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There are wars . . . and there are wars--New Jersey style

Today Wild Women Authors is pleased to welcome author RoseAnn DeFranco who brings Emma Grant, heroine from Return to Audobon Springs, a humorous contemporary romance, recently released from The Wild Rose Press.
First up is Emma. Where are you from? I was raised in a wealthy New Jersey suburb but spent all my summers growing up at my family’s summer home in Audubon Springs at the Jersey Shore.
Please tell us a bit about Return to Audobon Springs. It’s pretty much about how Rafe Iuliano and I try to push one another out of my family summer home that my father left us in his will. We go a little nuts. Let me just say, the house wars ended in a freak hurricane yard sale with all of Rafe’s belongings out on the front lawn and his underwear tied in a bag hanging on the front door. I used them for rags after our food fight, so they had to go. The harder we pushed, the stronger the pull. I’ve been in love with Rafe all my life, so some might say it was inevitable.
Sounds interesting. What did you think the first time you saw Rafe? I was six years old and he crashed into my sandcastle on the beach to make, what he still calls, a spectacular catch. So I wasn’t thinking much other than – jerk! To this day, I still take my sandcastles seriously.
And your second thought? I next this kid better help me fix this castle. After I chewed him out, he stayed and helped with the rebuild. We’ve been friends ever since – until we grew up and became more than friends and it was Ah-Mazing – until it all fell apart.
Did you think it was love at first sight? Well, it was definitely friendship at first sight, but I’ve had a thing for Rafe for forever. It’s impossible not to. He’s just…well, ask any woman in Audubon Springs. I know several who set their alarm clocks just to watch his early morning run on the boardwalk, he’s beyond gorgeous.
Oh yeah. We can get into that part of things. What do you like most about him? In addition to being passionate about everything, especially his family, Rafe is funny. I’m not sure he even means to be funny, but combined with his stunning looks, he’s pretty hard to resist, and even though he has a temper, he has a big heart.
How would you describe Rafe? Confident, passionate, generous…but I think you really want me to describe his physical assets. Rafe and his brothers are pretty much legend around Audubon Springs. You can find vivid descriptions of Rafe carved into the wood planks under the boardwalk in Audubon Springs. I’m a little uncomfortable repeating them. He’s larger than life and leaves a lasting impression!
How would he describe you? Well…he tells me I’m gorgeous all the time, and recently he deemed me a worthy opponent, so I’d like to think he considers me smart and a bit devious, oh…and smoking hot, too – his words!
What made you choose to become a middle grade fantasy author as a profession? To be honest, Rafe inadvertently steered me in this direction. Years ago when I was a teenager my horse, Golden Fire, died and Rafe encouraged me to write about him. My writings evolved into this world where Golden Fire is still alive and well.
What is your biggest fear? For the longest time I feared Rafe would never forgive me for keeping our daughter a secret.
How do you relax? Pretty much any beach activity relaxes me, but mostly making sandcastles and boogie boarding.
Who is your favorite fictional character and why? Gideon from my Anderria Falls middle grade series. He’s modeled after Rafe. What’s not to love?
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? From Rafe’s mother. Mama Iuliano is fearsome. I never thought she’d forgive me, but eventually she told me that I needed to “get in her son’s face.” It shocked me to know she wanted to see us together, that she still wanted me to be a part of her family.
Now we get a chance with RoseAnn: What movies or books have had an impact on your writing? I am a big Susan Wiggs and Virginia Kantra fan. Their books are very family centric and heartfelt like Return to Audobon Springs. I’m also a big Jane Austen fan. Her secondary characters are very important to the story as are mine. The comedic influences in my books might come more from movies, like When Harry Met Sally, or You’ve Got Mail.
Tell us a bit about your publisher. How did you hear about them? What influenced your decision to submit to them. I’m published with The Wild Rose Press. I knew about them because a few of my author friends had previously published with them. I met an editor at a local conference and pitched my book. She got back to me very quickly and passed my manuscript off to the appropriate Senior Editor for Contemporary Romances.
Tell us a bit about the submission process. How long did it take from query to release? A few months later I heard from my editor as my book had been passed off to her. She was very interested and said I’d be hearing from her within a few weeks. We signed the contract soon after. The funny thing about all this is the first contract I signed with The Wild Rose Press was for the second book in my Brothers of Audubon Springs series, “Second Hand Romance”. Soon after I submitted the first book in the series, “Return to Audobon Springs”, my editor decided to publish the three books in the correct order. It has been interesting working on all three stories in different phases over the past few months. I can never decide which brother I love the most and always feel like I’m cheating on the other two when I’m with one!
RoseAnn and Emma brought along an excerpt from the story. Here's a peek:
“This is your fault!” Emma shouted.
“My fault?” Rafe blinked through the thick coat of flour. “You’re the one who started this.”
“Yeah, you—Miss Macrobiotic Princess!” They used the barstools for support, and pulled themselves up from the slippery floor. “You’re immovable just like your mother.”
“And you’ve got about as much depth as a toenail. For the life of me, I can’t remember why I was ever with you.”
With a predatory look in his eyes and gait, Rafe advanced. In two long strides he pinned her to the counter, his hands grasping her hips. “Don’t!” His voice, low and dangerous, and his near proximity overwhelmed, charging her body with a jolt of electricity rendering breathing impossible. His gaze locked on hers for an eternity, then without warning, he dipped his head and licked lavishly at the syrup on her chest and neck.
Need and heat consumed her at his touch, fraying what was left of her nerves. She dropped her head back, shivered, and her knees buckled. He held her steady, fully pinned against the counter and continued to feast on her neck. Then with a shake as if waking from a dream, he stepped away, taking his heat with him.
Emma swayed and gripped the counter. Goose bumps rose on her flesh at the storm brewing in his eyes.
“Say or do anything you want to push me out of this house, but don’t ever say you don’t remember.”

