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Escape To Africa with Lynn Crain

. . . Someone is trying to change time and it’s up to Amanda Hoskip to figure out the hows and the whys. When she is sent back to 1794 Tripoli, she knows it will be hard to blend in during a time where women are chattels. When her universal translator fails, she’s captured and when the imprisoned Americans can’t identify her, is immediately sent to Bashaw Yusuf in the pirate port of Tripoli.

. . . Trevor Haines loves his job but this will be the furthest he’s ever had to go back in time. Yet, his mission should be easy – find one girl and whisk her away for debriefing as it’s obvious she’s failed her mission. Once there, the now harem girl Mandi digs in her heels and refuses to return until they discover what is happening. He has no choice but to act as if he’s her pirate husband and wants her back. First, he needs to convince the Bashaw that she ran away and that he really wants her back.

. . . Together, they’ll need to keep their wits about them during a treacherous time in history and return safely with their future intact.

Wild Women Authors is pleased to welcome Lynn Crain, author of A Pirate's Lady, a time travel romance out of the new box set/anthology, Escape to Africa.
First up is Trevor Haines.
Where are you from? That’s a loaded question. I was an Air Force brat then became a Marine right after high school. More recently, I’ve been working for the Time Travel Bureau. And don’t ask me where it is because then I’d have to kill you.
Hah! Good one. Tell us a bit about your Escape to Africa. What’s to tell? I had to go to Africa to rescue a woman, a colleague who had gotten herself in a bind.
What did you think the first time you saw Amanda Hoskip? Well, I’d seen her around the TTB’s complex but never thought much about her. Sure, she’s attractive with a damn sexy body and all but somewhat of a screw-up, if you catch my drift. 
Uh huh. What was your second thought? Well, that was when I went to Africa to rescue her. That harem outfit she was in definitely made me take a second look.
Did you feel it was love at first sight? Hmmm…difficult question…but maybe. I mean, we had to pretend we were husband and wife to get her out of her bind. Pretending can be a powerful inducement for the real thing. Skeptical? I told you not to ask.
What do you like most about Amanda? Her mouth. She can say the most amazing things and as I’ve only kissed her…whooeee…damn, can that woman kiss.
How would you describe her? Remember when I called her a screw-up? Well, she can be pig-headed too but she does have a good mind that works in the worst situations. I mean, it was difficult where we were. Many missions can be a walk in the park but not this on and Mandi kept her wits about her plus her mind on the mission the whole time. I was so wrong about her.
How would Mandi describe you? I’m not sure. I know she likes me but I think she thinks I should loosen up. It’s tough for a career Marine to loosen up but I’m learning.
Another pearl. What made you choose being a TTB agent as a career? Well, I didn’t choose them, they choose me. I was getting ready to retire and got a letter from them asking me if I was interested in a top-secret type of job. I interviewed and decided it was the place I wanted to be.
What is your biggest fear? That we leave someone behind. It’s never good to leave anyone behind on a mission.
How do you relax? A few months ago, I would have said sports and all the guy stuff but now that Mandi’s around, I’ve had to adjust my thinking. Each of us gets to choose one thing to do every weekend. If it’s after a mission, we normally just stay home as we’re still in the dating stage.
Who is your favorite fictional character? It’s been so long since I’ve had time to read any fiction but I’d have to say Damien Montgomery from Starship Mage by Glynn Stewart. It’s a few years old now but it’s a great story about a kid who tries to be part of the establishment but just can’t make it.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? Not to judge a person by actions along. Leo Radetzky told me that before my mission to retrieve Mandi.
Thanks, Trevor. Now it's time to chat with Lynn.
What movies or books have had an impact on your career as a writer? For romance, it would have to be Gone With the Wind. That one was and is a classic. I always wanted to write the great American novel about the Civil War but didn’t because I’m more of a contemporary girl. I love to read Sharon Sala, Eileen Dryer, Amelia Autin and Jennifer Cruise. For my sci-fi and paranormal, it’s been things like Star Wars and Star Trek. I also love all the DC and Marvel worlds. They get me really jazzed and I get an urge to write when I see a new story that inspires me. And I have so many authors I love to read in these genres that it would take a page to list them. A few would be Gini Koch, Glenn Stewart, Alicia Dean, Gemma Juliana and so many, many more.
What event in your private life were you able to bring to this story and how do you feel it impacted the novel? I’ve always wanted to be a time traveler and in January of 2017 my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer. I’d known something was wrong for months but couldn’t get him to believe me because he felt great. He was totally surprised by the diagnosis and in that moment, I wanted to go back and make him go to the doctor because I knew all the coming chemo and surgery would be hard on him. Sometime during this past year, I read the book Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates and loved it as I wanted to be a fly on a wall on both sides of that conflict. Now, no one gets sick in this story but they are trying to go to key points in history to prevent things changing. This is in direct opposition to what I wanted to do…I wanted to change history…but the scientist in me understands that would be very, very bad. But having all those things happen within a short period of time gave me the crux of a whole series and different outlooks on things that were meant to be. No one can escape time and therefore, no one should be able to change it either.
Tell us a bit about your publisher: how did you hear about them and what influenced your decision to submit to them? This was published by the World Romance Writers. We’re a consortium of women who come up with themes and do our darnedest to make sure we can put them out in a relatively short time span. We started publishing last summer and have 3 anthologies out, all of whom have made Amazon’s bestseller lists in the Anthology and the Anthology and Collections categories. We hope to put out at least two a year and promise our readers quality reads.
What book[s] currently rest on your TBR pile? Here are just a few…Bad Medicine (I’m going through the Ella Clah series by Aimee & David Thurlo), Sell More Books With Less Marketing, Writer on a Budget, Just You & Me Anthology, Meg by Julie Jarnagin, Duchess of Terra by Glynn Steweart, Easy Like Sunday Morning, Cyborg Legacy by Lindsay Buroker and the list goes on and on. It’s a mish-mash of research books, writing books, romance books, romantic suspense and sci-fi books. I just love to read and devour a book or two a week.
Lastly, what's up next and when can we expect to see it on the shelves? The next story I have coming out is The Summer Cabin. It comes out on July 29 from eXtasy Books. It’s the first story in my Bloodfeather Mysteries series. I hope to have the first novel out by the end of the year.

