Monday, December 22, 2014

Meet a Shape Shifter With a Taste for Jane Eyre

Good morning. San Francisco was terrific but it's time to get back to work. 
We are pleased to have author Abigail Owen with us, celebrating the release of Andromeda's Fall, a paranormal romance out of Wild Rose Press, the first ever from this talented author. With Abigail is protagonist Andromeda Reynolds. Welcome to you both. First up is Andie.
Where are you from? Northwest Canada. I can’t tell you exactly where, because the location is secret. I grew up in the Carstairs Dare of cougar shifters. I don’t live there any more though.
Tell us a bit about Andromeda’s Fall. This is the story of how I escaped from my own community of cougar shifters and tried to find asylum with the Keller Dare. My plan was to try to mate the Alpha, but A.J. got in the way of that.
What did you think the first time you saw A.J.? First thought? How the hell did he catch me? I’m very good at what I do, and getting into the Keller Dare should have been doable. 
And your second thought? Wow. Those eyes! I mean, how am I going to get around this guy and get to the Alpha?
Did you feel it was love at first sight? Not even close. The man was trying to test me, and was in my way. No matter how attractive he was, I had bigger problems.
What do you like most about him? He didn’t kill me outright when we first met. Most male cougar shifters would have if they’d found me breaking into their compound. But A.J. has a cooler head than that, and more self-control. And holy smokes, can that man kiss!
That's a good start. How would you describe him? Confident, in charge, respected. He’s also funny and kind—thought though he doesn’t show that to many people.
How would he describe you? Probably a pain in his rear. But he tells me I’m beautiful and feisty, smart, and sexy so I guess he thinks my attitude is worth the effort.
What made you choose being a strategist as a career? My father taught me all forms of fighting and weaponry from a young age. As the daughter of the Beta in the Carstairs Dare, this position made the most sense. Unusual for a woman, especially in that community, I know. But I’m good at it.
What is your biggest fear? That Kyle Carstairs would get control of the Carstairs Dare. His father, Walter, is bad enough, but Kyle would be a nightmare.
How do you relax? Train to fight. I also go on long runs. Most cougars are sprinters, but I was built for distance.
Who is your favorite fictional character and why? Jane Eyre. She’s got guts for someone in her position, and she doesn’t compromise herself, even for love.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? My father told me to leave the Carstairs Dare. He saved my life, but we’ll see if things turn out as well as he hopes.
That was truly amazing. A shape shifter who admires Jane Eyre. Too cool. Now it's Abigail's turn. What movies or books have had an impact on your career as a writer and why? I read a ton – 85% romance. And I would say those have had the most impact on my writing style and preference. I love to escape and read about how a couple find love together. Movies? I’m a huge fan of anything fantasy or super-hero related – Xmen, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars. I love thinking of worlds where extraordinary powers are possible and what that would look like.
What event in your private life were you able to bring to this story and how do you feel it impacted the novel? I grew up going to the Rocky Mountains ever summer. While this book is based further west in the Bitterroot Mountains of Idaho, I brought my love for that landscape to the scenes. I hope people will see the land and my characters who life there through my eyes – beautiful, clear, wide open, but also potentially deadly.
Tell us a bit about your publisher: how did you hear about them and what influenced your decision to submit to them? I had heard of The Wild Rose Press several times, but it wasn’t until I read an article featuring them and a few other new presses in RWA magazine that I realized that I might be a good fit for them. I immediately queried Andromeda’s Fall to them and was thrilled to get a YES!
What project[s] are you working on now? Sarai’s Fortune, the 2nd book in the Shadowcat Nation series, is with my editor now. Looking forward to working with her on getting it ready! In the meantime, I’m in the drafting phases on a couple of contemporary romances – one in small-town Texas and one is about skydiving.
What's up next for you? I have a monster project in mind. The kind of idea you know could be big but it intimidates you to write it. But I’ll give it my best shot!
This has been great fun, Abigail, thanks for visiting us this week. Good luck with this book and future creations.
Kat Henry Doran and Veronica Lynch