This series sounds fascinating—and from what we've just read a total riot. Much luck to you with this story and the entire series.
Kat and Veronica

To learn more about RoseAnn DeFranco and the stories she creates go to: radefranco.com.

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The Vampire and the Vixen

Today 2 Wild Women Authors are pleased to welcome Debra St. John and Kelsey, heroine of The Vampire and the Vixen, an October release from The Wild Rose Press. Welcome Debra. First, we'll start with Kelsey.
Tell us a bit about The Vampire and the Vixen. I'm a librarian, and I had this great idea to hold a Halloween fundraiser where everyone dressed up as their favorite literary character. At the party, I kind of lost my head and kissed a mysterious stranger dressed as Dracula out on the balcony. Only afterwards did I find out he was my new boss. For most of the story I'm dealing with the consequences of my impulsive action that night. And I also have a sneaking suspicion my sexy new boss is a real vampire.
What did you think the first time you saw Rafe, the hero-boss-maybe vampire? I thought he was the sexiest man I'd ever seen.
And your second thought? What would his mouth feel like on mine?
Did you think it was love at first sight? More like lust at first sight in the beginning.
What do you like most about Rafe? Would you think I'm lying if I said everything? *lol* His dedication, his work ethic, his kindness, his leadership, his easy manner with children...
Always a winning combination in our book! How would you describe him? It's going to sound totally clichéd, but tall, dark, and handsome comes to mind. Rafe has soulful brown eyes, sinfully black hair, a voice as smooth and rich as chocolate covered caramel, and when he holds me I can snuggle my head against his shoulder. *sigh*
Ahhh, but how would he describe you? He thinks I worry too much about what other people think. He's probably right.
What made you choose library science as a profession? Libraries are magical places. Filled with so many books it boggles the mind. There's no end to the things you can discover and experience when you immerse yourself in a book. I wanted to be able to share that with others. To encourage and enable them to find their own joy in books.
What is your biggest fear, Kelsey? That people will think I got my promotion because I made out with the boss.
How do you relax? I curl up with a good book, of course! *grin*
Who is your favorite fictional character and why? That's not fair. It's too hard to choose! Which is why for Halloween I dressed as the heroine from the cover of a romance novel. Not a specific one...just all of them in general. Rafe said I played the vixen very well. *wink*
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? My best friend, Tracy, told me I should stop worrying about trivial things like what people were thinking about my promotion and focus on what’s really important, like unearthing the truth about Rafe.
Very nice, Kelsey, thanks. Now it's Debra's turn at bat. What movies or books have had an impact on your writing? I have always been a huge vampire fan. I first fell in love with vampire heroes in Linda Lael Miller's Forever and the Night and the two books that followed. Long before vampires became mainstream and paranormal romance became so popular, she captured my heart with her sexy story. Of course, I'm all for 'modern' vampires, too. I obsess over Stephanie Meyer's Edward and lust right along with Sookie for Charlaine Harris' Eric. At the moment I'm reading Kerrelyn Sparks' "Love at Stake" series. With my love of vampires, it was only a matter of time before I used the theme in a story of my own.
That is great, a lot because Kerrelyn is a past member of our writers' group here in Western New York! What a thrill it is to see a former pal still writing and doing it so well!
Tell us a bit about your publisher. How did you hear about them? What influenced your decision to submit to them. I write for The Wild Rose Press. When I decided to get serious about my writing career, I asked a friend about her publisher. She wasn't thrilled with hers at the time, but had heard good things about TWRP. So, based on her recommendation, I looked them up on line and really liked what I saw.
Tell us a bit about the submission process. I submitted a query and within a couple of days I had a request for a partial. Within a month I had a request for a full. About three months later I was offered my first contract.
How long did it take from query to release? All told, my first book with them went from query to release in less than a year. Depending on the amount of edits and rewrites to be done, I find this to be a general rule there. All of the editors I've worked with (I write for different lines.) have always gotten back to me with a response to a query in less than a day. With The Vampire and the Vixen, the entire process happened at warp speed. I went from query to contract in less than a week!
Yowza; that is warp speed. Sounds like a winner to us. Thanks, Debra for joining us this week. We hope you had as much fun as we did.
Kat and Veronica
To learn more about Debra St. John and the stories she creates go to: www.debrastjohnromance.com
To purchase The Vampire and the Vixen, go to The Wild Rose Press or Amazon.