Lynn brought along an excerpt from A Pirate's Lady:
“Madam, your husband has arrived.”
Mandi took a step back. “Husband?”
“Yes and he fears you have hit your head. Please come.” The man placed a gentle hand behind her back to guide her forward.
“I don’t remember any husband.”
“He said you’d say that but he has convinced the Bashaw you are indeed his wife.” The man had a knowing gleam in his eye. “Right down to your hidden birthmark.”
She stopped in the middle of the hall. Either this man was spying or had spies within the harem, or the TTB finally sent someone after her. The latter was definitely the most optimistic of the two choices. Yet, she had some trepidation because she knew that if Getz’s goons found her, they would have her dossier as well.
“Remember to keep your head covered.” The double doors opened and she was pushed inside.
The room had a considerable amount of smoke in them from the hookah pipes sitting in various spots around the room. The floors were covered in rugs of all colors and sizes but each being what she would consider a masculine color. The Bashaw motioned her forward and Mandi hesitated a moment before moving forward, her eyes on the man next to him.
He was the most handsome man she’d ever seen with his dark brown flowing locks. His shirt billowed in all the right places and looked far too crisp to be anything but new. He was also too clean as well. The men around him were joking and pointing, first at her then to him. His leather boots reached his knees and the sword that hung by his side was broad. Still, all-in-all, he gave a very good impression of a pirate from the high seas.
She stood there, not knowing what to do, sure she painted an incomplete picture.
“Is this your wife, Mr. Haines?”
He guffawed. “How can I tell…I can’t see her face.”
The Bashaw motioned for them to remove her head covering.
“Aye, that is the lass. If I can get a bed for the night, it would be wonderful.” He looked to the man next to him. “I haven’t seen her in nearly two months and I thought she was lost at sea.”
More laughing and joking. Then the man stood and he towered over her. She tried hard to keep her breath steady as he came and walked around her. “I do believe I like her in this outfit.” As if to show his approval, he smacked her butt, causing her to jump. She grabbed him by the collar and drew his face near.
“I do know who you are, Trevor Haines, and you need to stop being ridiculous.”
“Me? Ridiculous?” he hissed and came closer to her ear so only she could hear. “I’m not the one in a harem outfit.”
She gave him a hard shove and the men roared even more. Wrapping her shawl around her once again, she turned to retreat back into the harem. She wasn’t fast enough as she was unceremoniously tossed over his shoulder.
“Put me down,” she yelled and squirmed.
The men laughed even louder but Trevor continued on his way following some person through the halls of the Bashaw’s palace. Finally, a door was pushed opened and she was thrown on a bed with her captor following her down. He looked over her face before taking it between his hands, his thumb tracing her lips.
Suddenly, Mandi was very self-conscious, not knowing if she should stay still or try to get away. Her hesitation was his opportunity as his lips swooped down and took hers in the most mind-blowing kiss she’d ever had. He began a tortuous trail along her jaw line with his tongue and nibbling teeth before again crushing his mouth to hers.