Monday, December 8, 2014

Meet a Real Hero--and the Author who Created Him

This week Wild Women Authors welcomes Melissa Klein, author of Her Hometown Hero, a recent release out of the Last Rose of Summer line for the Wild Rose Press, and her 'hero', Lt. Col. Brian Stone. After this interview we're sure you'll want to keep this one around your hometown, in your life, on your shelf—next to that pesky elf. First up is Brian.
Where are you from? Being an army brat and then entering the army myself, I’ve lived in a dozen states and five foreign countries, so I guess you could say I’m from everywhere. The closest thing to a hometown for me is Magnolia Springs, Georgia. It’s where my family landed after my father, The General, retired and where I met the love of my life, Riley Logan.
Tell us a bit about Her Hometown Hero. It's about what happens after my return home after losing my legs to an IED that went off underneath the Humvee I was riding in. To say the least, that was a dark period in my life, and I know for certain it was no picnic for my family either. Everyone I knew either treated me like the conquering hero or like I was broken. Thank heavens for Riley. Being new to town, she didn’t know my history, so when I was a pain in the ass, she called me on it.
What did you think the first time you saw her? Riley Logan struck me stupid when I first laid eyes on her. She’s a stunner in this unobtrusive way that many people miss. Thanks to her daily exercise routine, she’s slim with just the right amount of curves. When she doesn’t have her dark brown hair pulled up in a ponytail, it hangs in a straight shot nearly to her waist. But, it’s her eyes that first caught my attention. They’re violet, like Elizabeth Taylor’s. Most of the time her gaze is soft—shy even. When someone gets out of line, like me, her eyes turn this deep purple that can nail a guy where he’s standing. The day I met Riley, I couldn’t look at her enough, or stop myself from finding ways to provoke a response out of her.
And your second thought? The day we met wasn’t exactly stellar in terms of my behavior. I’d been roped into the role of grand marshal for the town's Memorial Day parade. Man, I did not want to be sitting on the back of Riley’s car for everyone to gawk at. She called me on my crappy attitude, got me out of my head And made me see things from others’ perspective. Even if we’d never gotten together, she’d be tops in my book. Not many people have the balls to call me out, but she did. And I’m a better man for it.
Did you feel it was love at first sight? No way. Lust at first sight, sure. Learning to truly love someone takes time. Thank God, my Riley is a patient woman.
What do you like most about her? The thing I like best is her honesty. She’s a straight shooter and people always know where they stand with her.
How would you describe her? Riley is the bravest woman I’ve ever known. After losing her husband in the line of duty, it took a lot of courage to love me, a career military man.
How would she describe you? Just this morning she called me a mule-headed man. As long as I’m her mule-headed man, I’m okay with the stubborn streak.
What made you choose the armed forces as a career? With a father in the army, it was a given that my sister, Maggie, and I would have careers in the military. The job suited me, and I miss it every day.
What is your biggest fear? That one nearly came true after Riley was in a bad car accident. I’m not sure what I would have done if she hadn’t pulled through.
How do you relax? One of my favorite things to do is hang out with my friends and family. Knock back a few cold ones with my best friend, have the niece and nephew running around in the back yard, and Riley at my side—and all is right with the world.
Who is your favorite fictional character and why? Indiana Jones is my favorite fictional character because no one makes hip deep trouble look more fun.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? It came from my best friend, Grant Davis. “Don’t screw this up. Riley could do a lot better than your sorry ass.”
Thanks, Brian, we're happy to have met you. It's time to speak with Melissa. First we'd like to know what movies or books have had an impact on your career as a writer and why. Harper Lee’s book, To Kill a Mockingbird, continues to be a perennial favorite. I also greatly admire J.R. Ward for not only her excellent world building skills but for her commitment to staying true to the stories she imagines, even when it’s not what people expect. Laura Kaye, Sylvia Day, and Marie Force are also women I admire, not only for their books but for the gracious way they help other authors.
What event in your private life were you able to bring to this story and how do you feel it impacted the novel? I began writing Her Hometown Hero while my son, Daniel was in Afghanistan. Writing a story of survival helped me cope with the real fears I had about his safety. I’m so grateful he has returned home safely. This book is dedicated to him, my father who also served in the army and to all the men and women who contribute to the freedom we enjoy here at home.
Tell us a bit about your publisher. Her Hometown Hero is the second book I’ve published through The Wild Rose Press (TWRP). From submission to publication, TWRP had been a dream to work with.
What project[s] are you working on now? I’m currently writing the second book in my new Best Of series. The book is called Best of Friends and it deals with a young woman recovering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI). With my daughter still recovering from her own TBI, writing this book is both therapy and hell. I hope to have it ready for publication in the summer of 2015.
What's up next for you? Under my pseudonym, Eva Lilly, I have an erotic novella coming out in December called Ménage Under the Mistletoe. I also have a novel, Best of Enemies coming out in Spring, 2015.
This has been such fun for us. We're delighted to know Melissa is continuing to write and that she has contracted future stories!
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Monday, December 1, 2014

Meet the creator of 30 Seconds . . .