Here's a little peek at Kelsey and Rafe out on the balcony...
Nights like these are magical, aren’t they?” The words were as soft as the velvety darkness below.
Kelsey nodded. What other than magic could explain how she felt like she knew him, even though they’d never met before? As if their souls and bodies recognized one another, even if their minds didn’t. What else could explain her intense reaction to him? “Rafe. I…” She needed to get back inside before she did something stupid. She hated heroines who were too stupid to live. Kissing this stranger, which every instinct in her being clamored for her to do, put her right in that category. She stepped back.
Warm hands on her shoulders stopped her. “Grown- ups hardly ever get to play dress up. To…pretend…to be someone else for a while. It’s nice, don’t you think?”
“Shh.” His silken whisper skittered over her. “Let’s just pretend for a little while longer.” He lowered his head and his lips found hers.

Monday, October 21, 2013

A Man Like Him

Today, Wild Women Authors is pleased to welcome a long-time pal from the Class of '85 series, Rachel Brimble, who brings Chris Forrester from “A Man Like Him”, an August 2013 release from Harlequin Superromance. Welcome Rachel and Chris.
As always, we'll start with Chris who will tell us a bit about “A Man Like Him”. It’s about my escape after discovering my ex-fiancée’s infidelity and the life-changing events that happened thereafter. I went to stay with my sister in a small seaside town called Templeton Cove on the coast of southern England. I hadn’t been there long when a flash flood washed out the holiday park where I was staying. Angela, the park’s manager changed my life…
What did you think the first time you saw Angela? That she was as sexy as hell and how I needed to put some space between her and me before I did something stupid, like ask her back to my bed. The woman would’ve laughed in my face.
And your second thought? That I recognized the look of someone else running––but for her, it might be for her life…
Did you think it was love at first sight? More lust than love…the love came pretty damn quickly though.
What do you like most about Angela? Her strength and courage – she is a phenomenal woman who deals with the bad hand she’s been dealt with grace and integrity. She’s also full of incredible kindness.
How would you describe her? Strong, brave, loving and beautiful
How would she describe you? Stubborn, headstrong, reliable, and of course, sexy as hell
What made you choose being a swim instructor as a career? I’m a thinker, maybe even a bit of a brooder, and the time alone in the pool is sacred to me. Add the kids I teach into the mix and the job is one I’d do for free.
What is your biggest fear? Not being enough­­––I’ve made some dire mistakes in my life and turned away from my family when they needed me most. I will do everything in my power to never make that mistake again. Ever.
How do you relax? With Angela and/or my family, throw in some mellow swing music and a good glass of Merlot and I’m good to go
Who is your favorite fictional character and why? Sherlock Holmes – he knows who he is, doesn’t make any apologies for being that man and thinks out of the box. I think confidence in yourself and your own mind is paramount as we make our way through life. It’s a jungle out there…
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? “Angela told you about something she most likely wouldn’t have if the entire world hadn’t gone crazy in a matter of hours. You owe it to her to listen.” This was from my sister, and I now apply it to everyone who talks to me. You never know when someone is crying out for help. Listen and read between the lines. You might be their last resort but the only one meant to help them.
Wow. That was something! A jock with a brain—and a heart. Thanks, Chris. Now it's Rachel's turn. Long time so talk, kiddo. Tell us about the movies or books that have had an impact on your writing. It’s more a case of authors impacting my work than an individual movie or book – I love everything by Nora Roberts, Jill Shalvis and Robyn Carr. I also admire Stephen King for his amazing characterization and seemingly effortless ability to create the most terrifying suspense. Genius!
Tell us a bit about your publisher. How did you hear about them? What influenced your decision to submit to them. Well, everyone who reads romance should have heard of Harlequin! It was a dream come true when I received an email from my agent saying Harlequin wanted the first book in the Templeton Cove series, “Finding Justice”. Since then, I have gone on to sign four more books for the same series. I am beyond happy!
Tell us a bit about the submission process. How long did it take from query to release? My agent submitted the initial manuscript in Dec 2011, a contract was offered in April 2012 and that book [“Finding Justice”--see cover art below Rachel's photo] was released in Feb 2013. “A Man Like Him” came out this past August.
This has been such fun for us, rather like a reunion, heh heh. Inside joke, readers.
To learn more about Rachel Brimble and the clever stories she creates go to:
Or follow her on Twitter @rachelbrimble
To purchase _A Man Like Him, go to:


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In light of the season, meet a martini loving ghost

Bob at the Lake
“Trust me, it will hit you like a brick of gold.”
That’s Bob. He’s my ghost. Well, not my ghost since I’m sitting here writing, but the ghost who lives with me. Other women probably get muscleman ghosts who can fix plumbing and take out the garbage, or romantic ghosts who set their hearts a-flutter. Me, I get a ghost who’s middle-aged, plump, and who likes to lounge around the house in a silk smoking jacket from the nineteen-thirties. Not exactly the kind of ghost I’d ever imagined I’d get. I will admit, though, that Bob does make an amazing martini. A martini that, in fact, hits you like a brick of gold.
I found, unfortunately, the longer Bob lived at my place, the more I appreciated his skill with martinis. Which was probably not a great thing for my liver, or my relationships with my sisters, but what the heck.
Remember the Great Recession? According to the newspapers, some consumers seem to be wiping it from their memories, but it had a big impact on a lot of people, including me. That economy hurt. Lost jobs, lost houses, lost marriages, lost hopes—lives turned upside down in the flutter of a pink slip. People scrambling just to keep from drowning—couch surfing, penny pinching, living newly frugal lives.
Like millions of others, the economy sucked me into its undertow.