A bit about our guest:
Award winning author Lynn Crain has done it all in her life. From nursing to geology, her life experiences have added to her detail rich stories. She loves writing full time as she weaves contemporary, fantasy, futuristic and paranormal tales, tame to erotic, for various publishers. Her home is in the desert southwest and she’s just returned from her latest adventure of living in Vienna, Austria while her husband worked his dream job. She loves hearing from her readers at:

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Focus on a Love Addiction

Wild Women Authors focus is on Jennifer Wilck and Addicted to Love, her first release with The Wild Rose Press.

When letting go of his past means holding onto the woman of his dreams.


“What are we looking at?” She whispered out of the side of her mouth, pursing her lips together and giving him an insane urge to kiss them.
“I assumed since we’re standing here you must be looking at something, and I wanted to join in the fun. Or did you not realize we weren’t moving?”
Her nostrils flared and she bit her lip, and Dan realized she was trying not to laugh. Now he really wanted to kiss her, to capture her mouth with his, to make her his own. Before he could act on it, his stomach growled.
“Was that yours or mine?” She looked over at him, eyebrow raised.
His lips twitched. His breath hitched. He couldn’t keep his amusement to himself any longer. It bubbled in his chest and he let it out as he shook his head.
“Okay, while I am older than you, I’m not old enough to be senile. Yet. So yes, I did know we weren’t moving. But thanks for that. And yes, my stomach growled, because I’m hungry. Except I think I need to put eating on hold for a moment, because what I need, more than anything else right now, what I’ve needed all night long in fact, is to kiss you.”

To purchase Addicted to Love, go to:

To learn more about Jennifer and the stories she writes, go to:

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Ella's Three Men: A Tough Choice

. . . It takes three men to satisfy one woman's needs...
. . .Single mom and massage therapist Ella Winthrop isn't looking for a relationship. She has enough problems without risking a business that barely meets her needs. Then her world is turned upside down by three men, each offering something she isn't prepared for--love so deep it hurts, sex so hot she's afraid she'll melt from the pleasure, and a future beyond her wildest dreams.
. . . Steamy businessman Cade Jackson has it all--money, looks, a giving heart, and a dominant nature--but Ella refuses to date a client even if she's lusted after him for a year. After his brother's death, Garrett Winthrop moves back to town opening old wounds and even darker fantasies. Dr. Derek McGregor gives her balance and understanding that speaks to her soul. All three men force Ella to question the limits of a traditional relationship.

