”  I’ve always wanted to see Greece.  If the answer is yes, then forget Chris Rock [sorry, CR, it’s been real], and instead I’ll take Betty White (I read that she’s ¼ Greek) and also David Sedaris, who is one of the funniest writers alive, and is also half-Greek.

Blurb for Hotter in Hawaii
Harper Bradley is thrilled to land the job of a lifetime, photographing a brand new Hawaiian resort for the web’s largest travel agency. She’s not so excited to be teamed up with Zach Taylor, the company’s owner.

Sure, he’s sexy, with ripped abs and kissable lips, but his picture should be listed next to “manwhore” in the dictionary, based on his level of extracurricular enjoyment. Besides, ever since that embarrassing night she’d rather forget, their relationship has been awkward at best.

When things start to go awry, beginning with an emergency landing in Phoenix, Arizona, Harper discovers there’s more to Zach than quips and innuendos. He’s surprisingly kind, funny, and smart -- and way more insightful than she thought. She swore she’d never get involved with him again, but he can be so persuasive when he whispers dirty promises into her ear!  Before long, they’re saving the project and turning the arid desert into their very own passionate paradise. 

Zach may be sexy as hell, but he’s still the same guy who’s allergic to commitment. Harper knows she’ll have to let him go when their time together is over, even if it breaks her heart all over again.

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Day Eight Focus on: Celeste Hall & Elana Brooks

Escape with 25 brand new and exclusive sexy reads from NY Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors. The Tropical Tryst Boxed Set is perfect for romance lovers of all kinds. Offering up passionate and enticing tales, set in hot and tropical settings, this collection will feed your need for summer sexiness! 

Celeste Hall told us about how she chose her setting for Just Trust Me:
One of my favorite vacations, was a boat trip down the Amazon river, to a beautiful eco-friendly resort tucked inside the Peruvian jungle. It was truly amazing. Most of the crazy adventures my heroine endures, are based on my real life experiences.

Here’s a blurb for Just Trust Me:
When her best friend since childhood invites Jenn to spend time in a beautiful Amazon resort, free of charge, Jenn leaps at the opportunity. Maybe she can finally escape the terror stalking her in New York City.
Almost the moment she steps off the plane, Jenn is blindsided by the appearance of Remi's surly older brother. An ex-marine, now chief of resort security, Jackson is looking sexier than ever, but just as unapproachable. 

Jackson has wanted Jenn in his bed for as long as he can remember, but sleeping with your little sister's best friend felt like a huge violation of unspoken sibling law.
When Jenn's terrible secret follows her to the jungle and threatens to take her from him forever, Jackson vows to keep her safe, but to do so, he'll need to gain back the trust he destroyed long ago. 

And Elana Brooks talks about how she chose the setting for her story, Homecoming:
My husband and I took a cruise last January to celebrate our 25th anniversary.  It was lovely to take a week out of our busy lives to spend all day, every day together relaxing and having fun.  A lot of the places and incidents in my story are based directly on things we did and saw. Although with a lot of emotional drama added, of course!

Here’s a blurb for Homecoming:
Ryan Hertz never dreamed he would smuggle someone into the United States. But when his coworker asks him for help, he can't refuse. She wants him to accompany her on an all-expenses paid Caribbean cruise. There's only one catch—at their first port, she plans to switch places with her sister, and she needs Ryan to make their deception work.

Juanita Gomez was born in Mexico, but her parents brought her to the United States as a baby. When a wave of deportations catches her in its net, she's dumped in a country where she doesn't speak the language or know a soul. Desperate to get home to her dying mother's bedside, she agrees to her sister's crazy scheme. But she never expected that the friend her sister recruited to help them would be so likable—or so attractive.

Ryan and Juanita have to convince everyone they're a couple for the remaining five days of the cruise. Then they'll return to port, make it through customs, and go their separate ways. At first it seems like a long time to pretend. But as they make a show of enjoying the ship's luxuries together, they start to realize it might not be long enough. Can a lie built on water, wind, and sunshine grow into a truth strong enough to endure once they reach dry land?