Today 2 Wild Women Authors are pleased to welcome author Roz Murphy, who reluctantly brings with her Bob (the martini-loving ghost) from Bob at the Lake, a September release from Soul Mate Publishing.
Where are you from? (Roz here) I’m a recent transplant to the Finger Lakes from parts east. Bob is not really sure where he came from; he’s got some sort of ghost amnesia. After many confusing conversations, we suspect he spent time in Manhattan in the 1920s.
What is Bob at the Lake about? It’s the screwball cocktail created when you combine one part crabby woman of a certain age, one part kind grape-grower, and one part martini-loving ghost. (Bob asks me to add that he also likes rye and is developing a fondness for Finger Lakes rieslings. Like he needs to find more things to enjoy drinking…)
(To Bob) What made you choose haunting as a profession? I didn’t know I had a choice. (Bob takes a long pull from the flask he always keeps in his smoking jacket.) In fact, I’m pretty sure I didn’t have a choice.
Knowing what you know now, Bob, if you had it to do over again, would you stick with haunting or do something different? Don’t get me wrong, haunting has its positive aspects, especially if you’re not one of those young, thuggish, bullying sorts of ghosts. I get to help people make choices, which is good. But if I had my choice, I’d rather be a ballroom dancer.
So what's a ghost's biggest fear? Roz’s cousin Terri. She’s crazy.
And a ghost's favorite fictional character? I like opera. My favorite is the one with the Duke of Minnestrone and Rogolfo. I forget the name, though.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? It’s always 5 p.m. somewhere!
What a hoot!! Let's talk to Roz for a minute, or two. Which writer or character[s], from either books or movies, [or both] have had a major impact on your writing? I’ve always loved some of the women writers in England during World War II who wrote hysterical novels in which they fretted about hem lengths and food shortages while bombs fell around their ears. Joyce Dennys, who penned Henrietta’s War, comes immediately to mind.
With regard to research, where did you start for this novel? Did that lead you down different paths, thereby changing the original concept? Pieces of this novel fell into place over several years. I’ve always been fascinated by members of The Algonquin Round Table. At the same time, it’s always amazed me that observers tend to think that single women of a certain age lead boring, hum-drum lives. This novel gave me a chance to play with both themes.
Tell us a bit about your publisher. How did you hear about them? What influenced your decision to submit to them? Tell us a bit about their submission process. How long did it take from query to release? It’s been a pleasure working with Debby Gilbert [SMP's owner] and her hard-working team at Soul Mate Publishing. I pitched to Debby at a conference in November, 2012, had an offer in December, and signed contracts in January, 2013. Now here it is September and the book is available for Kindle readers on Amazon. Print copies will be available spring of 2014. For a Luddite like me, this is amazing!!!
Trust us, Roz. Less than 12 months from contract to release is more than amazing. Congratulations—and much luck with promotions and sales. Sounds to us like you've got yourself a winner—in the story and in Bob.
For updates on Roz Murphy and the stories she creates, please Like her (Roz Murphy Author) on Facebook. To purchase Bob at the Lake, just go to Amazon.

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Get a Jump on Holiday Romance