Wild Women Authors welcomes Anna Lores and her latest release from the Scarlet Rose line at the Wild Rose Press, Ella's Triple Pleasure. First up is Ella.
Where are you from? I live in Memphis, Tennessee, but I grew up in a small rural town in New York State.
Tell us a bit about Ella’s Triple Pleasure. [The book] tells a portion of my life’s story. I’m a single mom of three wonderful children who aren’t really children anymore. I have a demanding massage practice and I don’t have time for much else. Then, there’s Cade. And Garrett. And Derek. All three are incredible both in and out of the bedroom, but they want me to choose which lifestyle I want forever. How can I choose when I love all of them? Cade wants me to commit to just him, while Garrett and Derek come as a package. They all rock my world and bring something different to my life. The struggle is real. Just pick up a copy and you can read all about it.
What did you think the first time you saw Cade Jackson? The first thing I thought was…Oh. My. God. He’s huge. 
What was your second thought? I bet he is incredible in bed. Followed immediately by… Get it together, Ella. He’s a client.
Did you feel it was love at first sight? I wish I could say it was love at first sight, but it was more like lust at first sight. I grew to love him the more I got to know him.
What do you like most about Cade? Hmm, I like a lot of things about Cade, but mostly, I love his heart. He’s generous with the people he loves, and he’s always willing to give a person a second chance.
How would you describe him? Cade is my safe place, my home. He’s so big and strong, I can be vulnerable with him and not worry that I might be showing my worries and weaknesses.
How would he describe you? Tiny. But he’s so big, everybody is small compared to him. He might say I’m sexy and will do anything he wants me to in bed. That is not true…well, it’s kind of true…Okay, it’s absolutely true.
What made you choose massage therapy as a career? When my mother had a sober spell, she would tuck me in at night. Sometimes she’d sit and sing an old Irish song and stroke my hair. I remember feeling loved and that was rare in our house. I guess I got into it to give others a gentle, loving touch and it turned into so much more. I get to help heal all kinds of people, give them more flexibility. Massage can help with everything from feeling connected to life to helping an athletes recover from injury. Gosh, I love massage. I just wish it weren’t so physically demanding most of the time.
What is your biggest fear? I’ll lose all three of my men because I’m struggling to choose between them.
How do you relax? Surrendering control to my men after work definitely helps me unwind from a long day. But, I take baths, and of course, I love a great massage.
Who is your favorite fictional character? Wonder Woman. She seems to have it all, intelligence, strength, beauty, and wealth. Although she does struggle in the love department. Maybe that’s why I like her so much. She has everything, but when she loves…the men seem to be stripped away from her which has happened to so many of us have experienced.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? My late husband used to tell me, “Don’t be afraid to take a chance on…” Mostly, it ended with things that had to do with trying different classes with massage or believing in myself. But lately, it’s turned into taking a chance on love and having a future beyond my wildest dreams.
Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us, Ella. Now, we'd like to chat with Anna.
What movies or books have had an impact on your career as a writer? Two books that come immediately to mind are Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson and The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Harold and the Purple Crayon impacted my writing career because Harold’s imagination and a crayon supplied all he needed to build a world around him. As a writer, I feel like Harold when I’m typing on my keyboard. I bring my imagination to the blank page and soon it’s filled with worlds and people I have hopefully made real enough my readers and I can escape into. And, looking back, it was The Scarlet Letter that opened my world to a desperate desire for a Happily Ever After. There isn’t a story I’ve read or a movie I’ve watched that ended sadly which I didn’t in my mind make into a Happily Ever After. Life is so filled with unhappy endings, it’s nice to pick up a romance and know, eventually, I’m going to get that satisfaction of a Happily Ever After.
What event in your private life were you able to bring to this story and how do you feel it impacted the novel? I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist, so some of the client situations Ella experiences have happened to me in real life; although, I’ve never been attracted to anyone on my table. But, I’ve also never had any perfect men like Cade or Garrett or Derek waltz into my practice, either ;) I have my perfect man at home…
Tell us a bit about your publisher: how did you hear about them and what influenced your decision to submit to them? My local RWA chapter had a conference and one of the editors from The Wild Rose Press was attending to listen to story pitches, including erotic romance, which is what I write. I checked out , to see their latest erotic novels, and asked some authors who worked with them. Every author I spoke with had fabulous experiences with The Wild Rose Press. So, I signed up to pitch Ella’s Triple Pleasure and the rest is history.
What book[s] currently rest on your TBR pile? Right now in romance, I’ve got Charlotte Stein’s The Professor, Vivian Arend’s Turn it Up, Joan Reeve’s Heat Lightening, and Lena Black’s A Dominant Man. I also love a little bit of paranormal horror, so I’ve got Phil Price’s novel The Turning on my list too.
Lastly, what's up next and when can we expect to see it on the shelves? I’m almost finished with my next novel in the One Night of Love werewolf series and I’ll be sending it to my editor in the next couple weeks. Hopefully, you’ll see it on the shelves later this year or early next. Also, I’m working on the next stand alone novel featuring Jerry Wynn from Ella’s Triple Pleasure. I’m not sure if that will be finished for publication next year or the year after.