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Day 7 Focus on Tropical Tryst

On Day 7 of Focus on Tropical Tryst, Wild Women welcomes Whitley Cox and Jan O’Hara. Ladies . . . do your thing:

Whitley Cox, author of Lust Abroad, would like to be stranded on an island with Sir Patrick Stewart, because, “I have a mad crush on the guy.”

Here’s a blurb for Lust Abroad
Piper Valentine knows all too well that life is short. Off to Peru to heal after a grievous loss, she finds more than solace in the hot, charismatic travel journalist sitting across from her on the airplane. Derrick King’s had a brush with death, too, but he has no idea that he’ll face it again — and again — after giving in to his instant attraction to Piper. Their journey to the top of the world, filled with parties, humor and fun, is turned topsy-turvy as they’re pursued by mysterious gunmen.

Determined to reach Machu Picchu and fulfill her promise to her dead husband, Piper finds that having Derrick along makes her feel safer, even as his lust for her endangers her heart. She’s never found another man so sensual, and with danger on their trail, they keep ending up in each other’s arms. Derrick’s a man with needs — and secrets. Will Piper find strength in surrender? And can Derrick find a way to believe in a future — for both of them? 

And Jan O’Hara, of Cold and Hottie, was inspired to choose her setting by: Nostalgia and one component of the writer's arsenal. By pure chance, when the opportunity came along to write this novella, I had just returned from a Jamaican getaway with my husband and two adult children. I was conscious of time slipping away, and that we four may never again be together in such a spectacular location. Using Jamaica for my setting is one way of hanging onto those feelings of connection and trust. While we were there, the resort handled several business events, and my writerly brain responded by noting specific details and beginning to ask "what if" questions. For me, these early moments of a story's birth are magical, and vastly superior to most travel souvenirs. (Especially those of the parasitic variety.)  
Blurb for Cold and Hottie
A decade ago, in a messy breakup with the only man she has ever loved, Olivia Prosser behaved badly. She has lived with the consequences since in a decent-if-uninspired life.
Then bad news comes in rapid succession. The company she works for has been purchased; her ex, Finn Wakefield, is her new boss; and she must attend a retreat in Jamaica, supervised by Finn and a half-crazy psychologist. One week filled with forced intimacy and corporate-speak, not to mention memories resurrected from the past.
Liv doesn't know if Finn remembers her or if he even knows she's his employee. But her best chance of keeping her job is to become uninteresting and unseen―the Jamaican equivalent of beige wallpaper.
For years, Finn Wakefield has put the blame for his breakup with Liv squarely on her shoulders. Then new information comes to light, casting doubt on his version of events. Not only might Liv be innocent, the party who framed her might be continuing their sabotage from within Wakefield's newest acquisition.
But Liv is uncharacteristically subdued and shows no interest in righting the wrongs of the past. Is that because she's over Finn? Or because she has reason to protect the saboteur? Either way, for the sake of his company and his heart, Finn can't let it go. Via unusual means and in the guise of team solidarity, he will push for the truth.
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Day 6 Focus on Tropical Tryst

     Escape with 25 brand new and exclusive sexy reads from NY Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors. The Tropical Tryst Boxed Set is perfect for romance lovers of all kinds. Offering up passionate and enticing tales, set in hot and tropical settings, this collection will feed your need for summer sexiness! 

We asked EmKay Connor, author of Worth the Risk, what celebrity would you most like to be stranded on an island with?  Johnny Depp, but he must be wearing his Cap'n Jack Sparrow duds and have a generous supply of whiskey.

Tell us about Worth the Risk: Five years living on a tiny Caribbean island after fleeing the political scandal that ruined her life has dulled Dara Lockwood’s anger but not her disillusioned distrust. The occasional one night stand is working just fine until the arrival of Jack Wyatt. Something about the tall, dark and seriously sexy man makes Dara want to trust him, not only with her secrets but with her heart.

Then we asked Susan Ann Wall – Off Balance (Superstitious Brides Romance #8),  what inspired you to choose your setting? I recently went on a 7 night Caribbean cruise with my mom. It was so relaxing and beautiful, exploring the islands, enjoying the water and fresh sea air, and there was so much romance happening on the ship. Lots of newlyweds, some ladies on a bachelorette party…it just seemed like the perfect setting for a couple to fall in love.