We don't know about you but we're a sucker for a story that features a woman in a precarious situation with small kids to protect, a hunky hero who rescues her [or perhaps they rescue each other]. Throw in the holidays and We Are There.
Today Wild Women Authors are pleased to welcome Barbara Edwards, creator of Journey of the Magi, a holiday romance from The Wild Rose Press. Best yet, this darling story is free on kindle http://amzn.com/B00ES5DZEQ from October 8th through the 12th!!!
Welcome, Barbara. Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? New England and as a snow bird live half the year in Florida. I love to travel so the life-style suits me.
What is Journey of the Magi about? Noel Martin is a widow, with two small children who desperately wants to give them a safe home. She promises they will reach Connecticut for the holidays but no money, a broken down car and meeting the man of her dreams threatens her plans.
What did Noel think the first time she saw the hero? Dan looked like a self-sufficient male with a strong work-ethic. He’s not handsome, but he is attractive.
And her second thought? He looked lonely or maybe just alone. Dan spends all of his time at his cafe, trying to make it a success. He doesn’t have time for love.
Did she think it was love at first sight? Oh yes. The spark was there from the first moment for both of them. And neither would admit they wanted the change.
What do you like most about Noel? She is a good, caring mother, determined to take her children back to the place she remembers as being a happy home for a lonely child.
How would you describe her? She has an elfin air, almost dainty, despite an inner strength.
What made you choose public administration as a profession? I was a bleeding heart liberal in my younger days. I wanted to save the world and didn’t understand I needed to save myself first; Then my family, then the neighborhood.
What is your biggest fear? I worry about my children. When I see terrible things on the television I have nightmares it will happen close to home
How do you relax? My husband would say I never relax, but I do. I totally enjoy being near moving water. I think because I’m a Pisces it feeds my soul and my muse and helps me to center myself.
Who is your favorite fictional character and why? Scarlett O’Hara has been my favorite since I read Gone with the Wind when I was twelve. I admired her determination to succeed in overcoming every day’s obstacles and wanted to be that strong.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? Decide if you are a writer or an author. To a writer it’s a hobby, to an author it’s a career.
What movies or books have had an impact on your writing? The TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer enchanted me. I watched the characters develop and the plot split and twist until it clutched my guts.
Barbara brought along an excerpt from Journey of the Magi:
Is that job still open?”
I need a waitress.” His rich voice woke tingles of awareness that she’d forgotten, or maybe never knew.
Is that a yes or a no?” she asked impatiently. These unfamiliar feelings were scary and unwelcome. She was too tired to be diplomatic and this job was too important.
What are you going to do with them?” He jutted his chin toward her children.
I, I d-d-don’t know,” Noel stammered before she slumped onto the nearest stool. Leaning forward onto her elbows, she looked at her clasped hands. “I didn’t plan that far.”
Noel watched his long, strong fingers dexterously polish another glass. His wide palms held the heavy restaurant-ware like fine china. He had nice hands, a gentle touch. Instinct murmured he’d be as careful with a woman.
I guess I should move on. I…”
Could keep the kids next to the kitchen, there’s a place there. Then if they needed you, you’d be right close.” His deep voice was like an angel’s song.

Tell us a bit about your publisher. The Wild Rose Press is a great publisher. They are expanding into women’s fiction and have a branch for erotic fiction.
What influenced your decision to submit to them. I was looking for a publisher for my paranormal romance after contracting with a publisher that immediately went under. I wanted someone professional and in business long enough to have a good reputation with their authors.
Tell us a bit about the submission process. Its easy to submit. The website has the details. All queries go through Rhonda Penders who sends them to the appropriate editor.
How long did it take from query to release? It takes about a year to go through the editorial process.
To learn more about Barbara Edwards and the stories she creates go to: http://www.barbaraedwards.net

To purchase Journey of the Magi, go to http://amzn.com/B00ES5DZEQ
Free on Kindle October 8th to 12th.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Live Vicariously with author Diane Burton

Diane Burton combines her love of mystery, adventure, science fiction and romance into writing science fiction romance. Besides the Switched series, she is the author of The Pilot, a series about strong women on the frontier of space. One Red Shoe is her first romantic suspense. She is also a contributor to the anthology How I Met My Husband. Diane and her husband live in Michigan. They have two children and two grandchildren.
With that said, here’s a blurb for Diane’s latest release: One Red Shoe:
Wannabe writer rescues wounded spy while risking her heart.
Daria Mason’s life is too predictable. Nothing ever happens in her small Iowa town where everybody knows everybody else. But when she travels to New York City looking for a little excitement, she never expects to bring home a wounded spy.
From the moment agent Sam Jozwiak steals intel vital to US security from a Russian Mafia kingpin, Murphy’s Law takes over. No matter how he covers his tracks, the kingpin’s assassins find him. What’s worse than getting shot in the butt? Accepting help from an Iowa tourist.
Sam and Daria flee cross country with the assassins right behind them. Sharing danger and excitement—and a few kisses—with Sam soon has Daria convinced he’s the man for her. He thinks she’ll be better off once he’s out of her life for good. With their lives on the line, can she convince him they belong together?
Let’s talk a bit with Diane about Living Vicariously:
When you read, do you “become” the main character? In a good book, I do—always have. I’ve jumped out of planes, faced down bullies and bad guys, walked down dark alleys confident that I could handle any threat. I’ve toured England, Scotland, and casinos in Monaco. All within the pages of a book.
As a writer, I can do the same and more. I make my characters do whatever I want. They go where I would be too scared to go. They have abilities I wish I had. Their faults make them real, but even their weaknesses are heroic. Writers pour their emotions, their dreams, their aspirations into their characters.
In my new romantic suspense, One Red Shoe, my heroine has let life pass her by. When Daria was thirteen, her parents died and her four older brothers became her guardians. They took their responsibility seriously. Too seriously. They’re still at it even though she’s twenty-nine. Overprotective isn’t strong enough for how they treat her.
Daria’s dreams and aspirations remained just that…dreams. Until she began writing mysteries featuring a kick-butt heroine. Daria threw out her aspirations into her character. The more she wrote about a take-charge female, the stronger her desire to be like her heroine. As the story opens, she’s about to go off on her first adventure—a writing conference in New York City. She doesn’t actually defy her brothers, she just ignores all their cautions and warnings. After all, her heroine wouldn’t let them browbeat her into staying home. She would stand up to them and say “it’s my life.”
When Daria meets a wounded spy in a deserted women’s restroom, she conquers her fear by thinking what would her heroine do. She wouldn’t leave a man to bleed to death or be captured by the bad guys. As they flee cross country, Daria’s confidence in her abilities grows. She can protect the injured man. She can be a kick-butt heroine herself.
Excerpt for One Red Shoe:
Jimmy bent down to look at the right front tire. “I don’t like the looks of this.”
The tire is fine,” Daria said.
The others ignored her and all bent down to look. While they debated whether she should get a new tire, Rover dashed up. The reddish-brown mutt of indeterminate heritage nearly knocked her over with his usual enthusiastic greeting. She gave him a quick hug and ruffled his fur.
Billy, don’t feed Rover any table scraps. Only two cups of kibble a day. Andy, you’re going to put food in the barn for Archy and Mehitabel, right?” She didn’t wait for his response. “And, Tommy, you’ll take care of—”
Jimmy straightened. “For crissake, Daria, it’s a goddamn zoo around here.”
At least he wasn’t trying to delay her with talk about new tires. She reached up and patted his cheek. “Don’t swear.”
I mean it, Daria Jean,” Jimmy said. “Don’t you dare bring home some wounded stray. I don’t care if it’s bleeding. No more.” He ran his hand through his hair. “You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. You’ve never even been east of Chicago.”
She smiled. “I know.”
I hoped you’d get this foolishness out of your system.” He blew out a breath and thrust a small item at her. “Since you’re determined to go, this is a top-of-the-line cell phone. It has GPS tracking so if you have car trouble and call for help, they’ll know exactly where you are.”
Daria ignored the first part of his rant. She’d heard it before but was surprised at his thoughtfulness with the phone. She gave him a hug then the others. Standing back, she looked at the four of them. Tears threatened. She blinked rapidly. For goodness sake, it wasn’t like she was leaving forever. A week away from home, that’s all. She got into her car, eager to get started.
Call every night,” Jimmy ordered. He just had to spoil the moment. “So we know you’re okay.” The others nodded. They meant well, she reminded herself.
She put the key in the ignition. Oh, God. This was it. She was going after her dream. A mixture of fear and excitement shot through her. She hadn’t felt like this since... since leaving for summer camp when she was ten. How pathetic was that. When she got back, things were going to change. First, she was going on a real adventure.
New York City, here I come.