This week Wild Women authors is pleased to have Chrys Fey, author of 30 Seconds, a recent release out of the Wild Rose Press, and Dani, the heroine of this compelling story. First up is Dani Hart.
Where are you from? Cleveland, Ohio
Tell us a bit about 30 Seconds. It is about how my life gets turned upside down by the Mob's death threat. As I fight to stay alive, I fall in love with Blake, the officer who went undercover in the Mob and put me in this mess.
Hmm. Complicated. Tell us about Blake. What did you think the first time you saw him? I thought he was going to kill me. Or at the very least rob me. I mean he tackled me into my apartment and put his hand over my mouth. He was wearing a knit cap and a long coat. What would you have thought?
Exactly. What was your next thought? Okay, this guy is serious. He had his police badge in my face and was shaking me to get my attention. It’s hard not to take a man seriously when he’s doing that.
With all this going on, was it was love at first sight? More like stalker at first sight.
Hah! Good one. What do you like most about him? I like his curly hair that my fingers always want to touch. I like his defined abs, his strong arms, his...sorry, my mind was starting to go to the gutter. I like so much about Blake that’s impossible to choose just one thing.
Besides all that, which aren't shabby, how would you describe him? He is a cop through and through, which isn’t a bad thing when you need a cop to protect you from the Mob, but it is when you want a little romance.
Absolutely! How would he describe you? I’m sure he’d call me a pain for some of the things I pulled, but I’m a pain he can tolerate.
What made you choose the medical field as a career? I always knew I wanted to help people, and stitching them up and making them feel better was the best way for me to do that.
What is your biggest fear? Car accidents...I was in one when I was teen and it changed my life forever, so I very much try to avoid car accidents.
How do you relax? I listen to pounding rock music and let loose by dancing.
Who's your favorite fictional character and why? Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy. If she were real, we would’ve been best friends. I’m bummed she’s no longer on the show.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? Blake told me to get into my grandmother’s cedar chest. And I’m glad I did!
Looks like we'll have to read the book to see what you found there. Thanks, Dani. Much luck with himself and the career.
It's Chrys' turn at bat. What movies or books have had an impact on your career as a writer? I think most of the movies I see and books I read impact me in some small way. For 30 Seconds, movies like SWAT, Death Sentence, Assault on Precinct 13, and Public Enemy helped me a lot with the police and Mob scenes.
What real thing in your private life were you able to bring to this story and how do you feel it impacted the novel? I was able to incorporate my fear of car accidents into Dani’s story by giving her the same fear. I diluted my fear a little bit and didn’t make her afraid of being behind the wheel. I feel this was a great choice for 30 Seconds because it created a nice sub-plot.
Absolutely. Would you do that in your next story? I don’t think so, but I always try to include a little bit of me or at least one of my personal experiences in every one of my stories.
Good idea. Now please tell us a bit about your publisher: how did you hear about them; what influenced your decision to submit to them? I sent Hurricane Crimes to The Wild Rose Press, so it was a no-brainer for me to send 30 Seconds to them, too. And I plan on publishing even more stories to them!
What project[s] are you working on now? I am working on the prequel to 30 Seconds, which will follow Blake when he goes undercover in the Mob. It’s going to be a thrilling read.
What's up next for you? I plan to publish the sequel to Hurricane Crimes. Last year, Donovan visited Wild Wild Women to tell everyone about his story and you can bet I’m bringing him back for this sequel. He has a new disaster to face with Beth and far more danger.
Thanks, Chrys for introducing Dani to us and telling us about your stories and what's in the future for them. Now for an excerpt for 30 Seconds:

She panted with fear. What if they see the chest? What if we get caught? What if my breath stinks and I’m breathing right into Officer Hottie’s face? She shut her mouth and let oxygen flow through her nose.
Her eyesight slowly adjusted to the darkness and she could see Officer Hero’s silhouette. His head was turned and he was listening to the thuds of heavy boots getting louder; the intruders were coming their way.
Then the thunder of footsteps sounded right next to them. “There’s no one here, Red,” someone announced.
Look for documents,” a man ordered, who Dani could only assume was Red. “I want the name of the person I’m going to kill.”
A moment later, there was a reply. “All the mail is addressed to a Dr. Hart.”
Hearing her name said aloud by one of the men who had ransacked her place made her want to gasp. Her mouth fell open and her breath was reversing into her lungs, but before she could make a sound, Officer Hero lowered his lips to hers, silencing her. Stunned, she could only lie beneath him with her eyes wide and her body tense. She couldn’t believe he was kissing her. She wanted to push him back, but knew if she did he might hit the inside of the chest, giving away their hiding place. That was when she realized he was kissing her so she wouldn’t gasp.
She let her body relax. After her initial shock faded, she was able to feel his lips. They were comforting and caused a reaction deep inside her. She couldn’t stop her lips from reacting to his. It was an innocent connection, a soft touch of lips. Until his hand slid from her shoulder to her neck and the kiss deepened into something else.