And to tell us a bit about Off Balance: 
Sometimes, to find your center, you must collide with the one who throws you off balance.
     Along his journey to enlightenment, Haven Masters has come across many bumps and roadblocks, but never once has anything or anyone thrown him off balance the way Heather Wolfe does. While on a tropical cruise retreat, all Haven can do is look for his center again and hope that he finds it with Heather.

Last but not least, we asked JB Duvane, of Starry Nights, which celebrity would you most like to be stranded on an island with? I'm partial to dark eyes and hair, as well as a quiet intensity, so Jamie Dornan - but specifically in the series The Fall.

About Starry Nights: Sometimes even being a movie star can't buy you a second chance with the girl you still hunger for. But true love can...

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Focus: Day 5 Tropical Tryst

Roxy Sinclaire & Zara Zenia, author of His Diamond In The Rough

What inspired you to choose your setting? Pirates of the Caribbean--my favorite movie franchise!!

     Samantha was on the verge of being kicked out of her apartment near her college not having enough for rent. But she just won a prize that she can’t sell—a non-transferable vacation to the exclusive resort of Diamond Cove in one of the Caribbean islands. 
     She decides to go but she can’t relax during the first few days since she’s constantly worrying about her life. But then she finds a platinum and diamond studded money club filled with more cash than she’s ever seen in her life. 
     Lord Eric Godfrey, a British billionaire, playboy, and of royalty, came to unwind after a brutal breakup with his fiancĂ©. He decides to forget about women and just relax, only to find his money clip go missing. He is intrigued by the woman who turns it in, Samantha, but he wonders how she got it. Or why she didn’t turn it in right away. 
     Both are attracted to each other but suspicious as well. Eric doesn’t trust the poor, especially if he thinks someone is a gold digger. Samantha doesn’t trust the rich and powerful. But will they be able to put that all behind them and accept one another? Or will more accusations and hate come out of it?

Karen M. Bryson, author of Brooklyn Winters

What inspired you to choose your setting? Growing up, my family took yearly vacations to Sanibel Island, and it's always held a place in my heart. It's one of my favorite places in the world.

     Brooklyn Winters just received the offer of a lifetime. If she accompanies her roommate, Addie, on a Spring Break trip to a tropical island paradise, all her expenses will be paid for by her roommate’s parents.
     There’s only one problem: Brooklyn promised her dad she would spend Spring Break working with him at the Seven Brothers Security Services office. That’s what she has done for every vacation for as long as she can remember.
     When her overprotective father reluctantly agrees to the island getaway, Brooklyn assures him that she and Addie will be perfectly safe and that he has nothing to worry about.
     If only she was right.
     On their first day on the island, Addie goes missing. The last thing Brooklyn wants to do is admit to her father that she was wrong, and ask for his help. So, she searches for Addie on her own.
     As Brooklyn follows the leads to find Addie, she realizes she is being trailed by the nerdy tourist staying in the room next door. Is he just trying to score a date with Brooklyn, or are his intentions much more sinister?

BROOKLYN WINTERS is a SEVEN BROTHERS SECURITY TEAM ROMANTIC CRIME NOVELLA. It can be read as a stand-alone story or as part of the spicy series.
Holly Cortelyou, author of Two Reckless Hearts (A Barrett Ridge Novella)

What inspired you to choose your setting? I’ve always daydreamed of the Caribbean’s silky, warm waters and the magical steel drums dancing in the balmy night air. So it was fun to whip up a make-believe tropical island off the coast of St. Lucia for the luxurious resort in Two Reckless Hearts.

     One beach resort. Two ambitious rivals. Will steamy island nights tempt enemies to become lovers? Escape into the Barrett Ridge romances and lose yourself in heart-melting happy-ever-afters!
     Weddings mess up everything. 
     Jami Barrett is fed up. First, she’s jilted by her fiancĂ©, then she must endure her sister’s crazy Caribbean wedding. Now, her arch rival has crashed the party! But Beck Kavanagh isn’t only the black-hearted foe ruining the family’s business and her chance to win her father’s trust, he’s the groom’s brother. To make matters worse, she can’t help daydreaming of Beck’s laughing gray eyes and soft heart. With the make-or-break deal and her loyalty in the balance, Jami’s feeling the pressure…and the heat of her hidden desire.
     Beck Kavanagh has no time for sarcastic, competitive women, especially one who’s his real estate adversary and newest in-law. Although Jami’s out for his blood, her sharp wit and delicious curves have him yearning for a midnight, tropical tryst. When a wacky treasure hunt goes haywire and Jami tumbles into his arms, Beck knows he’s met his match and found his one true love.
     Five sultry nights. Two reckless hearts. One family wedding. What could go wrong? 