One Red Shoe is available at Amazon for Kindle: http://amzn.com/B00FDXRHZA

Thanks again, Veronica, for helping me celebrate the release of my brand new book.
For more info and excerpts from her books, visit Diane’s website: http://www.dianeburton.com
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome Georgie Lee and her Captain

Today Wild Women Authors are pleased to welcome Georgie Lee who brings Captain James Covington, from Engagement of Convenience, a Regency set historical released from Harlequin Historical.
Captain, what did you think the first time you saw Julia? I was stunned when I first saw her while I was hunting in the woods. I’ve never seen a woman riding such a large, dark horse before. Then, when she spoke to me like a common seaman, mistaking me for a poacher, I was irritated.
And your second thought? I had a hunch about who this strange lady might be. I only had to confirm it with my good friend, and her Uncle, Captain George Lewis.
Did you feel it was love at first sight? No, but I was certainly intrigued.
What do you like most about her? I love Julia’s spirit and determination. She doesn’t let anything stop her.
How would you describe her? Julia isn’t like other women, especially with her ability to run a large estate and her determination to carve out a life for herself. She also possesses a love of adventure, just like me and her uncle.
How would she describe you? At first she thought I was a rogue, a typical Navy man who wanted nothing except to dally with a young lady. Later, she learned how loyal I am to those I love and how, like her, I was struggling to create a new life for myself.
What made you choose the Navy as a career? My mother wanted me to study the law but I wasn’t interested. I wanted the adventure and excitement of the sea so I chose the Navy instead.
What is your biggest fear, James? I’m afraid, now that my injury has forced me to resign my commission, of not having a purpose in life. I’ve seen a lot of men come home from the Navy and lose themselves in drink or gambling due to a lack of purpose. I refuse to allow that to happen to me.
Then how do you relax? I enjoy reading and hunting.
Who is your favorite fictional character and why? I haven’t read a great deal of fiction lately, by I did read a number of science book while I was recovering in London. I found the writings of Thomas Jefferson, especially his books on farming to be very interesting.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? George once told me marriage would be a great adventure and that his niece Julia would be the perfect woman to provide that adventure. He was right.
It's Georgie's turn now: What movies or books have had an impact on your writing? When it comes to authors, I lean towards the classics. I look to Oscar Wilde for sharp witty dialogue, W. Somerset Maugham for great insight into characters and D.H. Lawrence for well-developed internal monologue.
Tell us a bit about your publisher. What influenced your decision to submit to them. Engagement of Convenience is published by Harlequin Historical. I have always loved Harlequin Historical books so, when I had the chance to pitch to one of their editors at a mini-conference, I jumped.
Tell us a bit about the submission process; how long did it take from query to release? The manuscript wasn’t accepted right away. I went through a revise and resend with them and it was the revised version which they bought.