You can sign-up for updates on my latest releases, what I’m working on, and read about my other spicy romances at .
Let’s connect. You can tweet me @AnnaLores or chat on Facebook at

To purchase ELLA’S TRIPLE PLEASURE, head on over to:
Amazon US:

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Wild Women Focus on Amity Grays

Grace and the Cowboy, A Contemporary Western

Coming home to repay a debt was the last thing she wanted to do...
. . . Grace Wade, business diploma in hand, is back home to pay a debt. Unfortunately, this means also having to deal with the demons from her past, particularly one handsome devil who has always taken great pleasure in watching her fail.
. . . Tried and true cowboy Mac Palmer has waited four long years to set the record straight. He was neither responsible for his brother’s betrayal of Grace nor for the dissolution of their engagement. There's just one complication, the headstrong woman is as unwilling to admit the facts today as she was back then.
. . . A flirt, a dare, and a stubborn cowboy—Grace should have known Mac would never back down, but why does she care? Could it be she’s actually falling for the impossible man…again?

 Here's an excerpt:

A plastic-covered blue book sat upon his dresser.

Now that was just sloppy, almost insulting, but…she’d take it.

Grace darted across the room. Grabbing the book, she slid it inside the robe’s inner pocket. She felt like the Grinch, so very pleased and ever-so-slightly devious. Only she wasn’t stealing from good little boys and girls. She was taking back stolen goods from a very naughty man. One who’d be returning very soon if the lack of running water was any indication.


Her heart skipped a beat. She tensed, tilting her ear a little closer to the door. She didn’t hear anyone coming, but that wouldn’t be true for long.

She stormed out of his room just as the bathroom door opened and a towel-clad cowboy stepped out.

Grace froze, as did he. Their gazes met, her eyes widening with alarm as his narrowed with suspicion.

Fear shoved her pulse to racing even as her legs stood still. Okay, this isn’t going to end well. Finally, impulse overrode terror, and she bolted for her room.

But Mac’s arms folded around her long before she even made it halfway. Wet yet warm, solid yet soft, sexy yet…well, sexy stood alone—the man was hot, and by the look on his face, apparently steamed.

Faster than she could mark his intent, he had her spun around and headed right back into his room.

The door closed and a lock turned.

A bit about our focus author:

     Amity Grays is a romance writer by night, accountant by day, and chocolate enthusiast 24/7. She lives in Southern Idaho with her husband, two daughters, two sweet dogs, and one snobbish cat who is under the mistaken impression she’s royalty.

     True to the nature of an accountant, Amity is a list builder, budget monitor, and proud owner of a 2005 Camry, which she’s holding onto for another 120K miles because the salesman assured her she’d get 300K, and she feels the need to test his accuracy. On the flip side of her obsessive nature is a desire to let go—to spin a globe, point a finger, and explore the world.

To learn more about Amity and the stories she creates, go to: 

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Wild Women Focus on Nell Castle's Turning the Tides

Wild Women Authors focus is on: Turning the Tides, a contemporary romance by Nell Castle, released by the Wild Rose Press

The black sheep of her adoptive family, Lee Cooper has finally buckled down to a responsible job as a social worker in Southwest Florida. Defending her client against charges of child abuse awakens buried memories of her own abandonment in a Korean orphanage. Can she remain objective for the sake of a child?
Bricker Kilbourn, the court-appointed guardian, doubts Lee’s judgments--and his opinion might determine the little boy’s fate. He’s got his own family issues and haunting secrets to keep. Falling for a woman is not part of his plan.
He’s running from his past. She’s searching for answers. Will their resolution to protect a child bind them together or wrench them apart?