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Focus: Day 4 Tropical Tryst

CJ Matthew, author of A Major Affair, The Colonel’s Daughters novella 1.5

What inspired you to choose your setting? The garden isle of Kauai, in Hawaii, was chosen for Ed and DeAnna’s tropical tryst in A Major Affair because the breathtakingly beautiful island offers such a wide variety of natural landmarks. I’ve vacationed in Hawaii several times and Kauai is by far my favorite locale.

Blurb for A Major Affair, The Colonel’s Daughters quintet, novella 1.5
Major Edmund Quinn, WSO F-15E Strike Eagle
The dream mission: spend a week of leave snooping around a luxury Kauai resort, enjoying all the amenities, then report back to a skeptical investor.

DeAnna Drake, middle manager of a Waikiki resort
The nightmare mission: spend a week snooping around a luxury Kauai resort, enjoying all the amenities, then hijack their secrets for her employer.
Two novice corporate spies who never expected to fall in love. Or to discover that love changes everything.

Caitlyn Lynch, author of Finding Cory
What celebrity would you most like to be stranded on an island with? Jeremy Renner. Not only is he nice to look at, but he's a builder/renovator in his spare time so he could build us a fabulous house to live in!

Blurb for Finding Cory
Olivia Stratton had it all; a high-powered job in New York, a perfect boyfriend, a perfect life... until it all came crashing down her ears. Being offered the opportunity to live on a beautiful tropical island resort for a year as their marketing manager is her chance to start afresh, where nobody knows about her past. Romantic entanglements are definitely something she plans to avoid, but when she meets Cory, the resort's too-handsome-to-be-real entertainment coordinator, sparks fly and Olivia finds herself swept right out of her Jimmy Choos and into Cory's arms.

Stacy-Deanne, author of Murder with a Kiss

What inspired you to choose your setting? I wanted a setting that was not only tropical but also mysterious. Jamaica has many hidden elements, and I was interested in learning more about it. I enjoy writing about unfamiliar places because it makes the story more exciting for me if I’m learning as I go along. Since Jamaica has this thrilling aura about it, I knew it would be a great setting for a steamy romantic suspense.

Blurb for Murder with a Kiss
When her twin brother Kirby is murdered, Kayla heads to Kingston, Jamaica to find out who would want her brother dead. Because they were estranged, Kayla feels guilty for not having a relationship with Kirby and vows to bring his killer to justice.
Kayla teams up with Kirby’s best friend, Tate, who seems just as anxious for answers as she does. Kayla struggles with an attraction to the sexy tour guide, but loses the battle while Tate introduces her to the sensuous allure of Jamaica. Before Kayla can catch her breath, she and Tate begin an intoxicating romance that has her dying for more.
As they become closer, Kayla believes her new lover is the only one she can trust to find the truth. However, a shocking development in the case suggests Tate might know more about Kirby’s murder than he lets on.

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Day 3 Focus: Tropical Tryst

Linda O’Connor, author of Perfectly Skeptical (Perfectly Series Novella)

What inspired you to choose your setting? My novella, Perfectly Skeptical, is set in Little Cayman Island. I’ve been to Grand Cayman Island twice, and have had wonderfully relaxing vacations. For this story, I used a lot of what I experienced on Grand Cayman – the snorkeling, the flowers, the trees, the people, and the gorgeous beaches – but I wanted a small town vibe so I thought the smaller Little Cayman Island would be perfect.

Blurb for Perfectly Skeptical
Dr. Brianna Scott looked forward to sleeping away her staycation, until a lucky windfall meant an upgrade to palm trees, an ocean view . . . and the sexy Dr. Matt Gaelen. She’ll play and have fun, but can a holiday fling really turn into a soul mate for life? Doubtful.