Georgie brought along a blurb for further enticement and it's a winner:
Julia Howard longs for the freedom her inheritance will bring her—but with her controlling brother holding the purse strings, she's going to need a most convenient engagement… An encounter in the woods with a dashing stranger couldn't be more timely.

Wounded, his life at sea at an end, Captain James Covington isn't prepared for the dull ache of civilian life. He sees in Julia a fellow adventurous spirit—willing to risk all. Could agreeing to her outrageous proposal help him recapture a reason to live as they face the biggest adventure of all—marriage?

Buy Links

A dedicated history and film buff, Georgie Lee loves combining her passion for Hollywood, history and storytelling through romantic fiction. She began writing professionally at a small TV station in San Diego before moving to Los Angeles to work in the interesting but strange world of the entertainment industry.
Her first novel, Lady’s Wager, and her contemporary novella, Rock ‘n’ Roll Reunion are both available from Ellora’s Cave Blush. Labor Relations, a contemporary romance of Hollywood, and Studio Relations, a love story set in 1935 Hollywood, are currently available from Montlake Romance. Hero’s Redemption, a Regency novella, is now available from Carina Press.
When not writing, Georgie enjoys reading non-fiction history and watching any movie with a costume and an accent. Please visit www.georgie-lee.com for more information about Georgie and her novels.

Social Media Links
Twitter: @GeorgieLeeBooks
Website: www.georgie-lee.com

To learn more about Georgie Lee and the stories she creates go to: www.georgie-lee.com
To purchase Engagement of Convenience, go to http://www.harlequin.com/storeitem.html?iid=29031&cid=191

Monday, September 2, 2013

Welcome Katie O'Boyle

Here's an excerpt from today's guest spot, Stepping Up To Love by Katie O’Boyle:
Manda turned off the water and drew back the linen curtain dividing the shower stall from the dressing area, and screamed. Standing at the glass door was the big boss. Remy’s boss. Her boss's boss. She wasn’t sure, but Joel Cushman was probably everybody’s boss.
Geez, Joel, I thought you were a pervert!” she yelled at him. I can’t believe I just called Mr. Cushman “Joel.” I am in so much trouble here.
Manda? What—?” His voice cracked like an adolescent.
Manda stifled a laugh. His eyes were drinking in her body as though he couldn’t believe what she’d been hiding under her baggy clothes. Drink your fill now, Joel, because I am off men for life.
I thought you were a criminal. What are you doing in the shower at seven fifteen in the morning? And stop batting that curtain around.”
Manda tried desperately to grab the linen shower curtain, flapping this way and that in the current created by the open door. “Do you mind?” she scolded him.
Giving up on the curtain, she crossed her arms and turned her back on him. He probably likes that view, too. “Could you hand me a towel, please, or get out of here?” Why am I yelling at the boss? Seriously dumb, Manda.
He was silent now, which was worse. What is he doing, standing there, looking at me? Panic overtook anger, and she turned back to look at him.
He had dropped the admiring once-over and was taking a second look at her purpling bruises. Silently, he handed her a towel from the top of the stack and looked her in the eye.
Manda wondered if he could read the shame and fear clouding her vision.
Joel cleared his throat and ordered, “In my office. Five minutes. Dressed.”
Today Wild Women Authors is pleased to welcome author Katie O’Boyle who brings Manda Doughty, from Stepping Up To Love a contemporary romance from Soul Mate Publishing. Released in August, this is Katie's first ever so we have double reason to celebrate!
First up is our heroine. Where are you from, Manda? I grew up in Olean in the southern tier of New York State. St. Bonaventure University is there. My dad was on the faculty until he was killed driving drunk. After I came here to Tompkins Falls for college, I stayed.
What is Stepping Up To Love about? My boss, Joel Cushman, helped me out of an impossible jam. I was able to get sober and live my life a better way through the 12 Steps and Joel and I fell in love.
What did you think the first time you saw him? That he was really hot but definitely not my type and I was totally not his type. He had a rep for charming the pants off every beautiful woman who came onto his radar.
And your second thought? When he helped me out that horrible situation, he was sensitive and smart and made me laugh.
Did you think it was love at first sight? Heck, no. I was off men for life. Except Joel really got to me with how kind and funny he is.
What do you like most about him? I like that he genuinely cares about people and is always looking for ways to help his community—Tompkins Falls.
How would you describe him? Most people see him as rich and classy but that’s his business persona. Underneath it all, he’ll tell you he’s a basic blue-jeans kind of guy.
How would Joel describe you? He used to see me as a frump because of the way I dressed. Now he thinks I’m brainy and beautiful.
What made you choose accounting as a profession? To me, numbers are fun. They’re like tinker toys or legos. You can line them up, build them on each other, manipulate and transform them, calculate them within an inch of their lives, and they just go right on being whatever they are. And I like knowing how businesses operate. Put that together and it spells accountant.
What is your biggest fear, Manda? It used to be that I wouldn’t have enough money to take care of myself. Now it’s that something will happen to Joel or to my sister Lyssa.
How do you relax? Joel and I found this cool antique sewing machine in his attic. I really unwind when I make clothes because sewing reminds me of my mom and my sister.
Who is your favorite fictional character and why? Snow White. She knew how to make the best of a suspect situation, and she never gave up hope.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? “Believe in your dream, and work to make it happen.”
Now, we get to quiz author Katie O'Boyle: Congratulations on your first release; we can imagine how exciting it is for you. How did you get to this time in your life? What movies or books had an impact on your writing? For movies, Nancy Meyers is at the top—I love The Holiday and Something’s Gotta Give. For settings and character revelation, I think of classics like Tess of the D’Urbervilles and Sense and Sensibility. For romance series, I look to Mariah Stewart’s Chesapeake Diaries and Robyn Carr’s Virgin River novels. The most immediate impact on Stepping Up To Love is Shelly Bell’s A Year to Remember; she did a great job weaving 12-step principles into a funny, hot love story.
Tell us a bit about your publisher. How did you hear about them?
When Debby Gilbert (Soul Mate Publishing) came to our Lilac City Rochester Writer’s conference last November, I pitched the book to her. She liked the Finger Lakes setting and the theme of recovery and hope. Debby asked for the full manuscript and we signed the contract early in December. Release date for the e-book was August 7, and six months later the print version will be available (right around Valentine’s Day). So nine months from pitch to release.
Wow. That's fast! Good for them—and good for you! This has been fun, Katie, learning about Manda and Joel. We hope you'll come back again when your next release comes out.
Kat and Veronica