Lee dreaded the prospect of testifying on Amber’s behalf. “She used to put Kaleb in the corner every time he wet himself,” she admitted. “But she’s stopped punishing him for accidents. We’ve talked about appropriate expectations.”
So what are the new charges?” Janna’s mouth, set in a grim line, brightened into a welcome as the bartender approached with their drinks.
One sweet tea, and one cranberry juice.” He slid a glass in front of Janna and placed the other at the side of Lee’s tablet.
Condemning him with a shake of her head, she thrust away the glass from her device.
Sorry.” But he seemed amused, folding his arms and sitting on the table behind him. “Don’t you ladies get a break from work to eat?”
This is a working lunch.” His patronizing use of the word “ladies” irritated Lee. Who did he think he was, interrupting their lunch to flirt? God’s gift to women, no doubt.
So you can write it off on your taxes, am I right?”
The dimple in his chin twinkled right along with his blue eyes. To think she’d found this guy attractive. She glared at his cocky smile. God, he was nothing more than a walking stereotype.
He backed across the floor into the kitchen, holding up his hands with his palms out.
Lee!” Janna giggled as she took a sip of her iced tea. “Give the poor guy a break! He’s just being nice!”
Come on, did you see his name tag? ‘Bricker?’ He should go back to starring in adult films.” Now she was just being malicious. Lee blew out a breath, forcing herself to refocus on her client’s problems. “Amber’s been charged with something else. The ER nurses found welts over Kaleb’s diaper area.” She winced. “Like he’d been whipped.”
Before Janna could respond, the kitchen doors flung outward and the bartender reappeared, holding a tray over his head with one hand. “Ladies, I’m approaching,” he called from eight tables away. “Warning, please secure your electronic devices. The establishment will not be held responsible for damages to personal belongings as I unload this tray.”
Lee swept the tablet back into her bag and rested it against the leg of her chair. As she raised her head, her attention was drawn to an exposed strip of skin above his waistband. Racing upward like a lit fuse, her gaze found the bulge of his bicep as it balanced the tray. She lowered her eyelids, taking a deep breath. Her brain knew this guy was bad news, but her body was operating on a different vibe. She’d be damned if she let it show, though.
Janna giggled as he glided to their table with exaggerated care and placed each plate with a flourish.
May I refill your drinks, ladies? Sweet tea for you.” He flashed Janna a brilliant smile before turning to Lee. “Nothing sweet for you. You’re more…sour.” He snapped his fingers. “Cranberry juice, wasn’t it? Could I get you some more?”
His face was a mask of politeness. Lee lifted her chin, feeling her face flush. “Just bring the check.” Here she was, figuring out how to help a mother accused of child abuse. But this guy kept thrusting himself into the spotlight. Now he was angry she’d put him in his place?

Author Bio: Nell Castle pursued her love of stories with an English literature degree from Temple University. A certified instructor for children with dyslexia, she is currently pursuing a graduate degree as an intervention specialist. Happily married and a mother of three, she’s lived in Philadelphia, Key West, Anchorage, Sarasota, Virginia Beach, and currently resides in Ohio. Turning the Tides is her second release with The Wild Rose Press.

Buy Links:


Contact links:

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Somebody Killed The Vicar

Wild Women Authors is pleased to focus on Miguelina Perez and The Vicar's Deadly Sin, a regency romance-mystery. With terrific cover art and a unique premise this one looks like a winner!

The vicar has been murdered.

Lady Jane Bartholomew and Miss Margaret Renard have been friends since the age of twelve. Together they share their dreams, hopes and love for reading. However, it is their wild imagination and a love for solving mysteries that will test their abilities when the Vicar of Dover is found murdered.

The young ladies are joined by two gentlemen, also eager to find the murderer in order to prove to the ladies that detecting is a man’s job, though the gentlemen find their beauty, wit, and pride more troublesome than solving a murder.