Matt has no radar for sniffing out gold-diggers and protecting his heart. Until now. Brianna is more turned off than turned on by his wealth. What are his chances of getting her to overlook it? Dubious at best.

Improbable and uncertain, iffy and unlikely – the typical path to love. Perfectly Skeptical . . . love when you least expect it.

Liz Gavin, author of Tristan
What celebrity would you most like to be stranded on an island with? Only one? Lol Oh, well, if I must… Seriously, it’d Bono, U2’s singer. I’m a huge fan of his music and humanitarian work, so I’d have tons to talk about with him, if we were stranded on an island.

To the world, Izzie Anderson had it all – a potent singing voice, an angelical face and a natural beauty. Too young for rock stardom, Izzie partied too hard, stooped too low and hurt too many people, but none as deeply as Tristan Knight. She betrayed his trust and ripped out his heart. Problem was, she did so to protect him, because the truth would have ruined the only man she had ever loved. Now her past is catching up with Izzie and Tristan is the only person she can trust. Will he let her in again? Or are there wrongs that can never be righted?

Tristan Knight found a haven in a secluded beach in the Southern coast of Brazil. Away from the limelight and lies of the music industry, he built a brand-new life around his cozy little restaurant. He never thought he would see Izzie in person again, so when she walks into Chez Nous Bistro one evening, he expects to get outraged. Surprisingly, he does not. That’s when he realizes the pain and humiliation her betrayal caused him, more than fifteen years ago, had left him heartless. So why does he agree to help her? And why is it his soul feels less hollow every time they meet?

Courtney Hunt, author of Desire a Bridesmaid, 4th in the Always a Bridesmaid series

What is your idea of the perfect tropical getaway? A beach chair, an umbrella, and a stack of romance novels. As a mom of a very active third grader, I rarely get to read in my beach chair anymore.

Blurb for Desire a Bridesmaid:
One perfect night in paradise will never be enough. 

Professional bridesmaid Anna Westbrook is hanging up her dancing slippers and matching dresses. She’s done being a bridesmaid as soon as she finishes one last destination wedding on Eden Isle. But when she arrives at the luxurious Caribbean resort, she encounters the one-night stand she’s never forgotten.

Five years ago, Carter Prescott drifted from sunset to sunset, indulging in wicked, wild nights like the one he shared with Anna from Savannah. After a hurricane flattened his island home, Carter transformed the ruined resort into the Caribbean’s premier eco-tourism destination. When a top bridal blog wants Eden Isle to host a wedding, Carter jumps at the chance to garner publicity for his little jewel of a resort. 

Now, Anna from Savannah is back as a bridesmaid in his wedding extravaganza—and she's a sexy distraction he just doesn’t need. As they work together to create the ideal wedding day, will they discover that one perfect night in paradise will never be enough? 

Desire a Bridesmaid is a standalone novella in the Always a Bridesmaid contemporary romance series about professional bridesmaids finding their own happily ever afters. If you enjoy witty dialogue, unforgettable characters, and steamy love scenes, you’ll love Courtney Hunt’s light-hearted Always a Bridesmaid series. 
Buy Desire A Bridesmaid and your happily-ever-after starts today!

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Day 2 Focus: Settings and Celebrities

Nicole Morgan, author of Swept Away 
What celebrity would you most like to be stranded on an island with? Hmm... now that is one tough question. There are so many dashing and devastatingly handsome men that I wouldn't mind being stranded with, but out of all of them I'd probably have to say Shemar Moore of Criminal Minds fame. 