To learn more about Katie O’Boyle and the stories she creates go to:
To purchase Stepping Up To Love, go to:

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Welcome first time author Charlotte Copper

After a month's break, vacation and conference-going, we're back and ready for action!
Today Wild Women Authors is pleased to welcome Charlotte Copper who brings Oscar McAvoy from Silver Blade, a paranormal romance novella released from The Wild Rose Press. Oscar has the first turn at bat.

Thank you for having me here today. Please, call me Oz. Charlotte is one of the few that calls me Oscar. Oh, and she says thank you, too.

Where are you from, Oz? I was born in the south, but I go wherever the winds - well, actually, wherever the demons - take me.

Tell us a bit about Silver Blade, please. I should probably let Angela answer that one. She’d say “oh, it’s a romance” (in a sing-song voice), but it’s a kick-ass romance with demons and demon hunters. And of course, it’s how we met.

What did you think the first time you saw Angela? She was an angel. Figuratively speaking, of course. Wouldn’t want your readers to think there are angels and demons in the book. (Hey, wasn’t that written by someone else?) Anyway, Angela was an angel. She saved my life.

What was your second thought? Sexy!

Works for us, but did you think it was love at first sight? I’d have to say no. I mean, of course I love her now, but well, falling in love wasn’t something I was open to when we first met.

What do you like most about her? She’s got a good heart. Oh, and a great ass.

Also works for us. How would you describe her? Well, like I said, she’s got a good heart. She had a tough childhood, but it just made her a stronger woman. I mentioned her ass, right?

You did, yes. How would Angela describe you? Big. I mean like tall and muscular; that kind of big.

What made you choose demon hunting as a profession/career? I didn’t choose it, I was chosen. I was a sheriff before that.

What is your biggest fear? Keeping my angel safe.

How do you relax? (Gives a deep, throaty chuckle.) Uh, I better say shooting pool.

Who is your favorite fictional character and why? Blondie. The guy that Clint Eastwood played in “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received? ‘Everything that happens today was written by the fates long ago.’ Oh, and ‘don’t turn your back when fighting a demon.’

It's Charlotte's turn now: What movies or books have had an impact on your writing? I love paranormal books, and the idea that you can have a series but that the characters can change from book to book. So Kelley Armstrong and her Otherworld series, or Gena Showalter and her Lords of the Underworld.

Tell us a bit about your publisher. How did you hear about them? What influenced your decision to submit to them? Because I write novellas, I didn’t really think I had much of a chance getting published. I stumbled across The Wild Rose Press while looking on line for e-books. I read a number of their other novellas, and I decided to give it a shot.

Tell us a bit about the submission process. My first book got rejected, and it took another year and a half before I felt comfortable making a second submission.

How long did it take from query to release?When I did get accepted, I worked with a wonderful editor, Eilidh MacKenzie. We went back and forth with edits; she’s was great on the feedback she offered, and very open if there was something I didn’t want to change. Then it was just an issue of waiting for the cover, and the release date, etc. From submission to release it was about ten months.
Thanks, Charlotte and many congratulations on your first release. A woman never forgets her first time. We hope you'll have many more stories come out.
Kat and Veronica

To learn more about Charlotte Copper and the stories she creates go to:

To purchase Silver Blade go to:
Amazon (US): http://amzn.to/10EnetM
Amazon (UK): http://amzn.to/13aL6oH
Wild Rose Press: http://bit.ly/14E2JUg

Note: Charlotte will be giving away a pdf copy of Silver Blade to two readers randomly selected from all those who leave a comment for her on any of the blogs she visits during her “tour”. (Visitors can have multiple entries if they comment at more than one blog. Dates & sites for Charlotte’s tour can be found on her website.)