The Vicar's Deadly Sin is a delightful and witty Regency romance mystery about two friends and their love for solving crimes, while keeping society and its rules at bay.

First, a bit about our debut author:
   Ms. Miguelina Perez is a writer, and jewelry artist. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of the District of Columbia. As a jewelry artist one of her lariats was showcased in the San Antonio Express-News. She has won several awards including a critical Writing award for an essay on the gender roles of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn and Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women.

   It was during her high school years at the school’s library that she first encountered her first romance mystery writer – Ms. Victoria Holt and then Ms. Phyllis J. Whitney. Her love of romance novels stems from those discoveries, especially the Romance mystery genre.

   Several of her poems have been published in anthologies, and she was named “Poet of Year in 1995”. She finished her first book, The Vicar’s Deadly Sin – a Regency romance mystery, the first of a seven-part serial based on the Seven Deadly Sins.

   Currently, she is working the sequel to the Vicar’s Deadly Sin, “Angel’s Lust” from her Seven Deadly Sins series and “A Hero of Her Own” a contemporary romance thriller, about a serial killer terrorizing New York.

   Ms. Perez is a member of the Romance Writers of America and two of its chapters:Washington Romance Writers and Maryland Romance Writers . As newsletter editor for WRW, she contributes articles about writing and author interviews.

Here’s where to go to learn more about Miguelina and her work:
Twitter: @mperezauthor

Here’s an excerpt from “The Vicar’s Deadly Sin”

   “I understand women have their places for the opportunity of bonding and, if I am correct, there is Almack’s. Besides, it’s expected of women born to privilege to be introduced to society,” he said. “It’s their duty in life.”

   She stopped midway from taking a sip of her tea. Had she heard him correctly? “I must say Almack is a joke! It’s managed by a bunch of snobbish old biddies. Your comment suggests to me you believe women are born to shackles.” Margaret’s voice turned to ice.

   “I daresay, Miss Renard, that being ‘born to shackles’ versus being born to high society is not a very decent comparison. To someone like you it may be shackles, but to my family, it is a small payment for living in a civilised society,” said Mr Latham. His aloofness after such a comment irritated her.

   Margaret stood. “Indeed, sir, are you implying that I am uncivilised?” she asked stiffly.

   Mr Latham rose as well, looking a bit worried. “Of course not, I am merely stating that society sets up rules separating itself from the animal kingdom and—”

   Her temper, ignited by his comments, made Latham vulnerable against her retort. Margaret swallowed hard to control the tone of her reply. “Oh, so now I am an animal?”

   “Please forgive me. I did not mean to offend you. I merely stated—”

   “I think, sir, you should take your leave. Any future communications may be carried out via post.”

   “Surely you are not serious, madam. You are letting your sensibilities get the best of you.”

   Margaret could not believe her ears. Did he just accuse her of being too emotional? “Well, now you are accusing women of being prone to emotional outbursts?” Her voice carried out into the hall. She had no doubt that the servants were beginning to form a group outside the door to the drawing room, being able to hear her overwrought voice.

   Mr Latham sighed, releasing the indignation that had worked its way up from his toes to his face, and before he caught himself, he blurted, “Yes! That is exactly what I am saying. Women are highly emotional, and some have the propensity to disperse opinions freely on matters that do not concern them. Furthermore, when vexed, you all become judge, jury, and executioner.” He bent to gather his papers, believing a quick exit to his best advantage. He turned around once more to look at her. He barely retained his manners, resulting in a distinct hardening in his eyes.

   He felt as if the room had suddenly become overheated even Miss Renard’s breathing had become forced and deep, no doubt because no one before him had ever spoken to her in such a manner. Take care, dear lady; you look about to faint. A pity I don’t carry the salts with me as my father always advised me to do. Good day, madam.” He started to bow, but instead, ducked quickly to avoid being hit from whatever object the lady intended to throw at him.