Blurb for Swept Away
Felicia Jennings had a satisfying career working as a paralegal in the District Attorney’s Office. She was married to her college sweetheart, lived in one of the best neighborhoods in town and drove the best car that money could buy. Everything about her life was perfect. At least that was how it appeared on the surface.
Trevor Jennings had just landed a promotion he’d spent years trying to obtain. His hard work had rewarded him as the youngest senior account manager with the top marketing agency in the state. He had a beautiful wife who he loved more than words could say. And they had it all, except for the one thing that they wanted the most.
When their hope for the future is shattered by cruel fate, the two soul mates find their love being put to the ultimate test. With each passing day resentment builds and the two grow further apart until they eventually drift into different worlds that don’t include one another.
Will they be lost from one another forever? Or will circumstances intervene and bring them back together once again?   
Victoria Pinder, author of Tempting James
What inspired you to choose your setting? I made up an island called Grand Bohemia because I wanted to have a specific type of hotel with conference capabilities, set on a beach and the setup wasn’t exactly to life. So rather than day trip from Miami to the Bahamas which might be fun to do, I just fictionalized it. (I live in Miami so there is the $49 boat I could take.) Now the beginning parts where they are in Miami, those are all real settings as I can drive and notice things.

Blurb for Tempting James:
She’s on the run. He’s a distraction. They’re begging for trouble.

James Clancy made a promise, and he intends to keep it. But protecting his former Marine buddy’s sister proves to be more than he bargained for. He’s already been burned once. He’s not about to let that happen again.

The last thing Scarlett Hawke needs is a babysitter. What she needs is a husband, and a way out. When she meets James, she knows he oh-so-wrong for her, but resisting him might be the hardest thing she’s ever had to do… until she discovers who he really is and just how dangerous that can be.

Will Scarlett let love happen or will it only make her complicated life worse?

Lena Bourne, author of Rider’s Fall (A Viper’s Bite MC Novella)
What inspired you to choose your setting? My story is set on the tropical beaches of Brazil, and I chose this setting because I really want to visit Brazil one day. This way I get to imagine the setting without actually having to go.

Blurb for Rider’s Fall (A Viper’s Bite MC Novella)
Chloe swore off men forever when she escaped to Brazil to start a new life, because her old one was destroyed by an ex. But when the orphanage she volunteers at is threatened, she’s forced to accept the help of a hot as sin biker. But Rider is a man with no home and no wish to have one.
Will the love they find in each other be strong enough to change any of that? 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Get Away with Tropical Tryst

Beginning today and for the next few days, Wild Women Authors is focused on Tropical Tryst, a new box set. Here’s the deets:

Escape with 25 brand new and exclusive sexy reads from NY Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors. The Tropical Tryst Boxed Set is perfect for romance lovers of all kinds. Offering up passionate and enticing tales, set in hot and tropical settings, this collection will feed your need for summer sexiness! Available for pre-order for only 99 cents. Release date Aug. 1
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Featured Authors
SEAL my Love by NY Times Bestselling author, Sharon Hamilton

Swept Away by International Bestselling author, Nicole Morgan
Tempting James by Victoria Pinder, USA Today Bestselling author
Rider’s Fall (A Viper’s Bite MC Novella) by International Bestselling author, Lena Bourne
A Miracle in Hawaii by Fiona Miers
Perfectly Skeptical (Perfectly Series novella) by Award Winning author, Linda O’Connor
Alpha Heat by Mandy Rosko
Tristan by International Bestselling author, Liz Gavin
Desire a Bridesmaid (an Always a Bridesmaid novella) by Courtney Hunt
Finding Cory by Caitlyn Lynch
Murder with a Kiss by USA Today Featured Author, Stacy-Deanne
A Major Affair (The Colonel’s Daughters quintet novella) by Award Winning author, CJ Matthew
Brooklyn Winters (A Seven Brothers Security Team Novella) by Karen M. Bryson
Two Reckless Hearts (A Barrett Ridge Novella) by Holly Cortelyou
His Diamond In The Rough by Bestselling author, Roxy Sinclaire and Zara Zenia
Worth the Risk (a Solace in Secrets novella) by EmKay Connor
Off Balance by Bestselling author, Susan Ann Wall
Making Waves by Bestselling author, Krista Ames
Starry Nights by JB Duvane
Cold and Hottie by Jan O’Hara
Homecoming by Elana Brooks
Lust Abroad by Whitley Cox

Sunset Seduction by Carma Haley Shoemaker
Just Trust Me by Celeste Hall
Hotter in Hawaii by Alexis Alvarez

Stop back tomorrow, August 3rd for chats with authors Nicole Morgan [Swept Away], Victoria Pinder [Tempting James] and Lena Bourne [Rider’s Fall]/