   If you are as fascinated as we are by this suspense romance, here’s where you can purchase it:


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Focus on Jean M. Grant's A Hundred Kisses

Wild Women Authors is delighted to help Wild Rose Press author Jean M. Grant celebrate the release of her first novel, A Hundred Kisses

      . . . Two wedding nights. Two dead husbands.
      Deirdre MacCoinneach wishes to understand her unusual ability to sense others’ lifeblood energies…and vows to discover if her gift killed the men she married. Her father’s search for a new and unsuspecting suitor for Deirdre becomes complicated when rumors of witchcraft abound.
       Under the fa├žade of a trader, Alasdair Montgomerie travels to Uist with pivotal information for a Claimant seeking the Scottish throne. A ruthless baron hunts him and a dark past haunts him, leaving little room for alliances with a Highland laird or his tempting daughter.

      Awestruck when she realizes that her unlikely travel companion is the man from her visions, a man whose thickly veiled emotions are buried beneath his burning lifeblood, Deirdre wonders if he, too, will die in her bed if she follows her father’s orders. Amidst magic, superstition, and ghosts of the past, Alasdair and Deirdre find themselves falling together in a web of secrets and the curse of a hundred kisses…

First, a bit about our debut author:
     Jean is a scientist, part-time education director, and a mom. She currently resides in Massachusetts and draws from her interests in history, science, the outdoors, and her family for inspiration. She enjoys writing non-fiction articles for family-oriented and travel magazines, and aspires to write children’s books while continuing to write novels. In 2008, she visited the land of her daydreams, Scotland, and it was nothing short of breathtaking. Jean enjoys tending to her flower gardens, tackling the biggest mountains in New England with her husband, and playing with her sons, while daydreaming about the next hero to write about...

Here’s where to go to learn more about Jean and her work:
Twitter: @JeanGrant05

Here’s an excerpt from A Hundred Kisses:
     She sensed no colors in the murky, lifeless water, and it was freeing. All breath escaped her. Muted visions passed before her eyes—her mother, her father, Gordon, and Cortland. Just a moment longer, she thought…
     Suddenly, a burst of warm light invaded her thoughts as air filled her lungs. Red-hot hands burned her shoulders and ripped her from her icy grave. She breathed life into her body. She coughed, gagging on the change.
     Muffled words yelled at her.
     Oh, God, so hot. His fingers were like hot pokers. Her head pounded as she slowly returned to the present. Heat radiated from her rescuer. Somebody had pulled her from the water.  “Wh—?”

     “Hush, lass. You nearly drowned.”
     His voice was as soothing as a warm cup of goat’s milk on a winter’s day. A red-hot glow emanated from his body. Never before had she felt such a strong lifeblood, and it nearly burned her. She struggled in his arms to get free. She blinked, only seeing a blurry form before her. “Release me!”
     She splashed and wriggled, and he did as told. She clambered to the shoreline. Numb and shaken, she began to dress. It wasn’t easy as she fumbled with slick fingers to put dry clothes over wet skin. She instantly regretted her naked swim. She pulled on her long-sleeved white chemise first.
     She faced the forest, away from her rescuer. He quietly splashed to shore. His lifeblood burned into her back. He wasn’t far behind, but he stopped. She refused to look at him until she was fully clothed, not out of embarrassment of her nudity, but for what had just happened. He released a groan and mumbled under his breath about wet boots. His voice was not one of her father’s soldiers.
     When she put the last garment on, her brown wool work kirtle, she squeezed out her sopping hair and swept her hands through the knotty mess. She fastened her belt and tied the lacings up the front of the kirtle. Blood returned to her fingertips, and she regained her composure. Belated awareness struck her, and she leaned down and searched through her bag for her dagger. She spun around.
     She gasped as she saw the man sitting on the stone-covered shoreline, his wet boots off. Confusion and the hint of a scowl filled his strong-featured face. She staggered back, caught her heel on a stone, and fell, dropping the dagger. Dirt and pebbles stuck to her wet hands and feet, and she instinctively scrambled away from him.
     His glower, iridescent dark blue eyes, and disheveled black hair were not unfamiliar. Staring at her was the man she had seen in her dream—it was the man from the wood.
If you are as fascinated as we are by this medieval romance, here’s where you can purchase it:

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